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8 Reasons To Buy a Property in South Bangalore

Posted by Balaji on April 28, 2021
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If you are looking to invest in an apartment or a villa in Bangalore, you already know

it’s a great decision. Bangalore houses some of the best opportunities in terms of

education, job, and options to create an international standard lifestyle for you. After

all, everybody wants to own an apartment in Bangalore, considering the superior social

infrastructure the city offers.

Bangalore is now the preferred destination for all those who aspire to achieve success

in their lives. So, if you work in Bangalore and want to invest in real estate, you can

look into South Bangalore. The reasons are clear – South Bangalore homes a number

of IT hubs, which are only a short drive from the city Centre.

To begin, determine whether you can afford a 1/2/3 BHK premium apartment or a villa

based on your budget. You must realize that a villa, as an independent, stand-alone

home, will cost you more than an apartment. However, if the builder is a good one, the

apartment’s price would increase as well.

If you’re looking for an apartment, it’s best to look inside the city limits so you can

save time to commute and be close to social amenities. However, don’t forget to check

whether the property you choose has all the facilities required to support your lifestyle.

Coming back to the question – Buying property in South Bangalore? Well, here we

discuss an 8-point answer:

  1. Stay close to some of the best IT parks

There are numerous IT Parks in this part of the city, with MNCs like Flipkart, Amazon,

Samsung, etc., as tenant companies. So, by investing in an apartment in South

Bangalore, you will be able to take advantage of new job opportunities with some of

these top MNCs.

  1. Best social infrastructure

Some of the best hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Sakra World Hospital etc., and top

schools like Orchids International, DPS, Greenwood High, etc. are all in and around

South Bangalore. As a result, you won’t have to think about your children walking long

distances to get to school. You can also get the best possible healthcare assistance on

time thanks to the top hospitals in the region.

  1. Best shopping malls and entertainment hubs

No matter where you live, you will undoubtedly visit shopping malls for dressing,

grocery, and other daily requirements. South Bangalore is home to some of the best

shopping malls and branded shops in the region. So, most of your weekends will be

sorted and fun-filled, while you save time on commuting.

  1. You are nearby posh locality

Electronic City, Koramangala, White Field, Marathahalli, and HSR Layout are all close to

South Bangalore. Hence, if you wish to travel to these areas, you can get there easily.

  1. The financial aspect

Buying a property in South Bangalore will not make a dent in your income.  The

majority of the apartments in the gated community are within a reasonable price


  1. Attractive to investors

It is a smart idea to invest in a villa or an apartment in South Bangalore if you have

any extra cash to spare. This region is rapidly expanding, and your property will soon

yield double or triple income. If you have some money to spare and want to make a

profit, buying properties in South Bangalore can be a great investment.

  1. A reliable source of rental income

Since most of Bangalore’s IT hubs are in the southern part of the city, and young

people are increasingly looking for spaces to stay in this area, renting out your

apartment or villa can be a lucrative business.

  1. Amenities available can complement your lifestyle

The majority of the villas and apartments in Bangalore’s south are from reputable



There are some properties that look highly profitable but, be cautious and don’t be

fooled by gimmicks. Visit the best real estate agents in your area and look at their

listings to select a good one.

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