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Fish Vastu: Attracting Wealth and Harmony

Fish Vastu: Attracting Wealth and Harmony

Fish Vastu

A Look At The Effect Of Fish Vaastu In Changing Your Life Ito One Of Positivity And Prosperity

If you have been seeking a means of bringing luck, peace, and prosperity into our home through Feng Shui items or objects that bring in good luck, look into Fish Vaastu. According to it, keeping various types of fish in an aquarium will usher in wealth, power, financial well-being, peace of mind, and good health. It will elevate your life so that it will have a lot of positive effects and remove negative influences.

What Does Vaastu Shastra Say About Keeping Fishes?

Fish VastuAcross the world, fish symbolise prosperity and good luck, and it is considered auspicious to keep them at home in a pot or an aquarium. It will make your home environment look better, bring liveliness to it, and cut out a dull aura. By understanding what Vaastu Shastra states about them, you can bring in the best influences into your home, into your life, and into that of your family. It brings out that having fish in the home or office helps to balance the energy in that place. In addition to having an aquarium with those fish types that Vaastu mentions to increase happiness and prosperity, you can also strategically place pictures of fish or sculptures or other artefacts to do the same.

Benefits of Fish Vaastu

According to Vaastu Shastra, having an aquarium has an impact on the lives of people living in the home. If you are able to put colourful plants inside the aquarium, it symbolises how much prosperity is present in your life. Here is a look at its benefits:

  • It is the best means of keeping negative energy and evil eyes away from the home.
  • Even if there are any Vaastu errors in your home, their effect can be rectified and bad vibes can be subsided just by keeping the aquarium with beautiful fish moving inside the home.
  • They increase good luck and are a means to attract wealth as well. They help to wade away calamities that might befall members of the house.
  • Whenever you feel stressed, looking at moving fish for a while helps to bring it down and ushers refreshment into the mind, making it peaceful, quiet, and serene.

Aquarium Placement

  • In Vaastu Shastra, the aquarium must be placed in the north, north-east, or east part of the home, which is auspicious. These are areas related to the element ‘water, so keeping fish here will increase the positive vibes present in it.
  • If you keep an aquarium on the left side of the main door, love in married life is maintained, and there is harmony in it.
  • If the aquarium is going to be placed in your office, put it in a special spot in the reception; else, you can keep it in any east or north quadrant of the office space.
  • If it is going to be placed in the living room, keep it in the south-west part in such a way that it catches people’s attention.
  • It should not be placed next to a window from which direct sunlight falls, as this will cause temperature changes that lead to algae growth.
  • It should not be placed close to an air conditioner, radiator, or fireplace.
  • The TV or music system should not be close to it, as they bring out loud noises that can affect the tranquil environment inside it.
  • It should never be kept in the kitchen, as it results in discord.

Number of fish

With regards to the number of fish you must keep as per the Vaastu Shastra rule, having them in odd numbers brings prosperity into the home. Ideally, there should be eight goldfish and one blackfish, as this combination attracts positive vibes. Having fast-moving fish is important as they keep up the positive flow of energy, and keeping them in bowls or rectangular-shaped aquariums is sure to usher in good luck.

Maintenance tips for Fish Vaastu

  • Have some filters that keep the water circulating since it is vital to keep water in a moving flow and not stagnant.
  • Moving water ushers in financial progress, and the opposite happens in stagnant water.
  • Keep changing the aquarium water once in a while, as this increases positivity in your life.
  • Do not let moss settle at its bottom, as this will cause obstacles to come in the way of every task undertaken.
  • It is important to keep it in a shady place with some lighting.

Types of Vaastu fish that are best for the aquarium

  • Goldfish can be seen in so many lovely, vibrant colours, which, according to Fish Vaastu, bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Watching it move is wonderful, as it has many swimming patterns.
  • Black Moor: It wards off negative energy, and its unique features, like extended eyes and a round-shaped body, help to bring security and calmness into the home.
  • Butterfly Koi: Its long fins resemble the wings of a butterfly, and they come in bright colours of white, yellow, and orange. It can improve people’s lives through personality development and positive outcomes, and it also ushers peace and serenity into the home.
  • Arowana Fish: It is also called the dragon fish and is characterised by its unique log body and large scales, which give it a majestic look, one that stands for power and success. It will attract wealth and prosperity, and people who run businesses will gain higher financial flow and success in their market by having it.
  • Angel Fish: Its unique feature is its triangular body and long, trailing fins. It will remove negative energy, offer protection from evil effects, bring positivity into the home, and make it harmonious to live in.
  • Guppy Fish: It is known for its vibrantly coloured tails, lovely patterns across the body, and small size. Its lovely colours symbolise happiness, and its lively nature ushers positive energy into the home.


There are many ideas from various communities and cultures across the world on how positive energy can be brought into the home. Fish Vaastu is a Vedic science that directs you on how to bring good luck, peace, and prosperity into your home because, according to it, an aquarium or a fish tank has powerful energies in it, and so it is auspicious to have them in the home. Look into the many rules that are related to it and follow them accordingly so that you can gain the benefits that Fish Vaastu mentions.

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