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All you need to know about luxury homes in India

Owning a luxurious home is every person’s fantasy and it is not only a sign of status.

Although status plays an important role in it, it is more about enjoying all the comforts

it brings with the house. The term ‘luxury’ is often misused in India; as you can see,

almost every second project is called a ‘luxury project,’ whereas basic amenities are all

they offer. So let’s first describe what exactly classifies as a ‘luxury’ property before

getting into the whole ‘luxury’ scenario in India.



It is a very major aspect of any luxury home. It needs to be at least 3Bhk with

attached washrooms and balconies in each room for a property to be branded as a

luxury home. And according to this law, the luxury tag does not qualify for a 1 or 2Bhk

residential unit, howsoever large it may be. An important part of the entire setup is a

wide hall, a dining room, and a spacious kitchen. The new addition to a luxury

residential unit is a storeroom and a servant’s room.



The location, ensuring that it is located in a heart of the city or important tourist places

with land value appreciating. Also, it should have excellent connectivity across the city.

The infrastructure of the area should be characterized by the presence of wide roads

with less or no traffic problems.


Floor-To-Ceiling Height

It may not sound like an important feature, but it is really important to decide,

technically speaking, whether or not a property is ‘luxury.’ The floor-to-ceiling height

should be more than 12 feet for a luxury home. If this specification is not met,

regardless of the other facilities provided, the ‘luxury’ aspect of the residence will not

be met.


Exercise rooms

The gym and workout room are part of a luxurious home. With plenty of space and the

latest equipment’s to meet their needs and suit their lifestyle



There should be massive space for your king-size bed, wardrobes, and functional

sitting areas. You can build automation systems for security and lighting so that it

becomes a high-end.



Your bathroom is a private space that needs to be high and luxurious. People enjoy

shower jets, soaker tubs, towel warmers, and floors that radiate heat.



Luxury homes should have big and spacious elevators with a sufficient carrying




The house should be equipped with improved, state-of-the-art modern security

equipment. In addition to human security, electronic surveillance units should be

mounted in each and every corner of the property.

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