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Chikballapur Resorts: Your Ultimate Relaxation

Chikballapur Resorts: Your Ultimate Relaxation

Chikballapur Resorts

Chikballapur – A Lovely Place To Explore Nature, Cultural Spots And Spend Time In Tranquillity

Your Ultimate RelaxationChikballapur is a small town located in Karnataka, and it is 57 km from Bangalore. It is now part of the newly created Chikballapur district and is known for its gold, silver, and incense trade. It is a laid-back place where people come to relax and get away from hectic city life. As you explore this place, you will come close to nature, and the tranquilly of its surroundings will bring relaxation and peace of mind.

Exploring rural locations in Karnataka will take you to scenic places and areas where you can enjoy trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. It is in such places that you get close to rural life, enjoy a peaceful, calm environment, and also do meditation. Chikballapur is such a place, and it offers access to some very impotent tourist spots that are amazing in their features and the lovely, enriching experience gained from visiting them. Those who love trekking will find this place to offer the perfect opportunity for it. There are six spots where you can enjoy trekking here which are the Nanda Giri, Indra Giri, Chandra Giri, Brahma Giri,  Kalawara Giri Ad Hema Giri.

Top Places to See When Coming Here With Your Family

  • Shree Bhoga Nandieshwara Temple (24.4km): It is a massive temple complex built by the Cholas and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Throughout the places, you will come across many types of beautiful architectural detailing work and ornate sculptures. Inside are two shrines to Lord Bhiganandeswar and Arunacheleswar. In the front, you can see a beautiful Kalyana Mandapa with many decorative motifs. It is also believed to be Karnataka’s oldest place of worship and is made from rocks that are found only in this area.
  • Nandi Hills (10 km): In earlier times, it served as a place for Tipu Sultan to rest during the summer; now it is a popular tourist spot with hundreds thronging every year. Know its hiking trails; exploring it by hiking and trekking is getting into wild nature at close quarters like none other. It is a paradise for bird watchers, as some of the most exotic species can be found here. It is also home to some very unusual and rare plants and trees. Most often, it is pictured against the backdrop of the sunset, which is seen in many photographs.
  • Kalavara Durga (3 km): It is also called Skandagiri, and the ruins of Tipu Sultan’s palace lie here. Its peak is about 1350 metres, and it offers amazing trekking opportunities where you can explore its exotically beautiful areas. It’s highly picturesque, with many people taking photos of sunrises and sunsets here. In its foothills is the Papagni temple, which is also the point from where hiking starts. There is also a Shiva temple that is abandoned at the top, where hikers usually stop over.
  • Vivekananda Falls (12km): They are fabulous in their gushing beauty with their two-tier flow and pearl-shaped drop that comes from a height of 100 feet, and they are also the perfect scene for many lovely photos. You can enjoy its beauty only in the monsoon season, as it is a seasonal waterfall. You simply won’t forget the time spent here for years to come. Such exotic natural beauty takes you away from the city and its hectic life into another world of nature, lovely greenery, and lush vegetation.
  • Gudibande Fort (33.3 km): In earlier times, it belonged to the Tuluva Dynasty of the Vijayanagar Empire. It was built by the Byre Goda, a chieftain, 400 years ago, and has seven floors, each of which is connected to the other. An unusual feature is its rainwater harvesting system, which could collect about 3 lakh litres of rainfall, which was to be stored in its interconnected tanks and water bodies. Close by is Lord Shiva’s temple, which came into being through Sage Vishwamitra and Lord Rama.
  • Sri Ranganathha Swamy Temple is a massive temple complex whose origins can be traced back to the time of Lord Shri Ram. The current structure was built in the 9th century by Trumalaiah, and the dwelling inside is called Mukti Ranga. It is said that the idol here is one of the three created by Vibheeshana’s sculptors based on the one in the Sri Rangam Temple. The temple is also an architectural marvel, revealing fine detailing work and fabulous sculpture scattered throughout the place.
  • Gummanayaka Fort is a massive structure that was built in 1360 and consists of many layers, such as the one with temples, another one where villagers grew crops, and yet another where you can find the granary, etc. Most famous inside the fort are the temples of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, as well as those of Lord Lakshman and Lord Hanuman, and people throng here to seek their blessings. It is the perfect place for trekking. As you journey through it, you can see a lot of open space and greenery with different types of vegetation.
  • Nehru Nilaya: This place is named after Prime Minister Jawarharlal Nehru, and during the time of the British Raj, it served as a summer retreat for Mak Cubbon. It is a beautiful place that stands on a hill and is surrounded by lush greenery. It now serves as a guest house and is just a three-minute walk from Nandi Hills. Its unique feature is the lovely sunrise that can be seen in the hills when you wake up every morning. It has traditional interiors, comfortable rooms, and is maintained by staff of the state’s government’s horticulture department.
  • Amaranarayanan temple: It’s a beautiful temple known for its Lord Venketereswara Swamy deity, with shrines also for goddess Sri Devi and Bhoomi Devi. It is said that it came into existence during Treta Yuga, and its AmarNarayana Idol was consecrated by Lord Indra. The present structure was built by the Hoysala Dynasty.
  • GudiBande Fort is a massive fort built by the Tuluva dynasty, and right inside it at its top is the Sri Rameshwara Temple, a fabulous temple that is considered to be one of the 108 jyotirlingas. If you stand here, you can see the majestic Byrasagara Reservoir. Its location offers quick access to the Lakshmi Venketeswara temple, Narashimaswamy temple, Surasadmagiri Hill, and Amani Bysagara Lake.

Places To Stay While Exploring This Place

  • La Serene is 22 km from the Devanahalli Fort and is a cosy accommodation where you can enjoy the best guest comforts. It has a wonderfully furnished, air-conditioned room, wi-fi, a balcony for a panoramic view, a restaurant, and free parking. Places close by include Ghati Subramanya and the University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • RAC Adventure Camp is 26 km from the Devanahalli Fort and offers well-appointed guest rooms that offer everything from comfy bedding to beautiful baths with lovely toiletries, etc. Enjoy breakfast before venturing out and exploring the place. It is also close to Ghati Subramanya.
  • La Sri Sierra is 19 km from the Devanahalli Fort and offers beautiful rooms that are well-furnished and tastefully decorated. You can enjoy breakfast and various meals of the day in its restaurant. It is close to Kethanahalli Falls and Dandiganahai Dam.
  • Nandi Cottages: It is a large cottage that comes with the latest guest facilities. Spacious rooms with good bedding, wi-fi, a washroom, a bath with a tub, and a lovely lawn with a swing It offers easy access to hiking, trekking, and other outdoor adventure opportunities.
  • Peenya Gymkhana Residency is a place that has the utmost guest comfort with its lovely rooms, soft bedding, good bath, TV, and air conditioning. You can also use a gym, and the restaurant offers delectable dishes.


Chikaballapur is a scenic place that offers cultural experiences and nature explorations that take your vacation to a higher level of enjoyment. Enjoy rustic village scenes, indulge in adventures, and visit an ancient temple where you can see the beautiful craftsmanship of the ancient dynasty at close quarters. Pick those accommodation spots where you can enjoy a scenic view, comfortable accommodations, and delicious food, and make your stay here really fabulous.

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