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Apartments over Independent houses- Bangalorean’s Best Choice

Why Bangalore prefers Apartments over Independent houses


Owning a house is a dream for many and it is a sort of investment for life. We all spend all our savings, investments to own a house. The moment we decide to buy a house, confusion arises, whether to buy an independent house or an apartment. People who live in metro cities, like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, etc will usually have a liking for staying in an apartment.

Nowadays in Bengaluru, people opt for gated communities and apartments rather than independent houses. I mean, it’s your preference, at the end. I just thought of penning down a small piece of information just to clear the confusion for people who are not able to decide, between an apartment or an independent house.

Increase in the land cost

First & foremost, initially buying a site/plot & constructing a house works out costlier most of the time (Though you get your own piece of land in an individual house). In apartments the undivided share of land for an individual flat is very less hence land value works out cheaper. It is one of the primary reasons why the people of Bengaluru prefer apartments rather than independent houses. The cost and the stress of buying an independent house are much higher than buying an apartment. Buying an apartment is risk-free. The clearance papers, paperwork, everything is taken care of by the builder.


Most of the people buying apartments in Bangalore are settled here from other parts of the country & they feel safe in an apartment, due to security & other features provided in apartments. There is an unexpressed fear of a new place in any part of the world when you are new to that place. Apartments provide the utmost safety compared to independent houses. Apartments will have round the clock security services.

Bank loans and papers

Getting housing loans are easier for apartments compared to independent houses. Most of the papers are pre-approved and only less work will be remaining. Getting loans for independent houses is not less than running a marathon. Buying an apartment is risk-free. The clearance papers, paperwork, everything is taken care of by the builder.



While buying an apartment, you pay money only for your house, while you get a whole community with premium amenities and added values, such as security, enough parking space, power back-up, water systems and fire safety mechanisms in place. Almost all the apartments will have amenities like a walking and jogging track, swimming pool, kids play area etc. Independent houses can get these amenities, only if you wish to go beyond your budget & an independent property needs extra effort for setting up these services. This would also include an extra cost of the total property value on these amenities around an independent property. You should plan for setting up a small power backup in the form of an inverter or a generator.

Video on Apartment vs Independent house.

Resale Value and Capital Appreciation

When it comes to independent houses or villas, capital appreciation or the resale value is not as high as an apartment. This is largely due to the limited demand as compared to apartments. Selling an independent house is very difficult, apartments on the other hand are always in demand and easy to sell. In a city like Bengaluru, it is easier to find tenants for apartments than for an independent house again for the same safety & amenities reasons.

High chance of getting into fraudulence

Inexperienced new buyers easily fall prey to title fraud and scams when purchasing an independent house. But in the case of apartments, buyers can check the track record, reputation, and past record of the builder and can also fact check with the existing residents. This helps in investing the hard-earned money in a trustworthy project. One can also check for the quality of the building.

Encourages Communal Harmony

Living in an apartment, don’t make you feel isolated. It always encourages societal living without any discrimination. At apartments, people from different places of the country are welcomed. If you live in a nuclear family in an independent house, you definitely feel isolated and left out.


At apartments, the maintenance work is taken care of by the builder, which makes your life hassle-free in your busy schedule. Whereas at independent houses, any breakdown needs to be looked after by you.

Apartments and independent houses, both have their perks and pitfalls. If you want privacy, your own garden and a hangout place at your house, then you should choose an independent house. An independent house best suits a joint family and is very particular about the aesthetics of the home, the neighborhood and privacy. If you think your financial strength can complement this lifestyle, just go for it.

For Middle class modern nuclear families, apartments suit the best. It matches the budget and most of the builders offer various configurations for different family sizes. Apartments will be available for every budget and provide all sorts of amenities and facilities to attract such buyers. If you want to spend time in a community space, then apartments are a good choice.

Well, this is all from my perspective of Apartments over Independent houses. What do you think and let me know your preference in the comment section.

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