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Green Living: Benefits of Snake Plant

Green Living: Benefits of Snake Plant

Benefits Of Snake Plant

A Look at The Multifarious Benefits Of Keeping A Snake Plant In Your Home Or Office

Snake Plant In Your Home Or OfficeAt home and in the office, across the world, people love to grow indoor plants. However, the plants used must be sturdy, as otherwise, they cannot survive in an indoor environment, so selectively, those plants are only used that are capable of growing easily under such conditions. One such variety is the snake plant. It has a very different appearance due to its leaves, which look like swords, and it is called the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

Snake Plant – Introduction

This plant originates from Africa and Asia, and its key feature is its leaves, which are bright green and whose shape resembles a sword. When you look at it for the first time, you are most likely to think that it is artificial foliage rather than a natural plant. In many places across Asia, this plant is said to keep evil spirits or effects away from the home and increase the positive energy inside it. There is also a common superstition that this plant can bring good luck into the home, so you can find people wanting to grow it for this as well.

It is a natural air purifier which improves health

The main reason for keeping a snake plant at home is that it improves the quality of indoor air. It has the extraordinary ability to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. The more you intake CO2 in the home or office, the lower your concentration levels, and you can also feel nauseous and dizzy. The snake plate effectively replaces it with oxygen. As a result, your mental health improves, and you will find yourself more calm or able to engage in more activities than before.

Today, one problem that many people face is lack of sleep, and one way to overcome this is by taking in the aroma of fragrance from flowering plants. Another way is by keeping the snake plant in a corner of your bedroom. It emits oxygen and traps dust particles, thus improving the air quality, which gives better and sounder sleep.

In environments where there is the use of chemicals, the presence of dust, and people have to do work too, this plant can help clear up the air very well. It is capable of removing toxic substances such as xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene, etc. from the air which can cause many types of health problems. It brings in a lot of oxygen into such places, which is essential for healthy breathing. It also has the ability to increase humidity in the air.

This plant is most suitable for people who suffer from allergies caused by air pollution. As it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, you will not succumb to airborne diseases or allergies. If there is a chance of getting allergies through allergens in the air, it is removed by the presence of this plant in the room. It is also effective in removing cancer-causing agents from the air, so it contributes to your health in this way as well.

Serves as home décor

Serves as home décorSnake plants also serve as good home décor items, as they can be neatly placed in so many areas of a home or office to elevate the area’s appearance. It is available in many varieties, the most common being the one with long leaves that also have a streak of silver. Another one is the bird’s nest plant, whose leaves looks like a bird’s nest and grow to about six feet. There is also the cylindrical snake plant, which has leaves that resemble a cylinder or crown and can grow to be quite tall. Also check out the laurentill snake plant, which has a green centre and yellow borders in its leaves.

Can be easily cared

While there are many plants that need to be cared for intensely, this one does not need that much maintenance. It can survive in an indoor environment, as it is quite different from those that need an exterior environment with lots of bright sunshine to grow and propagate. If there is fluctuation in the lighting, it can still live and be healthy. You don’t have to water it frequently, and it is quite resilient, so it can survive in dry environments.

Does the snake plant need any sunlight at all? Yes, it does need it, but in moderation. This means that you can stay in a room that gets a good amount of sunlight every day from the window but not directly under it. It should be placed in a cool, shady place where it can feel the sunlight but not harshly, which is ideal for it to exist and live healthy.

It is easy to grow many snake plants from the first one

How about propagation for the snake plant? Does it take a lot of effort to get a new plant to grow from an existing one? Just cut the plant’s rhizomes and put them in a glass of water. After a while, you can see roots further developing. At this point, just take them out and plant them in a pot with nutritious soil and proper drainage. Another way to propagate it is by cutting a leaf and putting it in a glass jar to develop roots. When this occurs, take it and plant it in a pot with good soil and drainage features.


Indoor plants can change the room environment and will make you relaxed and peaceful. Out of many such plants, it is the snake plant that is best because of its ability to improve indoor air quality, something that we all need so much today because there are high levels of air pollution caused by many sources. People who are indoors often find this plant beneficial to their mental and physical well-being due to its ability to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. It is a plant that lasts for a long time, leaving out the need for replacements that is usually done with indoor plants from time to time. You can easily pair it with other indoor plants and if you prefer to keep you home minimalistic, this is just the plant that will suit such a theme.

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