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Paint at Home Ideas

Splash Some Fun: Creative Paint at Home Ideas!

15 Beautiful Creative Paint at Home Ideas On How To Paint Your Home Floor To Transform Its Look

Paint at Home IdeasAn important house paint design idea is giving the floor a new look with just some new paint. When your floor is looking drab and dreary, it is an indication that you need to move onto a better one. Installing new flooring can be expensive and time-consuming. A quick makeover involves painting the floor in a good design. There are some factors to keep in mind prior to selecting a floor paint such as:

  • Go in for a known brand in the market
  • Check of the paint will give a semi-gloss finish
  • Does it have high adhesion and abrasion power?
  • Is it washable and will it be resistant to fungus growth
  • Can you get it in a variety of shades

Some Interesting Floor Paint at Home Ideas To Try Out

The floor is actually a lovely canvas that can be used to paint any idea that you feel can transform it into something that is vibrant and appealing.  bring out your creativity here by giving a new look to the home with nice floor paint ideas  by having the same idea done throughout the house else some rooms in a specific color of floor paint while other in another. Here is a look at a couple of floor painting ideas:

  • The paint that is most suitable for floors is oil- or latex-based, which can be made from wood or concrete. It adheres easily and is also easy to apply, which makes it easy for beginners to use. Here is a look at some interesting floor painting ideas:
  • How about painting the floor like a black and white checker board? One tile is painted in black and another in white to bring on the desired effect. Won’t that add a nice, elegant touch to the floor? It’s just the choice for bring in a retro look.
  • Take a can of distressed paint and mix it with wood stain paint and what you will get a ncie color with some distressed effect in it. One tile is painted in cream and another in the distressed color mixed with wood stain to get the desired effect. This effect will show the flooring as you paint giving it a classy look.
  • Have you thought of bringing in a lovely blue shade on the floor? its an unusual color option but one that will work if you pick a striking tint. How about a blue-green paint as it is a coastal color, that brings te outdoors into your home interiors! It can look quit contrasting against a wood furniture or wooden theme across the home.
  • If you are using white as the wall paint and all the furniture is in light colors, then opting for grey floor paint can be quite effective. It will enhance this existing look and blend well into it. opt for a nice shade of grey, one that brings on a dramatic effect.
  • How about a blue and white paint on the floor instead of black and white? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist to the existing checkerboard design? except you can make the paint look like a weave running through the floor. this give a really invigorating look and refreshing effect on the floor.
  • How about implementing a chevron effect on the floors? Wouldn’t that be quite striking? This can be done using two paint colors, one which have a dark wood stain and another light wood stain. The synchronization and the chevron effect will lend a neat, elegant finish to the floor.
  • Adding some nice-looking swirls to the floor will give it a dreamy, fantasy look and is most suitable for the flooring in the living room and bedrooms. Metallic epoxy swirls in colors such as gold and beige give a wonderful charm to the home.
  • How about stenciling the whole floor with an interesting stencil design? Now this is sure to give a new dimension to the flooring as the look will be unique, and if you infuse bright and lovely colors, the design will come out even stronger.
  • If you love the effect of ocean colors, then you would certainly want to bring them inside your home. Actually, the floor is the perfect space to create a watery illusion using blue and white colors. Use the brush to create strokes of a watery oasis. This creates an outdoorsy effect that is suitable for the living room and bedroom.
  • How about having a concrete floor, which means there are no tiles over the floor? Instead, it is just bare concrete, which is beautifully filled with striking geometric patterns. This effect is very minimalistic, but it can also look very impressive due to the patterns. This look is suitable for any space in the home.
  • Transform your floor into one a traditional look using a farmhouse floor painting style. This style gives your kitchen a traditional country look. You can do this style along with a checkerboard chevron style, and the feeling is really homely.

Try out nay of these ideas for a fantastic effect on your floor. After applying a single coat, you might want to apply another for a strong effect. After application allow the floor paint to dry for two days before stepping onto it.  Floor painting can be done not just inside the hosue but aso on driveways, walkways and terrace floors.


Floor painting can be done easily on any type o flooring be it wood, tile, concrete else linoleum.  There are many DIY floor painting ideas which can be wonderful to try out and the result can be quite satisfactory as you would have spent hours doing it. In order to get the best result, you need to opt for high quality floor paints and sealers after which you can use finishing wax, which dries quickly and enables the floors to patina naturally.

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