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Do I need an architect to design my house?

Customizing a house is a big deal due to all of the complexities, but do you want to

hire an architect? Although architects aren’t always necessary, despite complex

designs, there are a few scenarios when you would need an expert architect to make

sure the task gets done correctly.

Let’s have a look at those scenarios and discuss a few approaches to construct a

custom home without the approval of an architect.


What Do Architects Do?

To decide whether you want an architect or not, you first want to understand what

precisely an architect does. Sometimes, architects develop designs, coming up with

inventive ideas to solve complex design problems and manage the whole project. They

may restrict themselves only to the design process or assist people with alternate

existing blueprints for renovations. Most of the time, architects are visiting the

construction site and observing the work that is occurring to make sure the quality of

the structure meets certain rules and expectations. An architect may also consider how

the construction is going to appear amid the landscape.

As you may see, architects have several responsibilities. To help develop a home that

meets your needs, architects will ask about your lifestyle, such as how frequently you

entertain, if you need a home office, if you have children and pets, and what design

factors you dislike in houses.


Do I Need an Architect?

Many contractors will rent architects to assist with custom houses so you do not

necessarily need to rent architects. That said, there’s a scenario when you should have

architects: while the customization is getting designed into a particular or unique



If you are building a simple home, a home designer may actually have more

experience designing houses than some licensed architects. In general, Designers

usually do not have academic training in architecture and engineering but are

experienced in interior planning and simple additions. If you’re transforming a kitchen

or adding a family room, a designer may have all of the abilities you need.

Architect’s fees also generally add about 10% to the cost of a project, and as much as

15%. If you are on a really tight budget, you don’t require an architect. You can rather

rent a designer or use a normal builder.


The Deciding Factor

So do you need an architect to design your house?

My answer would be yes.

I would like to offer 2 reasons for this.

  • An architect will use his abilities of the layout to deliver your dream home into a reality. A home that you have dreamt of relying on your economic strength or your feel of style, an architect will mold your desires into a perfect reality that will mesmerize you.


  • Without an architect, you might be capable of designing a house according to your preference however you may not be capable of implementing it, appropriate interiors, the perfect bedroom, an appropriate restroom everything you ever sketched inside your mind can only be carried out if and only if u recruit an architect for it.


So, for me, yeah, an architect is absolutely a yes if it involves designing a stunning

house. After all, a pillared structure can only turn into a beautiful home with proper

designing skills coming from an architect.

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