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Italian Marble Flooring-Types and Features

July 27, 2021
Italian Marble Every one of us dreams of owning a house. Owning a house starts right from financial planning to des ...
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Why are Duplex Houses in Demand These Days?

July 26, 2021
What are Duplex Houses? As evident from its name, a duplex consists of two separate areas in a single building. In ...
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Shahrukh Khan House-7 Interesting Facts

July 26, 2021
Shahrukh Khan House is a six-storey-high bungalow with numerous bedrooms and living areas, a library, a gymnasium, ...
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Difference Between Carpet Area and Built Up ...

July 23, 2021
Are you looking to buy a house and aren’t sure how carpet and built-up areas differ? Before you can comprehen ...
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Moratorium Meaning

July 23, 2021
The word Moratorium meaning could be different to different people. Here is what you should know : It means suspens ...
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Vastu Items For Home

July 21, 2021
Trending Vastu Items For Home-Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science, treatise or guide which shows how a home ...
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Koramangala-White Collar Migrants First Choi...

July 20, 2021
White Collar migrants come to Bangalore from various parts of the country due to the wide range of job opportunitie ...
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Electronic City-An Investment Heaven for Pro...

July 19, 2021
The electronic city of Bangalore is Silicon Valley of India. 322 acres of land are home to some of the world’ ...
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model tenancy act

Things To Know About The Model Tenancy Act

July 19, 2021
The Model Tenancy Act Very often there are disputes between landlord and tenants and it can become very stressful i ...
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Top 10 Luxury Apartments In Bangalore 2022

July 16, 2021
Luxury Apartments In Bangalore Bangalore the queen of South Bangalore has become one of the fastest-growing cities ...
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