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False Ceilings Designs- Tips for Home Interiors

False Ceilings Designs- Tips for Home Interiors

Let us read about Different Types Of False Ceilings Designs

Have you purchased a house recently or are you planning to renovate a house? If yes, then this topic interests many of you. We have often heard that many interior designers suggest getting false ceilings done to the house. Many of us only think of getting the best interior work done and often neglect the ceiling.

In this post, I have gathered some information on different types of false ceiling designs and how they can change the aesthetics and the look of the house.

Why is the false ceiling installed in the house?

A false ceiling will make the area look exquisite. False ceilings are used to conceal any loose wiring in the house and enhance the visual worth of the house. Many of them find false ceilings installations to be much more energy-efficient as well since it keeps away the excess cool and heat. Today, there are different false ceilings designs available in the market that have left property owners puzzled.

In the market, Gypsum material false ceiling is in trend and it is very easy for designing the different patterns. POP & PVP false ceilings are out of trend nowadays due to their quality. Always the material and the design can be selected of your choice.

Below are some of the most attractive false ceiling designs, which makes the style statement.

Minimalistic False ceiling design


People who don’t like very loud designs can opt for Minimalistic false ceiling designs. This looks classy and very appealing. This type of design serves the purpose with the sassy look. A simple ceiling with bright light changes the aura of the room. To begin with, you could try a simple tray design. The edges are lower than the rest, giving your ceiling a neat border. Minimalistic false ceiling design suits both bedroom and living room.

Intricate carvings Design


Intricate Carvings design is an ancient technique in architecture and design. These types of designs have had a legacy for thousands of years. For centuries this intricate carving design has been in use. Usually, POP false ceilings are perfect for intricate carving design. This type of false ceiling design requires very skilled labor and the work should be done very precisely for a premium look. If your house is kind of traditional looking, then an intricate false ceiling design looks beautiful. Make your living room luxurious looking by adding intricate carvings on the false ceilings.

Wallpapers for false ceilings


Wallpapers if not selected wisely, can hamper the look of the room. So wallpapers should be selected wisely to enhance the look of the room. How about the wallpapers on the false ceilings? Yes you heard it right. The wallpapers on the ceiling look amazing and you can add virtual volume to the room by selecting the light-colored theme-based wallpapers. If you want your home to be artistically designed, try wallpapers on the ceiling. These wallpapers can be selected according to the room. These are suitable for both, living room, drawing room and bedrooms. 

Wooden False Ceiling Design


I just love it. To give your house a royal touch, nothing is much better than a wooden false ceiling design. various patterns can be selected according to your liking. Wooden beams are used to create a very modern yet chic looking living space. These wooden false ceiling designs can be used in the living room, bedroom and dining halls as well. If you want the contemporary design in a false ceiling, just go for a wooden false ceiling design. You can extend the wooden panel for a more elegant looking living room.

The wooden false ceiling design doesn’t end here. You can also use natural logs as wooden beams to create a unique looking room.

Different coloured false ceiling


Do you want your room to pop up? This is a brilliant design idea. Use multicoloured paint, in different patterns and colour blocks to make the room pop out. Here you can make one room in the house pop up. One cannot try this in different rooms in a single house. This design best suits the living room with neutral colour paint all over the room.

The patterns can be used according to your choice. Either you can colour block, use multicolour, or alternative coloured stripes to enhance the look, but make sure not to use too many colours and be wise in choosing the colours.

Curved False Ceiling Ideas


Curved false ceiling design definitely adds charm to the room and draws attention to the ceiling. Usually, these designs are towards the periphery of the room. Installing some warm coloured cove light towards the periphery of the curve makes it stand out. You can also try various shapes, and try mixing them with patterns for an added glamour. This type of design best suits living and dining areas.

Raining Ceiling Designs


Want to spend some alone time in the bedroom, watching a movie or playing a video game? Then try raining ceiling designs. Installing the downward-facing cove light gives the room an intimate aura & a jazzy look. Usually red or blue coloured lights are used to create the look. This is one of the best designs for your bedroom, gaming room and home theatres.

Theme based false ceilings


Do you want some excitement in the room? If yes, try these designs. Theme based false ceiling designs are made by attaching the panels of the theme. Usually, the kid’s bedrooms are made of comic or story theme-based ceilings. It is one of the popular theme-based false ceiling designs for kids’ bedrooms.

Metallic False Designs


Metallic False Ceiling design is quite popular and usually installed in the living room. Reflective metal surfaces serve well as borders for a simple white false ceiling. They add glamour to an otherwise boring ceiling. Various patterns of metal are also made and attached to the false ceiling for the exotic-looking room.

This type of false ceiling design is best suited for large living rooms

Painted Glass False ceiling


If you want to go a little over the board to make your house look special, go for the painted glass false ceiling with a beautifully painted butterfly, peacock or any of your favorite artwork. This looks good in the bedroom as well as bathrooms as well.


False ceilings create a remarkable impression. There are a lot of innovative ceiling designs that change the aura of the room and the workplaces. These brilliant designs can change the look of the room completely from drab to fab. I have mentioned some of the popular false ceiling design ideas to make your search easy.

Finally, I hope your search ends here in making your house the statement piece.

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