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What is meant by gated community?

What is the purpose of a gated community?

Purchasing a home is like achieving a milestone for a person. The bliss of having your own house in a good atmosphere is different. Just a small question for you all, what do you look for before investing in a house or a property? Is it safety, neighborhood, or the price? Safety right. Yes, even I consider safety as the primary concern before investing in a house or a property. Then comes the remaining parameters. Well, if you want safety and privacy, then gated community houses or residential apartments should be your first choice. I guess many of you prefer gated communities over apartments. Today, I thought of penning down some of the best parts of living inside them in Bengaluru. If you are in search of a property or in a dilemma about whether to invest a property inside a gated community, go through the post below.

What is a gated community?

The meaning can be given in many ways. but I prefer describing it like this, it is a housing community that has a group of houses in a strictly controlled entrance. They usually will have a closed area, by walls or large gates. It can be small or large depending on the number of houses. Some gated communities may have shared amenities that include a park, pet park, swimming pool & gymnasium. The layouts are a form of common interest development. You live behind the gates or entrance that has controlled access for people.

Like every other thing, living in a gated community has its advantages and disadvantages.

Why Live In a Gated Community?


The primary advantage of living inside the community layout is safety. The gated communities are always monitored by security guards, and the security of gated communities remains pretty tight 24/7. There is constant monitoring of who visits the community, and this routine helps residents to feel safer in their homes. Gated communities have CCTV cameras to monitor everyone’s entries and exits. Most gated communities have a name and a clear geographic definition as marked by the barriers and gates that control access to the area. Gated communities may exist in any location including cities, towns and rural areas. They also range in size from a few homes to many.

Quieter Atmosphere

Apartments built right in the heart of the city or beside a main road may have excellent connectivity, but what about the tranquillity? the movement you step through, you may have to go through the crowds strolling around and the honking sound of the vehicle. It is an unfortunate downside of living close to everything. But in gated communities layouts, there is controlled movement of vehicles and people. This limitation gives the feeling of a quiet and calm atmosphere for the people living inside the gated community.

Community living

Another thing that people love about gated community homes is that it creates a strong sense of community. Nowadays, many prefer to live in nuclear families and the social interaction is quite less. By living inside the gated communities, you will get to know your neighbors well. It is also common that these communities have a homeowners’ association that organizes events. Living in a community helps in increasing social harmony.



Gated communities come with the advantage of premium amenities for a well-rounded lifestyle. That is why many gated communities come with amenities. It is important to offer convenience so residents won’t have to travel far from home for daily essentials.

Amenities like kids park, clubhouse, gazebos for relaxation, community hall, retail shop, walking and jogging track. Many gated communities come with the advantage of having communal amenities.


The communities will have many parks and greenery inside the gated community. The presence of trees and shrubs in these green open spaces ensure you are constantly breathing clean air. Living in a green environment is a treat to the eyes and soul. Compared to individual residences, these gated communities will be planned to have more greenery, plants and trees inside the wall.


It safeguards people and helps them carry out daily activities without any interference. You can enjoy the morning walk or your kids can play without any traffic or interference. There is very limited, monitored traffic. Unless there is a delivery person, there is no chance of any salesperson coming and knocking on the door. So living in a gated home gives you the added advantage of privacy.

Higher resale value

The homes inside communities tend to have higher resale value. The cost of the property will have good returns during market downturns. Gated communities remain consistent with their services and additional benefits that never diminish the desirable conditions, which sets the higher value for the house. It is easier to find a buyer, especially if you pick a gated community with a trusted builder.


Well, these are some of the perks. There is also the other side, advantages always come with disadvantages.

The Disadvantages of Gated Community

  • Houses inside the community is more expensive compared to standalone buildings
  • Maintenance charges are high
  • Not all gated communities provide the good security
  • Visitors have to seek permission for entering the vicinity
  • Gated homes are difficult to find in prime areas as they require lots of space for construction
  • They can even become targets of criminals who expect the homes inside to include more valuable possessions.


They are great for people with the upper crust of income. It all depends on you, whether you wish to live in a gated community or a stand-alone building. As I said, both have their own perks and downsides. If you are looking for a community property in Bengaluru there are so many choices available. Think twice and do your research well before investing. Let me know in the comment section below, what do you prefer.

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