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Are You Looking for A Real Estate Franchise Business in Bangalore?

Are You Looking for A Real Estate Franchise Business in Bangalore?

Are you an individual agent trying to build a stable career in real estate? If yes, then Coldwell Banker is the one-stop destination for all your needs. We understand you and everyone who wants to buy or sell the property.

The real estate market is growing all over the world. The Indian Real Estate market is changing and demands an organized Real Estate Brokerage service. The Indian Real Estate market offers a span of opportunities for those willing to be a part of it.

As the population increases, there is an enormous demand for buyers and sellers. Now the question is, who connects the buyers with the sellers? Individual real estate agents link both of them. If you are an individual agent who wants to grow immensely in the real estate business, then you are in the right place.


Who Are Individual Agents?

Have you ever thought for a second, if you don’t have an agent in the real estate industry, how will you ever find the property? Individual agents will have a list of properties, and they will suggest the properties according to your needs. Individual agents struggle a lot to get their share of the money. It is always misinterpreted that agents loot a lot of money from both ends. But that is not true.

Individual agents have so many challenges to overcome. Of course, every business has its pros and cons. Since I’m talking about the real estate market, I will focus on the struggles faced by the individual real estate agent.

“People always think, being a real estate agent is very easy. But in reality, individual agents undergo a lot of problems and humiliation sometimes. Are you facing issues in convincing, negotiating, attracting potential clients? Don’t worry, Join Coldwell Banker as an affiliate agent/partner and excel in your business and grow your business to new heights.

Who Are We?

Coldwell Banker is an international real estate brokerage firm headquartered in the United States of America. Coldwell Realty Pvt. Ltd. signed a Master Franchise Agreement with Realogy Holdings Corp. in September 2013 giving the Company exclusive rights of the brand(s) as below for the entire Indian Sub-continent. We have our presence in over 44+ countries and over 92000+ agents, serving worldwide. In Bengaluru, we are its top-performing franchise partner. Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty is a full-scale real estate service platform aimed at assisting home buyers, sellers and renters to bring smiles to their families when they find their dream home! But don’t take my word for it, listen to what our existing affiliate partners have to say about partnering with us!

Join Coldwell Banker
Gautam Rao

Best tools best support, my clients are always in good hands because of the support I get as an agent from my Company. Coldwell Banker makes it easy for its agents to stand out of the crowd

Gautam.S.Rao, Bangalore

The realtors at Coldwell are very happy and successful. Coldwell does a lot of training to help them succeed. The brokers are always available. The realtors are helpful to each other. They all want each other to succeed. It is a very positive environment to work.

Gangadhar, Bangalore


At Coldwell Banker we understand, the real estate market in India and the problems faced by the individual agents. So, we have come up with an affiliate program to maximize your potential of being an agent.

Right guidance at the right time is very important. At Coldwell Banker, we ignite the spark, you need.

Structure of the Program

Our program is designed by real-time expertise over decades in the Real Estate market. The world-class training is designed for world-class performance. From all over the globe we cover the modules related to the real estate market.


Some of the key features of the program are listed below for reference.

  • Site Evaluation & Opening Assistance
  • Training & Support Customize Technology Development & Deployment
  • Brand Name/ Brand Equity
  • Lead Gen Support [Both Buyers, Sellers & Exclusive Projects]
  • Operating/ Support Services National & Local Marketing Programs Brand Building

What Do You Get By Joining Our Affiliate Program?

We guide you to begin your journey as a professional agent by utilizing our expertise, experience, technology & best practices built over a century across the Globe

Once you join our affiliate program, your approach towards the customer changes

Your vision towards the real estate market changes

By joining our affiliate program, you become our agent preferred partner. You get the best premium training from world-class faculty.

What are you waiting for, join our affiliate program today, and excel locally and globally! We bring the entire real estate ecosystem under one roof. Whenever we bring the members of the same thinking in one room, the Magic Happens. Our affiliate program is designed to get real and unimaginable results.

Enrol on our affiliate program today and leave with new ideas & actions. Apply immediately to start growing and getting better.

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