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8 Stunning Furniture Design Bed Trends

Bedtime Bliss: Exploring Furniture Design Beds

furniture design bedWith the perfect bed design, your bedroom looks beautiful, and you can have a zestful sleep after a hectic day of working and looking after your family. The furniture designs for beds are many, so you have to look into various factors before selecting a particular design. As the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, you need a design that is personal and also beautiful in appearance, making the bedroom look more elegant.

A Look At Top Bed Furniture Designs For Your Bedroom

Out of the many materials available for manufacturing bed frames, it is best to go with wood, as it is nebulous and has a classy look. It is sturdy, easy-to-maintain, and will last for years to come. Here is a look at some important bed furniture designs:

  1. Out of the many bed design styles available, one that’s quite simple yet comfortable is the Platform Bed design. Your mattress is supported by a bed frame and not a box spring. This design is a little lower in the ground than the regular bed frame, and with this feature, you can see that your bed mattress is about 12 inches high.
  2. If you are living in a small apartment, you certainly need space-saving furniture so that there is room to move about the place and to give it an airy look. In this case, opting for the Wall Bed is the best option. At night, it can be pulled out for use, and when not needed, it can be pushed inside a closet or a cabinet.
  3. Check out the interesting Panel Bed design, which has rails on its sides, a headboard, a foot board, and a mattress foundation. Its base is made of slated wood panels, which support the mattress and also increase air circulation under the mattress foundation.
  4. Those with kids should consider a Bunk Bed where beds are stacked one on top of the other. It is perfect for small kid’s rooms, is available in so many inserting designs, and can also include storage space where your kids can put their small toys and other similar items.
  5. How about a Sofa-Cum-Bed, which is changed from being a sofa into a bed with an easy-to-pull mechanism? It serves the dual purpose of providing a means for sitting and also sleeping. It is the perfect combination of design and functionality and is handy when you have guests at home.
  6. Storage Bed design is most suitable for small homes or apartments, where the bed designs has many storage compartments. These can be used to keep away the bed sheets, pillowcases, and even the pillow and some small personal belongings. A soft, comfy bed on top makes sleeping easy.
  7. With kids around, you would need a nice bed that can also work for sleepovers. Opt for a Trundle Bed, which can double up as a sofa or layered couch during the day, and at night it can be transformed into a kid’s bed. Everyone coming to stay overnight will have plenty of room to sleep comfortably in this bed.
  8. When in need of a chic, simple, and refreshing bed design, check out the Floating Bed, which has a very modern design. The bed frame is such that it gives the illusion that you are floating in the air while sleeping because of the way its legs have been designed. It can also be designed to be attached to the wall.

Some More Furniture Design Beds To Check Out

At the time of purchasing a bed, you need to look for some important factors. The first is how well its size fits into your bedroom space; the second is its material, because it should be sturdy; and the third is the steps you need to take to maintain it so that it is always in good condition. In addition to these designs, you can also check out these:

  • Four Poster Bed: It has distinct posts coming up from every corner of the bed, which can be in different styles ranging from rustic to regal, and is the perfect style for a large bedroom.
  • Round Bed: It is shaped in the form of a circle, and its size is similar to that of a king-sized bed. It is suitable for the living room, theater room, or any spot with large windows.
  • Divan Bed: Its base is made up of a wooden frame and is surrounded by fabric. Usually, it always comes with a mattress that ideally matches the base.
  • Ottoman Bed: It has gas-lifting hydraulics that lifts the mattress base to show an additional storage area underneath. It is perfect for small rooms where you would need such a space to put things.
  • Canopy Bed: It has four posters, each at the front, where there is a fabric that gives a cozy feeling when inside. Made from wood, it is quite thick and has a traditional look.
  • A hanging bed is a bed that hangs from chords tied to a handle attached to the ceiling. All four sides of the bed are tied to the chord to keep the bed in place and offer good sleep.
  • Enignum Bed: It has a unique form and is made from ash or walnut wood, which is quite elastic. Layers of thin wood are manipulated and form a pattern at the head, which is covered with organza fabric.
  • Magnetic Floating Bed: it is quite expensive due to the strong magnets that are needed to keep it afloat. It is held in position through four thin cables and is simple and convenient to use.


Opting for the right bed design will give you lots of space in your bedroom, provide you with comfortable sleep, and make the room’s appearance elegant and graceful. In addition to regular bed design, you can also opt for a wall-mounted bed, storage bed, bunk bed, etc.which offers benefits like space saving and additional space for storage.

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