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Best Housing Schemes in Karnataka 2022 | List of Schemes

Best Housing Schemes in Karnataka 2022 | List of Schemes

Housing Schemes

To provide housing project amenities for the impoverished, the Karnataka government has adopted an effective strategy. Given that thousands of people still don’t have their own homes, housing schemes are one of India’s economic plans’ perennial developmental elements.


These housing programmes were developed to meet the housing needs of both urban and rural residents by promoting state economic growth. It greatly affects areas that are essential to their wellness and enables them to live happy lives. Humans have long been understood to need housing.

The Karnataka Government has created numerous housing affordability programmes to achieve this goal. The Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Ltd. (RGRHCL) programme was introduced by the Karnataka government in April 2000. It provides affordable housing for those who are a part of the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Low-Income Groups through this programme (LIG). It is putting into practice four different housing programmes: the Rural Ashraya/Basava Vasathi Yojana, Namma Mane, and Ambedkar Yojana. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are only eligible for the Ambedkar Yojana in the Gubbi taluk of the Tumkur district.

It determines barriers to the scheme’s implementation and assesses public understanding of the plan. Let’s find out how to take advantage of the housing programmes in Karnataka. The state government’s nodal agency RGRHCL is in charge of carrying out the housing programme for the EWS. The main goals of RGRHCL include maintaining construction quality and effectively implementing rules established by the government.

Different Types of Housing Schemes in Karnataka

Namma Mane Scheme

The state introduced this programme to give middle-class people access to inexpensive housing. Under this programme, there are three different types of homes: “Bhagya,” “Sampada,” and “Yashas.” A “Bhagya” house will be 325 square feet with one bedroom, a “Sampada” house will be 375 square feet with a bedroom and study area, and a “Yasha” house will be 450 square feet with two bedrooms.

Basava Vasati Yojana

The Basava Vasti Yojana is popularly known as the RGRHCL (Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited) scheme.

The state government must provide 85% of the raw materials needed for applicants to build their homes under the Basava Vasati Yojana. One of the six affordable housing programmes being implemented in the state is the Basava Vasati Yojana, popularly known as the RGRHCL Scheme.

Pradhana Mantri Awas Yojana

housing-schemes-in-indiaTo turn your “kutcha house” into a “pucca house,” PMAY will give you a loan. The state’s economically disadvantaged regions are the main target of the government’s construction efforts. Women must be given property ownership under the PMAY’s required provision.

Devraj Urs Housing Scheme

This programme was developed for persons who fell into a specific category, such as nomadic tribes, physically challenged individuals, Safai Karmacharies, widows, transgender people, and numerous more. The district committee led by the Deputy Commissioner will be in charge of choosing the beneficiaries under this programme.

B.R Ambedkar and Vajpayee Urban Housing Schemes

According to this plan, residents of Mysore City Corporation (MCC) are only allowed to build dwellings. Eligible recipients must submit copies of their BPL Ration Card, Voter’s ID, Aadhaar Card, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, and Photos. Women, whether married or widowed, are given priority.

According to this plan, the ST community may build 21 houses, while the SC community may build 51 dwellings.

What are the eligibility criteria for a housing scheme in Karnataka?

1. The applicant may be a woman (married or single), a person with a physical disability, a senior (female or male), a former service member, or a widow or widower.
2. A household that applies to a home under the Indira Awas Yojana must receive less than 30 points across the board.
3. No other scheme should be used by an applicant to secure a residential facility.
4. The applicant’s family must be from a low-income, impoverished background and make less than Rs 32,000 per year.
5. Applicants must be homeless or have no pucca houses in the state or the name of themselves or any other family members.

What are the documents required for applying for a housing scheme in Karnataka?

housing-schemes-in-india-latestThe neighborhood organization will issue the construction order following the approval procedure. Beneficiaries must give the Panchayat the necessary paperwork after receiving the constriction order:

> Beneficiaries must first open a savings account and submit a passbook photocopy.

> Applicants can submit their new applications online or in Form No. 1 to the Grama Panchayat.

> Certificate of caste (only for SC and ST applicants)

> Income Verification Document (below Rs 32,000)

>Title deed for the land, if the applicant is the owner of a site, together with an identity card (ration card, Aadhar, bank account, voter ID card).

Beneficiaries should give the Gram Panchayat a photocopy of each of these documents, and officials should check the certificates during a spot check. All applications will be checked by grama panchayats, who will also explain why they were rejected. For application approval or rejection, all applicants will receive an SMS.


By meeting their basic requirements, these housing schemes programmes play a crucial part in giving shelter to impoverished and middle-class individuals, which benefits the state as a whole.


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