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7 Easy Birthday Decoration at Home

7 Easy Birthday Decoration at Home

Birthday Home Decoration Ideas

Well, we all get excited for our loved ones Birthdays. Some may think, what is so special about it? Some celebrate it with friends and family. Every year the day comes and goes. Birthdays are always a mixed feeling, of getting a year older, rethinking of the resolutions taken & what not.

As I said earlier, some celebrate it at home with family, some celebrate it with friends, and some go out for a party. In this pandemic, going out and celebrating is not that safe. If you want to surprise your loved ones by celebrating at home, here are a few birthday decorating ideas.

Before you start decorating, always make sure to decide on a theme or a color. There are various themes and decoration ideas available. You can even personalize the decoration and surprise your loved ones. To please the crowd, and to bring a smile to your loved ones face, try some of these in the decoration.

Here are a few Birthday Decoration at Home

Foil Balloons-Foil Balloons are mostly used in Birthday decorations. They add sparkle to the decoration. You can mix and match the foil balloons of different colors for adding more charm. Gold, silver and Champagne colored balloons can be used. Stick the different shaped foil balloons on the walls or place them in the corners or on the tables. The place becomes more lively and welcoming.


Fairy Lights-I love them. I am sure many of you would love them too. Almost every festival or an eve will have the fairy light decoration at home. Whether it is Diwali or Christmas, fairy lights are a part of the home decoration. It’s not left out in the cake cutting ceremony as well. Fairy lights make us remember the Poem “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Stick the fairy lights on the walls or to the curtains to make the place look alluring. These little strings of lights change the aura of the room, if matched with the home decoration theme.


Photographs-The idea of decorating the place with the photographs with a string is like nostalgia. Hang some beautiful pictures of the birthday boy or the girl, with some beautiful light strings, to make their birthday more special. The photographs always bring back the memory, which makes the Birthday more special.


Use Streamers-The long colorful piece of paper will do a lot of magic around. Make sure to choose the colors according to the theme. Hang these streamers on the wall in between the balloons to add a colorful vibe for the party. Try mixing the streamers of different colors to avoid overpowering the single color. The streamers can also be put on the table to give an edgy look to it. Use only 2 or 3 colors of streamers, not more than that.


Balloon Decoration-The regular balloons of different colors can make wonderful decoration props. This is very simple yet more appealing. Select the color that complements the theme and other decorative items. Just blow the balloons and fill the room or stick the balloons using double-sided tape to create a backdrop. I am sure the backdrop looks amazing in the pictures. Use some satin strings to tie the balloons and just stick the balloons to the roofs. The satin strings hanging from the balloon add shine to the party.


Set up a Photo Booth-To make your guests happy, always set up a photo booth. It will attract the crowd, and a lot of pictures will be clicked here. Just set up a colorful background for the photo booth and you are good to go.


Candle and cake decoration-If you have not planned anything then try this home birthday decoration idea. All you need is some cupcakes, matching the cake color, some candles, a candle holder and a tablecloth. Arrange the cupcakes and some small candles on the cakes. Here the trick is in arranging the candles. Place the candle holder at the corner of the table to make the table look more inviting. Just place the table in front of the beautiful wall or background then your picture-perfect, home decoration is ready.


These were the easy birthday home decoration ideas. Birthday decorations at home can be a bit tricky. If you are hosting a party for the kids then try using the colors like pink for girls and blue for boys.

If you want to surprise your fiancée with your innovative decoration ideas, use some bouquets or some Red Roses in the decoration. Use the color red to set up a theme to express your love.

If you are planning a surprise party for your parents, then don’t go very loud with the colors. Use subtle colors along with some photographs of their achievements to make them feel proud.

There are so many birthday home decorating ideas available. Choose the one which matches your innovation & never forget to surprise your loved one. 

Let us know in the comment section, which one have you tried.

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