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7 Ways to increase your home’s value in as little as a DAY

7 Ways to increase your home’s value in as little as a DAY

Your home is your most valued investment, and with a few simple steps, you can

increase your home’s value with a few smart choices. A few improvements will help

you realize the complete potential value of your property and that it can be made

possible in a matter of just one day.


Walkthrough with a real estate agent:

“Inviting a local real estate agent into your home can help to define exactly what will

and won’t add enough value to make it worth doing. Walkthrough the property with the

agent and ask them exactly what they would recommend. They see things through the

eyes of a buyer and can make recommendations around finishes, areas to upgrade,

and more. You can ask them exactly how much value it could add as they will have

comparable properties to use as a reference.”


Painting your house:

Homes that shines on the outside are absolute eye-catchers, and that is exactly what a

new coat of paint can do to your home. This is one of the most cost-effective upgrades

you can do, and it would help protect its surfaces from wear and tear. Since a 5-liter

paint bucket would only cost you around ₹ 1200, you will have the opportunity to

invest in some brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, and drop cloths as well. And if you do

the job yourself, you can save money, or if you hire a professional to do it, you will be

able to cover multiple rooms quicker.

Give priority to neutral colors as it appeals to most people. Keep your focus on traffic

areas rather than repainting every inch of the house. A good looking home will

definitely increase home value.


Kitchen Improvements:

The kitchen is not only the functional space made for food preparation, but it is also a

place for entertainment and socializing in a modern home. Therefore, dedicating a little

time & effort to your kitchen’s appearance is sure to make your home stand out from

the competition.  A little investment will be sufficient to add a fresh look to a kitchen,

as well as good flooring would bring a completely coordinated look to your kitchen,

making it look neat and attractive.

A stainless steel appliance finish may look clean and contemporary design in the

mindset of a buyer. You need to identify your utility before picking one up. Ceramic and

stainless steel sinks have a modern contemporary look and maintain good hygiene as


Use Built-in appliances that are space friendly and easily integrated. They provide the

perfect contemporary finish to your kitchen. Opting for a built-in refrigerator, rather

than the normal one, helps in saving kitchen space, Built-in appliances provide the

perfect contemporary finish to your kitchen.


Maintain Your Lawn:

A lawn is one of the major parts of your home so you must invest your time, efforts,

and money in maintenance. If you make sure that your lawn is in its best shape and

condition, it is going to enhance the appearance of your home. You can simply add

flower plants to your lawn and plant some smaller trees you can find at a local store. It

won’t only prove to be a beautiful addition but would also indicate that you are a

dedicated homeowner who has been keeping everything perfect for all those years.


Good Photographs:

At present, most research on homes is done online before deciding to make that first

visit. Thus, the very first thing presented to a buyer is the photograph, and if it attracts

attention, a buyer would look into other details the home might have to offer. The

photographs that present your home need to be in their best light, and in an angle with

the best view in order to attract your potential buyer.


Visually Increase Home Square Footage:

Square footage is not the only factor that affects the value of a property, but the visual

space of your home adds a lot of appeals. It is important to make each room in your

house look and feel bigger. You have the option of replacing heavy closed curtains with

vertical blinds or have shutters that let light in, as a bright room may feel much larger

and open. A single large mirror could also do the trick of visually doubling the space.


Remove unnecessary items, organizing your desks, straightening up the bookshelves,

and keeping the kids’ toys in place can instantly make your home look more appealing

and become more comfortable for you as well. As for the buyer, it will be much easier

to visualize themselves living in the same space.



Keep your home well ventilated. Homes that let in a lot of light and air are undoubtedly

more appealing than ones that are closed up and seem dark. A lot of old houses have

closed kitchens. These days’ people prefer open kitchens,” says expert architects. You

can also add mesh doors above your bedroom doors. It will bring in a lot of light and

aid cross ventilation. Remember to swap your old light bulbs with ones with higher

wattage in order to illuminate the key highlights in your house.

Improving the appearance of your valued home will absolutely increase the amount

that a potential buyer would be willing to pay. By contributing your time to improving

your home with minimal investment, you will increase the number of buyers who would

want to visit your home for an inspection in no time.

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