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15 Weirdest Houses In The World

15 Weirdest Houses In The World

15 Weirdest Houses In The World

Architecture is one of the most underappreciated art forms. It’s not simple to create a fantastic home. a house where people can feel more at ease than they ever have. Nowadays all houses almost look the same. But some people like to be unique. So are their homes. Some architects like to stand out, even though the majority of them create homes that seamlessly blend into urban areas all over the world. They make a statement with their houses. Here are some of the most unusual and bizarre homes from around the globe.


Transparent House in Tokyo, Japan

This home is ideal for you if you love having natural light in your home. There is no privacy and a lot of sunlight because it is entirely transparent. This home was designed by Sou Foux komodo Architects. The house is a perfect example of an open floor plan design. The house design is similar to the tree house design. The house lacks privacy. There are curtains in between the walls or the rooms for privacy. Ever since the house has been constructed, many people are asking for a similar house design.


SkateBoard House California

A private home in Malibu, California is the Skateboard House. You will be able to skate on any indoor and outdoor surfaces in this home. Founder of Etnies and former World champion skater Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS) is the project’s client and visionary. Three distinct areas of the house make up the entire property. The first one consists of a living room, dining room, and kitchen; the second one has a bedroom and bathroom, and the third one is a practice area for skating. Every area is skateable because the ground transitions into a wall, then a ceiling, and so on in a continuous surface that forms a tube with a 10-foot radius.


The Keret House, Poland

The thinnest house on earth is this one. Its widest point measures 152 centimeters. The only person who lives there is Jakub Szczesny, who also designed it because he wanted to make sure that no urban space is wasted. To fit his home between two other structures, he did so. It is 30 feet tall. The house is led by Israeli writer Etgar Keret. The writer says, the house will be passed on to any of his friends, once he moves out of this house.


The Hobbit House, Wales

It is said that a photographer built an eco friendly house, because of the high Mortgage rates for houses in the cities. He decided to build the countryside hobbit house. Simon Lane is the owner of this house, and it is believed that he spent only $3000 to construct this house. Usually, a house takes 8 months to one year to construct. Simon constructed his Hobbit house in less than 3 months with only a few pieces of equipment like a Chainsaw, hammer and chisel. The house is built using mostly recycled materials while retaining the natural topography. Simin lives with his writer wife and his children. According to Simon, these types of homes are accessible to all.


Old Water Tower House, Belgium

This tower housed more than just water. The Nazis used it as a hideout during World War II. and it was also used as the watch tower. But a Belgian design company, Bham Design Studio, decided to convert this 100-foot tower into a very cozy and attractive home. The thirty-meter-tall tower, which was initially built between 1938 and 1941, has been converted into a high-tech, contemporary home that includes all the features of a typical home, including a bedroom, bathroom, storage space, and a scenic terrace. Before the 2007 start of the interior restoration, the six-story building’s exterior underwent renovation. Brigham and his team started on the interior design after the “damaged concrete columns were repaired and painted, brick joints were completely removed and replaced, and the windows in the floor top were enlarged.


Brooklyn Clock Tower Home, New York City

A triplex penthouse measuring 633 square meters is located in Brooklyn atop the iconic Clock Tower Building. The house was not sold until an unnamed buyer bought the clock tower home for $17 million. The structure was originally a cardboard box factory constructed in 1914. Every wall in the magnificent penthouse is covered in 4.2-meter-tall clock faces that let in a lot of natural light and offer amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor. The main living area features a glass elevator in the middle and four walls with 4.2-meter glass clock faces and it is a triplex house.


The Flintstones House, Malibu, California

It is almost a replica of the house owned by the Flintstone family from the well-known 1960s cartoon series, another house that was influenced by pop culture. The house was one of several experimental dome buildings made with new materials that William Nicholson, an architect, designed and built in 1976. Fred Flintstone would scream “Yabba-Dabba-Do!” at this. The house got a lot of hate from the neighbors for removing the weird pieces of art and statues. It was also said that the house is creating a public Nuisance. Vineyards, cherry trees, colorful oversized mushrooms, giraffes, giant rainbow and peacock sculptures are installed.


Dumpster Home, New York City

California professor Jeff Wilson built himself a residence out of an old dumpster. Despite its diminutive size, he has everything he needs to live in the house there. He made provisions for running water and the kitchen too. He is a professor in an environmental department. It all began as a project, to know how comfortable people can live in such a tiny place. From then the idea of microhouse construction came into a boom.


Giant Seashell House, Mexico City

This unique home resembles a seashell. This enormous seashell-shaped home for a family of four in Mexico City was built by architects at Arquitectura Organica with inspiration from the works of Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. The use of coloured glasses on the exterior of the house shows influences. The family was tired of living in the modern luxury house and wanted to live in a much more creative space and they wanted to create a space, much more integrated with nature. The Giant Seashell House, in Mexico City, is an amazing shell-shaped house designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. The house has spiral stairs and natural vegetation.


Boeing 727 Hotel

A unique hotel in the expansive and lush Manuel Antonio National Park is tucked away in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, specifically within the sprawling Costa Verde Hotel complex. The 727 Fuselage Home is an unusual and stunning hotel created from the fuselage of an old aircraft, a Boeing 727. The aircraft is accessible via a spiral stone staircase and blends in perfectly with its surroundings. There are two suites on board. It also has a terrace with a sea view. It is one of the costliest boarding available in the locality.


Slide House Tokyo Japan

This slide house is designed by Japanese studio-level architects. It is a three storey slide house. The house flooring is connected by a slide. It has stairs on one side and a slide on the other side of the house. The living area is on the ground floor, and the play area is on the middle floor. The bedroom and bathroom are on the top floors. A home office is also on the ground floor of the house. The 1,762-square-foot Nakameguro residence is situated in Meguro-Ku.


Steel House Lubbock, Texas

This home took 23 years for Robert Bruno to construct. The building was only meant to be one story, but because he kept adding to it, it has grown to be a massive structure with three distinct levels that resemble a huge steel pig. He picked this spot because he could see the Ransom Canyon below in stunning detail. But Robert Bruno never got to see its completion. Since 2008 the house has been unused. Robert Bruno’s Steel House is made of 150 tonnes of blackened steel and is situated on a ridge overlooking Lake Ransom Canyon. No one knows the inspiration or the concept of this steel house. According to the imagination of the people, the house looks like an old decade car, some say it looks like an insect and some say it looks like a spacecraft.


Upside Down House, Trassenheide, Germany

This upside down house is Germany’s latest roadside attraction. Klaudiusz Gołos and Sebastian Mikiciuk, two Polish architects, constructed this house as a tourist destination as part of their “World Upside Down Project.” The guests were able to see the world from a different angle as a result. Everything in this house, including the furniture, is turned around. The fruit balls, kitchen and bathroom everything is upside down. The house looks as if it has fallen on the ground and landed on its top. The house is constructed at a 6% inclination.


Toilet House In South Korea

Toilet-shaped museum featuring squatting statues, international restroom signs, and toilet science exhibits. The “toilet house,” as it is known, was constructed in 2007 by a man named Mr Sim Jae-deok, who later rose to the position of chairman and founder. It is a museum to establish global standards for how to clean public restrooms, most particularly toilets, and to promote proper restroom hygiene and sanitation worldwide. It has statues and paintings of washroom etiquette. It also has a children’s museum alongside the walkways. He “literally began life in a toilet and his life ended in a commode-shaped house,” one of his close friends adds. Following his death, the house was converted into a museum.


15 Weirdest Houses In The World

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