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Holiday Homes? Is it a second home?

Posted by Sasi Kumar on June 30, 2022

About Holiday Homes

holiday-homeHoliday Home!!! Yes, you read it right. Occasionally you would have heard the term holiday homes. I said occasionally because the concept of holiday homes is not much in trend in our country, but European countries have this. Ever since the pandemic has hit, many of them have thought of having a second home also called a holiday home. In the post below I have tried to give brief info regarding the holiday homes.

What is a Holiday Home?

A holiday home is a lodging used for holiday vacations, business travel, and temporary housing, where you often stay for a shorter duration of time. It is also called a holiday cottage or vacation property. When you don’t use the home you can also rent the property.

Is it a Second Home?

Definitely yes, holiday homes are your second homes, where you love to spend the time if you want to get away from the daily chaotic life. A holiday home is a great investment if you want to spend time with your family, get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or even turn it into a guest house. Said that this is your holiday home away from the place where you live, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the chosen place and the location nearby because it will be a spot where you spend a lot of time shortly.

What Should They Ideally Have?

holiday-homesThe presence of basic amenities like a general shop, a medical store, a gas station, restaurants, etc. should be on your radar even though getting away from the hustle and bustle is a goal. Because visiting the vacation home doesn’t involve much planning, having access to these necessities helps to improve your experience.

Amenities at Holiday Homes

Whether you use it as your second home or you rent it out, when you are not using it, few basic amenities are required in holiday homes.

Kitchen and Kitchen supplements

A decent base should include plenty of cutlery, plates, glasses, and mugs. Wine glasses and bottle openers would be a nice addition after that. A complete collection of pots, flatware, serving platters, and other tools for dining and cooking, as well as a good set of sharp knives, a coffee machine and a kettle. Other useful additions include things like blenders, crockpots, and rice cookers. Stylish kitchenware such as a rice cooker, crock pot, processor, blender, juicer, Filters, coffee, and a coffee maker. Cooking essentials like a stove or a cooktop are necessary.

Bedroom and Living Room Essentials

Even if you don’t spend too much on luxury, it is necessary to have some of the basic amenities like a couch, a tv for entertainment, a good bed, fluffy pillows and some warm blankets and some storage space of course. You should also have one fan per bedroom to provide them with a cooling breeze at night.

A decent bathroom with basic amenities is good to go for any holiday home. Electric geysers, toiletries, and some towels will do.
Wifi and TV
WiFi is probably the biggest necessity in any holiday home. TV access is a must-have amenity in any holiday home.
First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is very essential if you are traveling outdoors or you stay at a holiday home. Always keep it available.
Now since the pandemic has hit the world, everyone is planning for a second income. So if you have a holiday home, you can earn it by renting it out for guests or travelers. But the above-mentioned amenities are not essential if you are planning to monetize your holiday home.

Monetizing your Holiday Homes

Monetizing your holiday home requires some extra effort and includes additional costs.

Along with the above-mentioned amenities, it should also have some outdoor game and fun activity units, a pool if possible, luxury bedding and sheets, air conditioners, room heaters, it should be pet-friendly, and outdoor furniture.


Due to the ease of renting out a second home when the owner isn’t using it, it can serve as both a holiday home and an investment. If you are planning for one, all the best!!


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