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Guide to Register Your Property Online

Several Indian states provide online services that can be used to register your property

in India.

All buyers are legally obligated under section 17 of the Registration Act 1908 to

register any property. During the process, homeowners must pay the individual

authorities a certain part of the net worth and a 1% registration fee as stamp duty.

In most countries, buyers must visit the Sub-Registrar’s Office in order to register their

property. In order for buyers to register their properties online, several countries have

started initiatives to provide disturbing and time-sensitive services. On this online

service, both apartments and plots can be registered.


Property registration online:

Only certain procedures are done online: Notice here that only a certain portion of

the property registration process can be completed online, even though you provide

online registration services.

  • To calculate your total asset value, the circle rate in the area can be determined.


  • The stamp duty as well as the registration fee sum may be determined.


  • You could pay stamp and registration fees online and request a receipt.


  • Then you’ll have to make an arrangement and contact the department of the sub-registrar at the designated time for the final registration of the properties.


You must pay online:

Only when you pay digitally the requisite stamp duty and registration costs will an

appointment be scheduled for the property registration. You are allowed to pay by

debit or credit card or any other digital forum.


You must pay TDS online:

If the transaction value exceeds Rs 50 lakhs, the owner must pay 1% of the online TDS

and download a paper copy of the property. This paper will be needed at the time of

the physical search.


Submit the application online:

As you submit the application online,  not only will you get one-time SMS (OTP)

passwords on your mobile, your appointments and the procedure are also sent in a

text message.


Documents and information:

Only e-stamp papers must be bought and the stamp duty and registration fee charged

digitally. All documents must be sent for review before the sub-registrar.


Documents you need to fill out during online property registration:

Property description – Area code, PIN code, number, etc.

Property form – residential, rural, plot, etc.

Type of ownership – Purchased, gifted, leased, etc.

Personal info – Your credentials

Evidence – Deed, or power of attorney


Documents required for Sub-Registrar:

Two passport size photos

Receipt of E-Registration

Original IDs of all the three parties

Pan-Card xerox copy

If the property valuation is higher than 50 lakhs, then a TDS copy

A ready sale deal on non-judicial stamp

The Buyer must provide a recorded history of ownership transfers for both land and home property.

Getting the documents back:

The registration of your property records takes about two weeks. To get your documents returned to you, you must visit the Sub-Registrar’s office.

At final, you must take two witnesses to conclude the procedures. These witnesses must bring in the originals and photocopies of their identities and proof.

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