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Celebrities Who Are Successful Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Interior DesignersToday, you can find so many celebrity designers showing off their interior decorating projects and telling you the story about how they became the best ones through a social media platform. Gone are the days when celebrities just worked on films or television series. Many of these talented stars are successful interior designers. How did they become so successful, and how long did it take for their designs to be sought after? What strategies did they use to balance work in both industries, and how much of their fame in the film industry contributed to their success in interior design?

Some Important Celebrities Who Have Become Successful in Interior Design

Become Successful in Interior DesignThere are so many celebrities whose passion for interior design has made them popular in another sphere of work. Take, for example, in the west we have names like Bobby Berk, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Joanna Gaines, Kelly Wearstler, Jacques Grange etc and in the east there are Twinkle Kapadia, Gauri Kahn, etc.. All of them are so successful because they are able to bring into reality groundbreaking design ideas.  Be it a client from their own film industry, someone with a luxury apartment or home, or perhaps from the hospitality industry, they proved their creative talents time and again.

What Kind of Designing Did They Do?

Take a look at the design works of Justina Blakeney, which are stunning. She says that coming from a multi-ethnic background helped inspire them to come up with beautiful interior design styles.

She even went into creating rugs for Hygge & West, a wallpaper collection for Boutique, and a bedding line for Target. In the case of Emily Henderson, it was her family’s environment in which they made the clothes and upholstered furniture that inspired her design creativity.

Another very successful designer is Peter Marino, whose interior design work with Barney’s department store both in the US and Japan catapulted him into worldwide fame. India Madhavi is another celebrity interior designer famous for designing the Sketch Restaurant in the Gallery of London, and she has also done collaborations with names like Paint Line, Nespresso, etc.

In India, Gauri Khan sells home accents by Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli and has her own store, Gauri Kahn Designs. Sussanne Khan sells furniture that is handcrafted in her store, Sussanne Kan Prêt Collection. Mana Shetty runs a showroom that sells home lifestyle items along with her husband. Monica Khanna has done many prestigious design projects, such as the interiors of The Royal Orient and Palace on Wheels. She is also part of important projects that call for her design talents, such as Gujarat Tourism, Royal Orchid Hotels, etc.

Challenges Faced by Celebrities Who Became Interior Designers

As with any professional celebrity who turned to interior design to express their talents, they also faced their own challenges in making it to the top in this industry. Many underwent a formal course in interior design and spent hours studying various projects and the work of important designers to get a good foundation in interior design.

They also used their innate knack for designing, eye for detail, and influences at home or perhaps on the sets of their work to bring in their own style into the designing work. Their work in the film industry might have taken them to unusual locations, spaces, and places where the surroundings inspired them to create a particular design style or idea.

It can also be the circumstances in which they lived in their younger days or perhaps other skills like painting that made them feel interested in interior design that also influenced their design trends and skills. Time management is a major challenge for celebrities, as they are quite busy with many contracts in the film industry or doing television series. So how to set aside time between family, work in films or television, and interior design requires a lot of intelligent management of available time. Once they become famous for their designing skills, a lot of projects come their way, and they have to manage time between their film work on the one hand and their growing interior design work on the other.

Qualities of Successful Celebrity Interior Designers

These celebrities successfully juggled their film industry projects with their passion for interior design and made it to the top in both. They have faced many challenges, such as lack of time, family commitment, design constraints that prevented an idea from going through, celebrity lifestyle demands, etc. As they evolved in this industry, they gave you their own aesthetics in design. Those aspiring to be interior designers will surely be inspired by their innovative ideas and styles. Here is a look at what you can expect from a celebrity interior designer:

  • Interesting and unique designs that break the traditional mould
  • Set new trends that break typical barriers and constraints in the industry.
  • Their design ideas, ranging from opulence to understated elegance, are shown off in their homes.
  • They use their celebrity platform to highlight vital design ideas and why they must be used.
  • They have created stunning interiors for top business owners and have also implemented their design ideas in many commercial spaces.
  • Each has their own signature styles and aesthetics, which are sought after because they help create unique, stunning interiors.
  • They often fuse fine art into interior designs, and their choices in design reveal their inner personalities.
  • Through social media platforms, they influence consumer choices and decisions.
  • They have designed spaces that cross the barriers of country boundaries and cultures.
  • They have come up with exclusive designs and teamed up with renowned brands.
  • They make a strong impression on what type of interior a person should have on those who follow them.
  • They collaborate with others and carry out different types of interior design ventures.
  • Their style also inspires and influences the design sets of TV shows and films.
  • They have made use of their design talent to do design-related charitable projects.
  • Their ideas have made a mark on people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Once an individual has become a celebrity, their status stays, and when such celebrities take on tasks such as interior design, their fame shoots up manifold. There is a huge demand for people who have such a status and are also good at interior design, as people now want stunning interiors in their homes. They are sure to get a fabulous look inside when it is designed by a highly creative and skilled celebrity interior designer.

They meticulously plan the design, make use of creative features like none other and give a look that is other worldly. The materials used are top class and there is a so much or art and aesthetics infused into the interior design. They make use of various designing techniques, styles of inspiring interior designers and bring in materials from various global locations to create an effect that is unique and innovative.   their  drawing skills, ability to use drawing software tools and mixing of different art styles gives an effect that is truly transformational such that you cannot find another like it anywhere else.

The kind of results obtained through their services cannot be compared to regular designers as they are incredibly talented, bringing unusual visions into their design, fusing different styles, using out-of-the-way ideas to make the interiors of a home or a hotel out of the ordinary.  At times, a particular theme or look is used but at other time a fusion of various styles, design ideas are implemented to give a modern, trendy and stunning look.


Many celebrities who got into interior design did it just because they wanted to dabble in it as a hobby or because it was something they liked to do as a creative art. However, over time, their passion for design turned into a business in which they were very successful. The balance they maintain between their celebrity lives and their work in the interior design industry teaches lessons to aspirants. When you want to show your creativity, you need to be bold, strong, and confident, which is reflected in the actions of such celebrity designers.

Many have ventured into unusual and stunning design projects, which have contributed to enhancing their portfolio, and they have also contributed to the interior design industry by introducing their own innovative styles. There are celebrities who have created wonderful careers in it and have also left a fabulous legacy to others through their many design projects.

After reaching a point where many people wanted to hire them for their designing talents, they made use of various business strategies and used branding and marketing methods to promote themselves as a name in interior designing. This further enhanced their popularity as celebrities and also fetched them more clients who wanted to use their interior design skills. Once they became well-known celebrity designers, they gained the power to influence consumer choices in a powerful way.

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