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Five Reasons Coldwell Banker Is A More Powerful Network Source Than Any Individual Real Estate Agent

Why choose Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty

Would you rather go big and win it all or try your luck with small mom and pop shops?

Well, stepping into the world of investing might be an easy thing, but getting to know all the highs and lows of real estate investment might not be as simple. Especially, deciding what kind of real estate agency suits your purposes the best can be a hard decision.

Large Teams vs Individuals

Before getting into all the dirty details, you must be in a clear understanding of your two main options, which are; Boutique brokerage/small real estate agency/individual real estate agents and franchise brokerage or national chain real estate agencies.

Many people might be of the opinion that small agencies are a better option because of the specialized services and better customer support. However, going for large Big Box real estate agencies is always the best choice -and here in this article, we will explain exactly why.

The following are the five facts reasoning why Coldwell Banker is a far better choice than any individual real estate agent.

National Brand Recognition

Credibility and brand recognition is never a thing to be taken lightly. These hard-earned qualities are a result of thousands of people building a reputation relentlessly over the decades. When you talk about a brand name, people will automatically have faith in it because of the trust and reliability -which will always prove right for you.

Widespread Networking   

When you need to approach multiple markets, large real estate agencies are the best answer.

National real estate franchises do not only have multiple offices that add to the networking factor, but access to large national or regional listing inventories can be extremely beneficial for you as well.

Access To Research and Trends  

Technology is today’s loudest voice and you can leverage it the best with franchise brokerage. From getting discount offers on technological support to deriving data for marketing insights with the help of research platforms, all the latest trends and researches will be augmented here to present your property to the maximum potential buyers.

Finest Marketing Solutions

Large national chain real estates have turnkey solutions that are devised on the basis of trial and error -and done meticulously to select only the most effective answers to all of your marketing solutions. From the ready-made advertising templates to campaign designs, you can easily work with their strategies and save the trouble of going towards dangerous territories.

It’s A Safe Choice

Even if for a moment we believe that size doesn’t matter, what of the experience and the talented minds residing within the big box agencies?

Being a legacy for 112 years and a workplace to 92,000 agents across 47 countries, who can say that Coldwell Banker won’t be a safe choice. Not only that but its recognition as a most visited online brand says something for itself also.


All in all, Brand names are most of the time a safe bet. And no one can deny it!

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