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Best Animals To Keep At Home Which Are Low Maintenance

Best Animals To Keep At Home

Are you a dog parent? or do you like keeping pets at home? If so, then this post will interest you more. Every pet has its characteristics just like every human being. Being a pet owner myself, I thought of writing a few interesting pet names and some of the trending pets all over the world. For a few people, animals are just a creature like us, but for some people, animals can be pets. When I say pet animals it can be dogs, cats, birds like parrots, love birds, turtles, fish, and rabbits.

Much like human babies, there are a lot of trending and popular names for pet animals. Every year there will be some popular names for different categories of pet animals. I will start with the most popular pet animal that most of us prefer keeping at home.

Pets to consider for along with pet names



Dogs are the most popular pet animals that many of us prefer keeping at home. Dogs fulfill the feeling of loyalty we yearn for. In India, it is estimated that there are around 22 million pet dogs and it is estimated to rise to 31 million by the end of 2023. Dogs are easy to train and are very friendly animals. The faith and trust they build with the humans are second to none. Certain breeds of dogs when trained perfectly will safeguard your home. So Dogs are the most popular pets to have in the home and making them practically the perfect pets.

Many of us decide the trendiest names for our pets or we will go with the emotions or the characteristics of the pet.

Below are a few of the popular and trendiest names of the dogs that most people prefer.

Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Toby Cody Buster Duke Cooper Riley, Harley murphy lucky Oliver, Oscar Sam, teddy, Winston Sammy, Tiger, Baloo, Brownie, Bruno, Byra, Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Maggie, Sophie, Sadie, Clove, Lola, Annie, Rosy, Sasha, Annie, Jasmine, and Tara are a few, popular dog names. You can name your pet according to the pet’s personality and looks.


Cats are the second most popular category of pets and one of the oldest animals to be petted by humans. Many of them prefer having cats as pet animals because they won’t bark like dogs and disturb others. The population of pet cats in India amounted to nearly two million in the year 2018 and the population was forecast to reach approximately two and a half million by the end of the year 2021. Cats require very little space and they usually sleep for almost more than 14 hours a day and they don’t move often from their favorite napping spot. Cats get easily attached to humans and Cats are cheaper. It doesn’t cost as much to feed a cat as it does a dog. Cats choose someone as their favorite simply because they provide the best lap for catnaps. Owning a cat can be an extremely rewarding relationship.


Milo, Kitty, Brownie, Meow, Shadow, Snoopy, Zoe, Lilly, Sophie, Emma, Bella, Tom, Senora, Gracie, Casper, Muffin, George, Simba, Cleo, Luba are a few popular cat names around the world. Cats are the second most preferred pet animals to have at home.



Yes, you read it right. Fish comes under the category of pet animals and it is the most preferred pet animal to have at home. Fish take less space, are cheaper, and have low maintenance in addition to not making any noise. Even though one cannot cuddle or touch this pet as often, many of them prefer keeping fish as the pet animal because just sitting and watching them gives a feeling of relaxation and it reduces stress. In Feng shui and Vastu Shastra, there are so many benefits of keeping an aquarium at home. Have you ever wondered why the doctor’s clinic and dentists keep an aquarium in the waiting room, this isn’t just by chance? There is plenty of research to show that keeping fish or even just watching them for a short period can bring health benefits.

The four main health benefits of keeping fish are; reducing stress, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, and improving the behavior and eating habits of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Below is the list of a few popular names that can be named for the fish.

Goldie, Blue, Atlantis, Angel, Aspen, Snowy, Frosty, Bubbles, swimmy, Mermaid.



Birds are the most popular category of pet animals to have at home after the dog’s cats and fish. Many of them like keeping birds because they are easy to maintain and they occupy less space. Birds are remarkable animals and they make great companions. Some of the birds that can be petted are parrots, doves, cockatiels, canaries, budgies. Birds Are Extremely Intelligent, Easy to Train, and Social. Being intelligent makes birds easier to train, than other animals. Since they are so smart they’re interesting to watch and be around.

Their love of learning makes them fun to entertain and be entertained by Zuzu, Parker, Sunny, Cocoa, Baby Buddy, Kiwi, Tweety, Daisy, Mango, Pepper, Ava, Susan, Aja, Tori, Ala,Bella, Teal, Aubrey, Cher, Paloma are some of the trendy names for pet birds.

List of small pets

Apart from all these some people love having pet animals like rabbits, turtles, white mice, Iguana, horses and sheep, camels, monster lizards, squirrels, and many others.


So many people adopt reptiles like snakes, lions, and monkeys also as pets. It may sound weird but it’s true.


Caring for a pet and adopting can be a positive experience. Pets can provide companionship, entertainment, and educational opportunities. Remember, though, pet ownership is also serious business. They need proper care, attention and love just like our kids. Pets are living creatures that require regular care and attention. Their maintenance involves an ongoing financial commitment. Pets are capable of providing useful lessons about self-restraint, selflessness, and responsibility. Adopting a pet is a commitment for years. So think before adopting.

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