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Which Is The Best Direction For Home According to Vastu

Which Is The Best Direction For Home According to Vastu

Which Is The Best Direction For Home According to Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural system, the direction your house faces affects the energies—both positive and negative—that enter your home. Knowing the possible outcomes might help you prepare for what to expect if you’re planning to build a new home or purchase an existing house because each direction has benefits and drawbacks.

The major energy enters the house through the entrance. One of the most crucial spaces is the home’s main entryway. Here are some guidelines for the dos and dont’s when it comes to the door! The main entrance is the mouth of a house and draws in the primary energy.

There is no good or bad direction. All the directions are good and auspicious depending on certain factors. We’ll talk about how selecting the best direction for the house might impact our life in this blog post and why it’s important.

When investing in a new house, we think about several things, including cost, style, and area. The home’s compliance with Vastu principles is one such consideration. It’s crucial to think about the Vastu directions for your home


Best Direction For Home According to Vastu

  • When it comes to situating your main door, the northeast is the most fortunate direction. Due to its early morning exposure to the sun, this direction also receives a tremendous amount of energy. The house and its occupants gain vigor and energy as a result.
  • North: It is second-best to locate your main door of the house or entry in this direction since it is said to bring richness and fortune to the family.
  • East – While it’s not the best place for a home‘s front door, facing east is considered to boost strength. But, it is blindly believed that east facing houses always bring luck.
  • Never accept the southwest entry. If you have no other choice, go for the southeast entrance as suggested by Vastu.
  • North-west: Choose the northwest entry direction if you have no other choice and must have an entrance facing north.

The best thing about Vastu sastra is that it has remedies for all Vastu defects. We will see some of the remedies and some of the Vastu principles to be followed.


Here are some of the Vastu tips for all four directions.

Vastu tips for East facing homes

The living room should be located on the north-east side of the home in a Vastu layout for an east-facing house

The side walls in the north and east are also a little bit thinner and shorter than those in the west or south.

In an east-facing house Vastu plan, the pooja room should be in the northeast direction.

The kitchen should be located towards the northwest or southeast in a house with an east-facing Vastu layout. When cooking, you should face east in the southeast kitchen and west in the northwest.

As it is said to be the ideal location for a house facing east, the master bedroom should be in the southwest direction.


Don’ts for East Facing Houses

The northeast corner shouldn’t be designated as the bedroom.

The northeast corner should not be used for the construction of septic tanks.

The home should not have any staircases erected in the northeast direction.

The northeast corner of the kitchen is a no-go area.


Vastu Tips for West facing House

Bedroom – For the occupants, a master bedroom on the southwest side is highly fortunate. The master bedroom should ideally be on the top floor of a multi-story structure.

Child’s room – The best directions for a child’s room are south and west. However, the room’s door should be facing north or east. North-west is also a desirable arrangement.

Place all of the furniture in the living room facing either west or southwest. For the room itself, facing east, north, northeast, or northwest is ideal.


Don’ts For West Facing House

Avoid placing the main door or entry in the home’s seventh, eighth, or ninth pada.

A site that is raised more in the north than the south should be avoided.

The kitchen should never be placed in the southwest corner of a west-facing residence.

The southwest of the residence should never be where the water engines, pumps, or bore wells are located.

It is strongly advised that you stay away from buying a west-facing house with southwest additions.


Vastu Tips For North Facing House

Consider the third, fourth, and eighth padas if the fifth pada is out of your reach. According to Vastu principles, they also contribute to generating wealth.

North-east or northwest positioning for your living room is ideal.

According to the guidelines of bedroom Vastu for north-facing residences, the master bedroom should face southwest with the door on either the north, west or east wall.

According to the guidelines of bedroom Vastu for north-facing residences, the master bedroom should face southwest with the door on either the north, west or east wall.

The best direction for a child’s bedroom is west, and the best direction for a guest bedroom is northwest.

According to your north-facing house Vastu plan, the kitchen should be in the southeast.


Don’ts  For North Facing House

The northeast, north, and east shall not be used for the construction of septic tanks, toilets, or bathrooms.

Avoid placing any obstructions, such as trees, lamp poles, etc., in front of the front entrance.

Red, maroon, and yellow should not be used when painting a house that faces north.

The wastewater outflow shouldn’t be situated in either the north or south.

Keep mirrors out of the house’s southeast and south directions.

The sixth pada for the front entrance of the house should be avoided as it causes sickness.

The northwest area is not a good place to put an underground tank.

The placement of the stairs should not be in the north or northwest.


Vastu Tips For South Facing House

It is recommended to place the door for southern entrances either in the middle or slightly to the left. By doing this, you will harmonize the energy in your house and guarantee that all of the people who live there lead happy and healthy lives.

It is advised to construct a second entrance door facing north if your home has an entrance on the south wall. This is one of the most effective Vastu at-home methods for removing dosh from the south entrance.

It’s best to design your kitchen for a south-facing home to face east or west. Make careful you cook with your back to the east. The entire family’s health will be improved as a result of doing this.

Build your bedroom towards the east and west of the main entrance to your house on the south side. Vastu will be more balanced as a result, and cosmic energy will flow more easily.


Don’ts For The South Facing House

Place the main door in the 3rd or 4th pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat for south facing homes.

Place the bedroom in either the north or East direction.

Ensure that the plot of the slope is inclined from south to North (if the plot is inclined)

Place the kitchen in the South East corner followed by North West.

Ensure that the plot of the slope is inclined from south to North (if the plot is inclined)

Place the pooja room in North-East

Design a garden but only on the South East or South side.

Place the staircase in the South, West or South West directions only.

Ensure the walls on the South are higher and thicker than the walls on the north.



It is impossible to overstate the significance of Vastu Shastra for Indian homes. One needs to completely comprehend and take into account the consequences of Vastu for home entry whether they are purchasing a new home or moving into a rental flat. But it is also stated that all the directions are equally good according to the Vastu.


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