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Banashankari-An Emerging Micro-Market In South

Banashankari-An Emerging Micro-Market In South

Banashankari Boom: Banashankari-An Emerging Micro-Market In South

Banashankari, an extension of old Bengaluru, is the city’s largest locality, stretching from Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road. This emerging micro-market in the southern quadrant is surrounded by established areas: Girinagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar to the west, Basavanagudi to the north, Jayanagar and JP Nagar to the east, and Padmanabhanagar, Kumaraswamy Layout, ISRO Layout, Vasanthapura, and Uttarahalli to the south. Unique in its classification, Banashankari includes stages, phases, and blocks, with six stages in total, the 6th stage being the largest.

Location Advantage:

  • It is well-con nected to the Outer Ring Road (ORR).
  • NICE Ring Road,Kanakapura Road and Mysore Road.
  • The locality has good frequency of the public transportation via the BMTC busnetwork.
  • Include a Metro station near Banashankari IInd Stage.

Price Trend:

Apartment Price Trend:

This data indicates a consistent upward trend in property prices, reflecting Banashankari’s growth as an emerging micro-market in Bengaluru. The year-over-year increase suggests a strong demand and a positive outlook for real estate investment in the area.

Plot Price Trend:

The plot price trend in Banashankari has demonstrated a significant upward trajectory over the past few years. In 2021, the price per square foot was ₹5600, which increased to ₹7300 in 2022. The upward momentum continued with prices reaching ₹9000 per square foot in 2023 and further escalating to ₹10500 in 2024. This substantial rise in plot prices reflects Banashankari’s growing desirability and demand, underscoring its robust real estate market and making it a promising area for investment.

Some Projects In Banashankari:


Locality Independent House Price Trend:

Price Movement in & around Banashankari:

Impact of BDA In Banashankari:

BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) is a governmental agency responsible for the planning and development of urban infrastructure in Bangalore, India. In the context of Banashankari, a prominent residential locality in Bangalore, BDA’s role includes various activities related to land development, housing projects, and urban planning. Here are some key points about BDA’s involvement in Banashankari:

  1. Residential Layouts and Housing:

    • BDA has developed various residential layouts in Banashankari, offering plots and housing to accommodate the growing population of Bangalore.
    • The authority is known for creating well-planned neighborhoods with necessary amenities like parks, roads, and community centers.
  2. Infrastructure Development:

    • BDA is involved in developing and maintaining infrastructure in Banashankari, including roads, drainage systems, and public spaces.
    • It ensures that the locality is equipped with essential services like water supply, electricity, and waste management.
  3. Urban Planning and Zoning:

    • BDA plays a crucial role in the urban planning of Banashankari, ensuring that the land use is optimized for residential, commercial, and public purposes.
    • Zoning regulations enforced by BDA help in maintaining the character of the locality and controlling the density of development.
  4. Parks and Recreational Facilities:

    • The authority is responsible for developing and maintaining parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities in Banashankari.
    • This contributes to the quality of life of the residents by providing green spaces and areas for leisure activities.
  5. Public Amenities:

    • BDA ensures the provision of various public amenities such as schools, healthcare centers, and community halls.
    • It collaborates with other governmental bodies to ensure comprehensive development of the locality.
  6. Regulation and Compliance:

    • BDA oversees the compliance of construction projects with the city’s building bylaws and regulations.
    • It issues necessary permits and approvals for new developments and renovations in Banashankari.

Overall, BDA’s activities in Banashankari contribute significantly to its status as a well-developed and desirable residential area in Bangalore. The authority’s initiatives in urban planning and infrastructure development have made Banashankari a sought-after locality for living and investment.


Banashankari has evolved into one of the most promising micro-markets in South Bangalore. With its strategic location, comprehensive urban planning by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), and robust infrastructure, it has become a preferred destination for residential and commercial investments. The locality offers a blend of modern amenities and green spaces, ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.

Key factors contributing to Banashankari’s growth include excellent connectivity, proximity to key business districts, and a well-established social infrastructure comprising reputed educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational centers. The ongoing and planned infrastructure projects further enhance its appeal, making it a prime location for future growth.

As Bangalore continues to expand, Banashankari stands out as a vibrant and dynamic micro-market, reflecting the city’s growth and development while retaining its unique charm and community-centric lifestyle. Investing in Banashankari promises long-term benefits, driven by sustained demand and continuous infrastructure enhancements.

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