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2BHK or 3BHK- Which is a better choice?

2BHK or 3BHK- Which is a better choice?

2 BHK or 3 BHK

2 BHK or 3 BHK???

A big question- 2 BHK or 3 BHK? You and your spouse decided to make that big move in your life, buying a home of your dream? Did you? Wow.Congratulations! But here are the various thoughts that pop up while you take the subsequent steps forward. The first and foremost is do we need a 2BHK or a 3BHK?

And you are on the fence always. Then you convince yourselves saying, the bigger the better isn’t it? Is it going to be that simple? You know that one mistake you guys make, then you are stuck with a floor and ceiling which you regret every day and night. Being a realtor I have come across hundreds of such confused young and even seasoned home buyers not able to make the right decisions at the right time. (Of course, I have assisted them to decide, that’s a different topic for another day) but below are my thoughts on this one critical question, should we settle for a 2 or a 3 bedroom home?

Understanding the Floor plans:

The builders are very smart in positioning their floor plans such as ‘a not so great

layout plan ends up having a great view, an extra space which supposed to go to a

the common area is squeezed into a layout as a study or a small room, that’s why you

get these 2.5 BHKs oftentimes.

Floor plans for a 2 bed start at 900 square feet these days and stop at 1100 square

feet in most of the cases, if it is between 1100-1250 then it would be a 2.5BHK.

Anything upwards from here and until maybe around 1950 sqft you have a 3 or

3.5BHK. Look once more and check if this space is going to be too much or not



The Minimalist Life

If you are that millennial who doesn’t believe in materialistic things, maybe a compact

2 bedrooms might be your best choice. You can do a fabulous clean interior to cut

through any unwanted storage and have a piece of sleek furniture to make a small

home look unbelievably bigger at the same time beautiful! Ask yourself do you or your

partner fall under this category? Or let us say at least shortly want to become

minimalistic? If yes, then go on choose the smallest of all.


Work From Home

Working from home is the new normal today! A few of my IT friends were saying that

this WFH trend is a real one and companies may even look at a hybrid model. Whether

we like it or not this pandemic has changed the way we work for good! You may

definitely need an extra space here, in this case, a private home office one for you and

another for your partner, or at least a larger one that accommodates both of your


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Double Income Delayed Kid

Okay, now we are talking:) In most of our households, the pressure from our parents

and extended family is to have a kid as early as possible (assuming you guys got off

married recently), If you are someone who believes in a career first approach, lots of

travel, freedom, fun etc and you both have decided to put off that thought for some

more years, then ask what’s the best choice here, are we planning for a kid in maybe

2-3 years from now? Is it possible to upgrade the house that time around assuming

did you buy a 2 bed today? Hmmm…Lots of items on the plate here to think about:)


Life with Kid(s)

The bundle of joy also comes with serious sweet troubles. Such as tons of baby clothes

to wash, dry, and repeat infinite times. Believe me, I am a father of two! Never

underestimate their short clothes, you would be surprised in no time it takes over the

entire HIS and HER wardrobe space combined. And then endless friends, family visits

happen at times unannounced. And where are you going to store all that toys? And did

I mention the swinging horse my kid’s favorite here which is a piece of furniture by



The Budget

Of course, how can we not talk about it after all? The hard truth is the amount of fuel

is the distance we can travel, isn’t it? If you have enough budget to afford a spacious

3BHK and yet settling for a 2 bed that’s a different thought. But you can’t stress your

pocket and mind to pull off something even if your situation compels you to do that. If

it’s a must and should try settling for a pocket-friendly budget flat for time being and

upgrade later on. If not go for it but compromise on the location but you can’t have it

both wise. But let it not suppress you from taking action, go for it but tread cautiously.


Enter with an Exit in Mind Always

There are many types of builders in the market, popularly categorized as Grade A, B &

C. Grade A being the top quality builders who worked their way to the top by delivering

homes on time, with quality every time even before RERA and always seen along the


Prime locations

standing tall with pride. It’s a no-brainer choosing a Grade A which at a later stage

maybe you won’t face an uphill task to sell it back in the market. When it comes to all

other categories of builders, the entry might be the easier one but not when you want

to exit. So choose carefully, take calculated risks.



Considering various facts listed here, In my experience, I have seen buyers wanting a

2BHK but settled for a larger home at the end always. This pandemic has changed the

way we live at our times. People need larger homes, extra room, and much larger open

areas in a secured society. I understand all this comes at a cost but I believe this is the

ask in the market today, my recommendations are with the asks of the people. Cheers!

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