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BDA Property Tax

BDA Property Tax

BDA Property Tax

Each city has a municipal corporation to which residents are required to pay taxes; in Bangalore,
this is the BDA property tax. Bangalore Development Authority, or BDA for short, is in chargeof obtaining all taxes in Bangalore.

If you are the owner of any property that is subject to the BDA, you must pay property taxes. To
follow their guidelines, you must first determine if you are under the jurisdiction of the BDA or
another local body. Additionally, you should be aware that if you rent out a property, you are not
permitted to collect or charge the tenants property tax because you are the propertys owner.
Being the owner means that you must complete the BDA property tax. Payments for BDA
property taxes can be made both online and offline.

BDA Property Tax Payment Offline

At any ARO office or Bangalore One Center, you can pay the BDA property tax with cash, a
local check, or a credit/debit card. BDA property tax payments may be made at govt sector banks
as well.

BDA Property Tax Payment Online

To put it mildly, the process of paying BDA tax online runs very well. You can easily visit the
BDA websites to submit your online BDA property tax payment. The following actions should
be followed when paying BDA site taxes or BDA taxes for units online. The BDA property tax
receipt download option is furthermore available. Online payments for property taxes are already
possible on the BDA website. All taxpayers and those who are collecting taxes will find the
process more convenient. Unlike prior years when both online and offline methods were
acceptable, the BDA solely accepts payments made online now. The procedures are as follows:

1. To learn more, go to
Click Submit after entering the Property Number in the box provided for this purpose.
2. Enter your Property ID, Site ID, and full name as it appears on official papers on the landing
page. then select "Submit."
3. Enter your phone number and email address on the next screen, then click "Submit."
4. Enter the OTP that was delivered to your phone or email address on the landing page that just
appeared, then click the Submit button. All of the property's information is displayed on the page
that now appears, along with the amount of unpaid taxes.

5. Select the tax amount before moving on to the payment method. Debit cards, net banking,
credit card, etc. are the available payment methods.
6. Once the transaction has gone through without a hitch, select Get Receipt to print a paid
receipt copy.

How to calculate the BDA Property Tax

BDA property tax is calculated using the total unit valuation, self-occupied and leased spaces,
parking space, and annual depreciation:
The BDA property tax is calculated as follows: Total Unit Area Value – (Total Unit Area Value x
Depreciation rate / 100) x 20% = 24 percent cess tax.
a+b+c= Total unit area value
a=square footage rented to renters(zone-wise)*10 months
b=area occupied by owner*10 months
c=parking space *10 months
The property tax will depreciate along with the age of the property.
If the BDA property tax payment is not made by the due date, a penalty of 2% per month or 14%
annually is added to the net payable sum.


The Unit Area Value system is used in Bangalore to determine property taxes for unoccupied,
commercial, and residential properties. If you own real estate in Bangalore, you must timely pay
your BDA property tax. For BDA property taxes, both online and offline payments are accepted.
If you pay your taxes on time, you can be entitled to a rebate as well.

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