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5 Reasons Why Row Houses Are The Best Investment in Bangalore

5 Reasons Why Row Houses Are The Best Investment in Bangalore

Row Houses in Bangalore

Row Houses Are The Best Investment in BangaloreA life-changing activity that necessitates many studies and thoughts is purchasing a home. It is essential to take everything into account because Indian real estate has changed over the past two years. To be sure, picking the kind of property you want to invest in is already half the battle fought. Investors have a wide range of alternatives to choose from, including studio apartments, villas, and penthouses, even after applying the necessary budget, location, and amenities criteria. One such sort of property that has started drawing investors in like a moth to a flame is a row home. Row homes, particularly in Bangalore, have recently changed the city’s real estate market and generated fresh interest in the residential real estate market.

What Is A Row House ?

A row house is, as its name indicates, a collection of residential buildings constructed in a row, generally sharing an exterior and shared compound walls. Each unit has a defined front and back aperture and can share a compound wall with up to three additional units. In a row home configuration, the first and final apartments are often proportionately larger and more spacious than the ones in between. Row homes are currently a new investor favorite because they offer the ideal combination of elegance, convenience, and affordability. Due to the status and grandeur they offer, row homes in Bangalore are now the talk of the town. But many of us are curious as to what makes row houses so special. Continue reading to learn the best qualities of a row house and why buying one is wise.

 How Does Row House Look Like

Row House Look LikeAlong with being elegantly and stylishly arranged in a lane, row homes have a few other characteristics that make them highly sought-after pieces of real estate. Below is a discussion of a few of them. Due to their homogeneous design and construction, row homes have a vintage feel and quickly transport you to the gritty streets of the 1980s. Although each unit has a similar appearance, no two homes have the same outside features, such as stairways, sit-outs, or backyards. In addition, there are at least three residences in each row, giving the impression of ancient infrastructure in a modern style. 

Lower building costs

Lower building costsRow houses provide reduced building costs compared to individual detached units because of their distinctive design and layout. Since each unit shares a compound wall, they also make efficient use of the available space. Row homes are a practical choice for both purchasers and developers because of these advantages. Both buyers and developers benefit from the opulent appeal offered at reasonable prices, as well as the simplicity of planning, designing, and building.

Neighborhood living

Neighborhood livingRow homes give the advantages of a gated community without the congested appearance and feel of apartments, making community life one of its most distinctive aspects. Row homes include contemporary amenities including round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance in addition to standard features like a state-of-the-art swimming pool, clubhouse, and sports facilities. Additionally, investors may profit from eco-friendly facilities and amenities in the case of sustainable construction, such as rainwater collection and electrical fixtures powered by solar energy, to mention a few. One of the main factors contributing to row homes in Bangalore being the most sought-after properties to invest in is unmatched communal living.

Exceptional value

Exceptional valueRow houses provide the advantages of both autonomous housing and flat convenience. You may benefit from the top-notch amenities of a gated community with the advantages of living in a villa, whether it be a jogging track for your evening strolls or a roomy amphitheater for events and get-togethers. The land is also yours alone, which makes it an easy choice for refurbishment and selling.

Reduced upkeep

Reduced upkeepA row home needs little to no maintenance compared to individual detached apartments, even though it is theoretically an independent piece of land. Row homes provide a sense of community, thus an internal housekeeping crew is responsible for the development’s general maintenance. This entails that while the maintenance crew assures a constant supply of water and fixes common plumbing issues, you can concentrate on enjoying the fruits of your urban garden 

Welcomes investors from all spheres of life.

Row houses appeal to families from all socioeconomic backgrounds because they provide amazing facilities along with exquisite living. A row house is like a missing jigsaw piece that completes the whole image, whether you are a nuclear family with energetic children and charming dogs wandering about the neighborhood or a senior couple looking forward to a tranquil retirement. It is the ideal choice for those who desire to live independently but yet want the advantages of socializing.


Row homes in Bangalore are a wonderful choice for investors, whether they want to live in one or rent it out and earn a profit, thanks to its magnificent features and alluring rewards of investment. The epidemic caused a significant shift in Indian real estate. It is only reasonable to approach all properties from an investment perspective because purchasing a home in these times is one of the most significant financial choices you will ever make.

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