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Bangalore Development Authority E-Auction 2022

Bangalore Development Authority E-Auction 2022

BDA E-Auction 2022

BDA E-Auction-2022Since 2012, BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) has been aggressively offering the plots for sale through e-auction. These are residential sites in the well-developed localities of Bangalore. Bidding is a hassle-free way to own a property in Bangalore.

The Bangalore Development Authority conducted an e-Auction for corner sites between April 11 and May 18 2022. The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) was able to sell 628 of the 1,036 corner plots in a recent e-auction. These plots were sold for Rs 589.13 crore, which is higher than their base price of Rs 391.68 crore. A corner site auction was held for Banashankari, JP Nagar, Kempegowda Layout, Anjanapura, and other layouts.
The next BDA e-auction will be taking place from 18.7.2022 to 12.8.2022. The date and time for the commencement of e-auction and live bidding start from 18.7. 2022. There are 1500 plots available in the below mentioned layouts. Participare today and in the coming days and bid your amount and the plot.

Applicants should be a Citizen of India. NRIs & Partnership firms also can participate in the auction. The applicant has to pay a certain amount per site as Earnest Money Deposit (Deposit amount is refundable ) Successful bidder has to remit 25% of the auction amount in 3 days.

Areas covered under BDA E-Auction 2022

Areas covered under BDA E-Auction Are Mentioned Below.
1. Anjanapura Township 8th Block
2. Banashankari 6th Stage 4th Block
3. Banashankari 6th Stage 3rd Block
4. Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd stage (Govinayakanahalli)
5. Anjanapura Township 2nd Block
6. Anjanapura Township 6th Block
7. Anjanapura Township 8th Block
8. Anjanapura Township 3rd Block
9. Jp Nagar 9th Phase 5th “B” Block
10. Banashankari 6th Stage 5th Block
11. Anjanapura Township 3rd “A” Block
12. Banashankari 6th Stage 6th Block
13. Banashankari 6th Stage 7th Block
14. Banashankari 6th Stage 1st Block
15. Banashankari 6th Stage 2nd Block
16. Banashankari 6th Stage 3rd Block
17. Banashankari 6th Stage 5th Block
18. Sir M Vishveshwariah Layout 1st, 2sd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th block
19. BTM 4th Stage 2nd Block
20.Banashankari 6th stage near Gubbalahala, Hosahalli village & Turahalli
21. NPKL Blocks


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What is Karnataka E Procurement?

The nodal agency for the state’s departments implementing electronic procurement is the government of Karnataka’s department of e-governance. Through the assistance of a consultant, a single platform that serves all the departments is being created. Through KarnatakaOne, the Department has extended an arm to the people of Karnataka by providing a facility to pay the bid amount.
Services Provided
Fees Paid for BDA Tenders
The E-Proc Challan, which includes the E-Proc Reference Number, must be provided by the bidder.
Record the necessary data, such as the amount, bidder’s name, payment type, and payment reference number.
Gather the money from the supplier along with any user fees imposed.
A B1 receipt will be provided to the citizen as proof of a successful transaction.
Utilize the Karnataka One application to access the E-Procurement Portal and update the B1 payment information about the E-Proc Reference Number.

real-estate-agents-in-bangaloreAdvantages of buying a BDA site in auction

  1. The process is completely online and transparent
  2. Most of the properties offered are corner plots
  3. BDA layouts are comparatively well developed with good infrastructure
  4. BDA Layouts have drinking water supply facility
  5. Anyone in India (citizen of India) can invest in these properties
  6. You may win the auction at less than the current prevailing market price

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BDA Corner Site Auction

BDA E Auction 2022

BDA Sites for sale

Contact 9902066670 for more such BDA sites in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many plots are available in the 2 nd phase of E auction?

Ans. 1500 plots

2. Has the bidding started?

Ans. Yes it has started form 18.07.2022

3. Can I bid for more than one plot?

Ans. Yes, you can bid for more than one plot

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    on said  

    How does the auction work? And whst is the price per sft?
    Interestwd in Kempegouda layout.
    Pls advise what the amenities are

    • Maansa Parameswaran

      on said  

      Please do call 9902066670 for more details. We will assist you further.

    • Maansa Parameswaran

      on said  

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Please do call 9902066670 for more details. We will assist you further.

  2. Pooja Murali

    on said  

    Hi I saw that the recent auction concluded in Sep 2022
    When is the next auction scheduled? And how early will it be published?

    • Maansa Parameswaran

      on said  

      Hello. So the next auction is scheduled for the month of December tentatively. You can reach out to +91 9902066670 for more details.

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