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Step by Step Guide to Sell your Home

Do Not Sell Your Home Before Reading This Blog!

In this blog, I am going to give you 5 steps of basic approach towards selling a home

or any kind of real estate for that matter. Watch the video until the end to know all

these simple steps involved because together followed you will sell your home for sure

and faster. So come’ on let us jump in right away.

Step 1: 

Become a Motivated Seller:

If you are watching this video that surely means you are thinking to sell. The

Keyword here is THINKING, now if you want your home to be sold, you need to

graduate from THINKING to become a motivated seller. A motivated seller has a

WHY, a purpose, a reason. There is always a reason to sell their home, why

someone needs to sell their home at all.

  • Is it a financial necessity?
  • Relocation?
  • Upgradation in Mind?
  • or Downsizing it?
  • or Let us say Boredom?

So what’s your purpose? Find out that first and consider the job is done since now

you are truly motivated with a strong reason backing and you shall sell come what



Step 2:

Research :

Now that you had decided to sell, The next step is No Brainer, You need to

Research to develop an idea on your possible selling terms! Research means that

you don’t know, But are willing to find out! said by Charles F Ketting. You surely

may not want to go to market with one of your precious assets by guesses,

assumptions and listening to your neighbours who had never sold in their lifetime. 

  • Spend quality time on online listing portals,
  • Speak to realtors 
  • Check Newspaper classified ads – Maybe print is dead already:) 
  • Talk to homeowners like you who had sold in the recent past 
  • Remember, those who frame a selling term backed by their research will clinch a deal faster and others wait endlessly. 

Step 3:

Appoint Professionals :

Congratulations! Consider half the job is done the moment you found out the

reason for sale and coming to an understanding of the likely fair selling terms, now

leave the rest to professionals!

I remember a popular quote while I am talking about this to you, If you think it is

expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. 

You only need a bare minimum of three kinds of professionals, 

    1. A Real Estate Agent
    2. An Advocate 
    3. A Chartered Accountant 

A real estate agent is a person who will help you sell your home. When you

appoint one, he or she is going to be the single most person with whom you will be

in contact at all times until your home gets sold. Undoubtfully you need this person

who will represent keeping your interest in mind.

Then you need an advocate to help you managing and arranging the title deeds in

order and up to date. Sometimes you would be surprised the amount of legal

scrutiny the buyers do, so an advocate beside you saves a lot of time.

Finally, you may require a chartered accountant or a tax consultant who is

someone saves you a lot of money when consulted in advance before an event,

such as selling a home. There are so many complicated tax laws and a Non-

Resident has to be even more careful of those by consulting a professional,

googling for answers might not be profitable! 

Step 4:

Get your Home ‘Showing Ready’

I believe the Merit of a home is in the beholder of the buyer. What they see is what

they believe. If your home looks like

this……………………………………………………………………………………. it is

going to fail…………………………… Or if you have prepped your home like

this……….. It is a sure shot winner. Give attention to detail., look for wall

seepages, broken tiles, doors, faucets repair and bring it to order. Repaint the

interiors if not the exteriors to get a fresh look. Rearrange the furniture and

declutter. The devil is in the kitchen, so look for leakages beneath the sink,

sidewalls. Keep the refrigerator clean and when loaded looks pleasant and neatly

arranged inside. Let me give you bonus info, Keep a freshly baked bread or

something warm on the kitchen top when you have visitors, they are sure to get a

home feeling and get belongingness, you know what I mean right?….

Step 5:

Dealing with Offers:

Finally, you have started receiving offers and have to deal with it. When your agent

presents you with an offer, one thing I am sure of is that most of the times it is not

going to be 100% of what you were expecting, sometimes the buyer offers you the

price but doesn’t meet the timelines, or maybe there are price differences but

excellent buyer profile with no finance requirements. And some buyers agree to all

the terms and vanish just like that without a reason or there is an offer which

exceeds your expectations and you don’t what to do in all these situations. Do you

want to know the trick of the trade? the first 2-3 offers are going to be always

quick and great ones., You need to be quick in your decisions and clinch the best

ones out of these. I know it is going to be tough but once you think you would wait

for the better ones, remember there is no guarantee that there will be one. You

may not be needing the sale proceeds now but your endless wait shouldn’t

pressure you when you need it at the most since real estate liquidations are not

immediate most of the times. Although the line between ambition and greed can

sometimes seem quite thin, ambition solves a purpose and as I recall you know

the purpose of selling your home crystal clear, right? 

Hope this article was helpful to you in your pursuit of selling your home. I need your

help, can you drop a word below with your comments on this article and suggest what

are all the other types of content on real estate you want to hear it from me? That

would help me curate my content to your wish. With that its wrap up, see you in my

next blog, Bye…

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