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Best lakes In Bangalore-Beauty of Nature

We all know that Bengaluru has, amazing climate, greenery, and so many parks. In addition to this, Bengaluru is blessed with so many lakes. According to a survey, there are around 189 lakes spread across the city & most of these lakes in Bengaluru were built in the 16th century, by using natural systems. The number of lakes in Bengaluru is also one of the primary reasons for the good climate. Nowadays, urbanization has taken a toll on the lakes of Bengaluru. Although there are so many lakes in Bengaluru, few lakes are very popular and are well maintained. There are few Best lakes In Bangalore which serve as the hotspot for walkers, joggers and a place for hangout with friends and family.

I’m listing some of the Best lakes In Bangalore

Ulsoor lake


It is one of the most popular, oldest and one of the largest lakes in Bangalore. Spread across 120 acres, with beautiful trees, and an island in the lake, with a wide variety of trees it is the most sought after lake by fitness enthusiasts, including celebrities. Ulsoor lake is well maintained, with parks for kids, boating and well-maintained jogging and walking tracks, and seating benches. There is also a gurdwara, next to the lake, which adds charm to the aura of the place.

The mornings and evenings in the fog-filled climate of Bengaluru, in the winter season, around the lake, can only be experienced. Ulsoor lake has a serene environment.

The lake is located near MG Road, Ulsoor. If you are planning a visit to central Bengaluru, don’t miss ulsoor lake.

Madiwala Lake


Madiwala Lake is Located in the heart of the city, in the midst of the BTM Layout. It is one of the most loved places by couples, and young people. On the weekends the lake gets very crowded. Madiwala lake is well maintained with parks, activities like boating. The view of the lake from sitting on the bank is worth a while. There is also an island in the lake, which is a house for many seasonal birds. A long walk, in the evenings, along the bank of the lake, with your loved ones, lights up the mood immediately. Waking up to the beautiful view of the lake is a boon. Do visit this beautiful lake, if you get to go through the BTM layout.
Sankey Tank
No one will ever imagine that the man-made lake would be so beautiful, that too in the heart of the city. The Sankey tank, located at Malleshwaram Bengaluru, is calm and beautiful. The lake is very popular among the morning walkers and joggers. A long walk along the lake and the street food along the streets of Malleshwaram is a great combo. Sankey Tank is the hotspot of Malleshwaram, which is the major hub of the city. It is one of the most preferred lakes and hangout points by surrounding college students and young couples.
Hebbal Lake
Hebbal Lake is located at the Bellary Highway. It is so beautifully located that the view from the Hebbal flyover is just so amazing. The lake is surrounded by lush green shrubs, trees and the sky touching apartments beside the lake, making it a picture-perfect backdrop. Hebbal lake is a home for so many seasonal birds. The view of the lake during the mornings and evenings is worth standing and watching it from the flyover.

Lal Bagh Lake


Lal Bagh is a must-visit place in Bengaluru. The Lal bagh Lake is located inside the Lal bagh Botanical Gardens. The Park and the lake is a delight for the eyes and peace for the soul. Lal Bagh Botanical garden has a variety of flora, and wide trees, that adds charm to the Park. The morning walkers, young couple, students, old and the young, everyone loves visiting LalBagh Lake. The lake is surrounded by huge trees. Just sit and enjoy the view of the lake. The view of the lake and coffee in the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, which is located beside the Lal Bhag is a must for morning visitors and its legacy continues. If you are in Bengaluru and have not visited the park yet, do visit the park and enjoy the lake and the surroundings.

Agara Lake


This 100 acres lake is located beside the outer ring road. The lake has a park, walking track and mesmerising sight at night. People living in and around the HSR layout are regular visitors of the park. The lake is a natural beauty and a panoramic view, it also has the statue named Children-Globe-Rooster. The sunrise and the sunset of the lake is so beautiful that you have to witness it by yourself. Initiatives and clean up drives by citizens and organizations in recent years have ensured that Agara lake is well maintained and looked after. Spot-Billed Pelicans and Coots are the frequently visiting migratory birds among the other 40 species of avifauna at the lake.

Hesaraghatta Lake


Hesaraghatta Lake is another hotspot in Bengaluru. This lake has so many species of birds as visitors. The exotic beauty of this lake accompanied by its lush green surroundings lets you get rid of the stress. It is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in Bangalore. The drive up to the lake is exciting and so is walking around it. Early morning is the best time to visit this lake.

Nagavara Lake


This lake situated at the Outer Ring Road has a unique beauty and appeal like none other. The Lumbini Gardens is situated on the bank of this Nagavara Lake. It is one of the water-front leisure parks in the city. The well-laid pathways near this lake make walking a pleasurable experience, allowing you to soak in nature’s beauty. The musical fountains at the park are other attractions for the crowds coming down to the lake. Lumbini Gardens also has an artificial wave pool while the floating restaurant and café here is a huge hit among visitors. Children’s rides and games are also available at the park. It is one of the lakes in Bangalore with boating.

Kengeri Lake


This lake located along Mysore Road has been renovated recently by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation. The mini green islands in the lake make it the perfect location for boating and spending a lovely time with family. The lake is widely spread and has been facilitated with boating services. Plans for a walking path, kids’ play zone, recreational area, islet, and more have been laid out by the local authorities.

Lakes are the water bodies that maintain the ecological balance in the system. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to save natural resources. When I talk of the lakes, how can I forget the Bellandur lake?


Highly Polluted Bellandur lake

This lake is highly polluted and it is extinct. There are so many lakes, varthur lake, Puttenahalli lake, kaikondrahalli lakes, and many more, which needs a nation to be taken for their conservation.

These are some of the popular lakes of Bengaluru. When you can’t think of anything to spend your weekends on, do visit these beautiful lakes in Bengaluru.


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