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High Rise Apartments | Pros & Cons

High Rise Apartments | Pros & Cons

High Rise Apartments

high-rise-apartmentsThe desire for high-rise residences and apartments is growing as there is an increase in the population. The cities have become more congested and many developers and construction companies have been building high-rise apartments. They are wonderful places to live and provide all of the creature pleasures, such as swimming pools, clubhouses, and many premium amenities. Flats in sky-high buildings are seen as a more tranquil and secure haven away from the noise and the bustle of the city and the traffic. For many people choosing to live in an apartment, the choice of the flat is now a major concern.

Some people love the magnificent view and prefer the quiet atmosphere of a high-rise apartment while some traditional individuals still prefer to live near the ground and thus choose a low-floor flat. Well, it depends on the individual choice. You have a lot of options if you’re looking for a new house in the city. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether or not to rent or buy a high-rise apartment.

What are High Rise Apartments

Buildings that are more than 75 feet or 7-10 stories are referred to as high-rises in India, and they are viable. Many Indian metropolises have emerged as hotbeds for the construction of new high-rise buildings in the last decade, with Mumbai unquestionably leading the pack. In this post, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of high-rise apartments, as well as which level would be best for you. Let’s get started.

Pros of High Rise Apartments

Great View

high-rise-flatThe view is, without a doubt, one of the most appealing aspects of high-rise residences. This is particularly true in towns with abundant foliage and amazing views. The rule of thumb is that the better the view, the higher the apartment. It’s also worth noting that the higher-priced luxury flats are usually found closer to the top. Apartments in high-rise buildings also receive more natural light than those in lower-rise buildings.

Less Noise and Disturbance

If you love living close to everything, and yet you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, then high-rise residences are for you. Living in a high-rise apartment also means being more removed from the city’s buzz and bustle. A high-rise apartment gives a safe environment where you can take a breather and rest.

Luxury and Privacy

amenities-in-apartmentsBecause high-rise apartments are famed for their views, they are typically found in the posh areas of the city. Furthermore, flats on the upper floors are larger and more elegant, with private terraces and balconies. This is why many apartment complexes turn the top level into a penthouse tailored to fulfill the expectations of the luxury buyer. A high-rise apartment can give both comfort, luxury, & spectacular views.


When it comes to purchasing a property, security is a big element that many people think about before making a purchase. With the installation of surveillance cameras and motion detectors, high-rise apartments are recognized to provide enhanced security. Even though this equipment is present on all floors of the building, those on the lower floors are more vulnerable to crime. The building’s security management procedures, on the other hand, play a significant influence on safety.

Cons of living in the High Rise Towers

Lifts and Power Issues

To combat the problem of frequent power outages, most multistory buildings now feature generators. However, there are times when both the generator and the electricity fail. Alternatively, the lifts may malfunction. You’ll have to brace yourself to ascend multiple floors in some circumstances.

High Maintenance

Upkeep in high-rise apartments gets tiresome and expensive as there is greater floor space to maintain. It’s possible that your common area maintenance expense could skyrocket. If you’re thinking about renting or buying an apartment in a high-rise building, keep this in mind.

Difficulty in Shifting and Repair Work

Getting all of your belongings to the 20th floor is never easy. It can also be difficult to get anything changed if you are considering modifying the interior arrangement. Installing and maintaining air conditioners, as well as fixing a leaky pipeline, becomes extremely difficult. In these situations, technicians and plumbers must create ladders and risk their lives to complete simple repairs. Check with the builder or other neighbors to see what safeguards have been put in place to guarantee that repairs are done safely and quickly.

Coming Up and Going Down is Time Consuming

To live in a high-rise, you must account for practicalities in everything you do. Getting an elevator down to the main floor can take up to ten minutes. When you get home, the same thing happens. Waiting for an elevator to reach your floor takes almost a few minutes.

Difficulty keeping a pet

Even if the apartment complex does not have a law prohibiting pets, taking your dog for a stroll becomes difficult if you live on the upper floors.

Potential homebuyers are clamoring for high-rise residences. Apartments in high-rise buildings are thought to be more opulent, providing a refuge away from noise and pollution. However, your personal preferences play a role in determining the style of home you wish to buy. A low-rise apartment is a fantastic alternative if you like quick access to the ground floor. A high-rise apartment, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want a wonderful view and a tranquil atmosphere. If you’re wanting to buy a home, check our website for available options in and around Bengaluru.

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