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Home Decor for Interiors

Home Decor for Interiors

Home Decor for Interiors

Home Decor for interiors is a very interesting topic and very tricky as well. Everyone thinks that they can decor a home very appealingly, but it has its strategies and requires a mix and match of colors and textures. No one can deny the fact that home decor can uplift your home and your mood. Adding the right accessories and decor items complements the interiors of your home. Home decor is a vast topic. Unlike the old school days, home decor has become a trend nowadays.

From wall paintings to photo frames, indoor plants to flower vases, home decor items will turn your home into a style haven. Home Decor can be done completely according to your taste. Whether you like contemporary style or Indian style of home decor, every look can be achieved, by adding the right piece of home decor at the right place. Whether completely redecorating your old space, designing a brand-new room from scratch, or simply updating your space for the festive season, our stylish picks will do the job no matter what your current project is. Home Decor always reflects your personality.

Different Types of Home Decor for interiors

The moment you decide to decor your home, you will think of buying a lot of home decor items. The key to a beautiful space is, creating the right balance. If you are planning to redecorate your home, go through this post and you will get a brief idea of how to create the right balance and what home decor items to buy.

Decorate your walls with wallpapers or Suzani

wallpaper-interiorIf you want to add colours to the boring white walls add the textile on the walls. Adding a suzani that hangs high on the wall behind any beautifully placed plain sofa or a bed makes the space more vibrant. Try different wallpapers for the room or create one accent wall. Both wallpapers and suzani textile adds charm to the room. Graphic prints can have a major impact in a small space such as a powder room and balcony.

Rugs and throws

The rugs and throws are some of the popular home decor items which can never go out of style. Add some bright-coloured rugs on the sofas or the tables. The bright coloured rugs or mats on the floors change the whole aura of the room. If you have some boring piece of furniture at home, try these home decor items and tips and see how it makes the difference. There is a lot of variety of textures rugs available in different colors.

Wall Gallery

wall-galleryA gallery wall of eye-catching artworks in minimalist frames makes a bright statement. If you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of things on the floor, then try this minimalistic wall decor idea. Add some beautiful pieces of paintings or pictures and create a beautiful gallery on the wall. This wall can act as the accent wall of the room. Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. Choose large-scale photography or something abstract and vibrant to make a statement. Choose large-scale photography or something abstract.

Try Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Floor-to-Ceiling-ShelvingFloor to Ceiling shelving will never go out of style. If you own more books and are looking for a styling storage space then go for the home decor item. This creates a look of fullness in the room and can act as a partition in the room. Floor-to-ceiling shelving never fails to add character to a room. This is one of the unique home decor items you can try if you have a huge living room. Not only will it feel more cohesive, but if you’ve got a lot of bright colours in your collection, they’ll stand out even more.


Mirrors act as a style statement. Mirrors can be placed in the room to give the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors can be used as a decor item in the drawing-room and the living room as well. Don’t be afraid to bet on a large mirror, preferably a mirror design that matches the stay and is also fashionable. If you have a small room you want to add depth to, a full-body mirror is your best alternative. Mirrors are not limited only to seeing your face. There are various types of decorative mirrors available.

Add a Touch of Nature to Your Home Decor

For the earthy look of the house, use more nature inspired home decor items. For example, items like jute or cane chairs, marble decor items, wooden tables all add the feeling of nativeness to the decor. The contemporary look can be achieved by using eco-friendly decor items.

Wall Clocks

Choose a wall clock in color type, shape, and size depending on where you want to display it. The decor and theme of the room and your personal preferences play an important role in selecting the wall clock. There are a lot of designer wall clocks available. Nowadays people have just forgotten about the well-designed wall clock due to the more usage of cell phones. But the wall clocks can never go out of style. Metal wall clocks, wooden framed wall clocks, digital wall clocks so many different types of wall clocks are available. Many people think, wall clocks are the vintage type of home décor, but a big metal wall clock in the living room can change the whole look of the room.

Indoor Plants as Home Decor

plant-decorIndoor plants are so in trend. If you want your house to be more vibrant, add some greens to the house. There are so many low-maintenance indoor plants, which can be used as home décor items. Place a large plant beside a sofa or keep some small bonsai plants on the shelves. You can also use a customized stunning pot. If you don’t want the clumsy floor, try the hanging plants or the floating greenery. Indoor plants like spider plants, pothos, snake plants, aloe, English ivy and philodendron are easy to maintain.

Idols and Showpieces

Idols and showpieces are some of the brilliant small home décor items that can be placed on the tables and shelves. Create a zen corner by placing an idol of lord Buddha with some aroma candles. These idols and showpieces don’t require much space. These are some of the small décor items that can be used in home décor. There is a lot of variety of showpieces in different materials, just choose according to your requirements.

Flower Vases and Artificial Flowers

Decorating your home with flower vases and artificial flowers is one of the easiest ways to add effortless style to your interior. With vases, you can show off gorgeous artificial flower arrangements or simply let the piece shine all on its own. If your home has a traditional Indian feel to it, you can opt for flower vases in earthy ceramic or stoneware. For spaces with more luxe contemporary designs, try vases in shiny metals, such as silver, gold, or brass. A glass vase is ideal for a room with a minimalist design.

Vases are perfect for your indoor plants as well. When it comes to artificial flowers, the benefits are numerous. The delicate, realistic details of artificial flower petals recreate the beauty of live blossoms, bringing the outdoors in. From greens that can be placed in both indoor and outdoor spaces to bright flowers that are the picture-perfect addition to any vase, artificial flowers are a great addition to your home décor essentials.


Curtains are an effective window treatment solution. They are a great way to cover your windows according to your preferences. One of the basic features of curtains and drapes is to safeguard your privacy and security. Installing curtain panels in your bedroom or living room is a wise choice to prevent strangers from prying and peeking into your private space. Interior designers cannot stress enough the fact that curtains have a huge impact on your home. With the wide variety of designs, styles, colour options, sizes, and materials, even not so expensive curtains can be used to improve the aesthetics of your decor. Curtains are one of my favourite home decor items.

Accent Furniture

accent-chairsAccent furniture is anything that stands out against the rest of the space’s decor or style. For example, if a room consists of mostly beige furniture and there is one colourful chair, the chair is considered accent furniture. Swapping out a coffee table for an accent or end table makes a bold splash on its own, so minimalist tabletop décor is all you need for a hint of definition. Opt for a combination of natural textures and bright neutrals, like the white wood combo or metals like brass or copper. The accent table gives a chic vibe to your room. It is one of the most used home decor items by almost all.


If your room needs a lift, experiment with decorative pillows for an immediate splash of colour and pattern. Almost any room can benefit from new pillows – living rooms, bedrooms. If you’re fond of a bold hue like red or yellow, start with a few vibrant throw pillows on a sofa or chair. Decorative pillows can be layered to add colour, pattern, or play up a theme. This makes the room’s design more versatile since the pillows can be swiftly changed or updated at any time. These are the versatile home decor items used worldwide.

Floor Seating or Bohemian decor

Floor seating or low seating is the perfect home decor idea. If you want to revamp your house, try floor seating. It is one of the perfect bohemian decor replicas. Try pillows and ottomans. Bohemian style home décor has always been trendy, but it seems to have taken on a whole new level of popularity lately. And with good reason. The beautiful textiles and unique colour combinations are just stunning. Pillows, tassels, more greenery, layers, more earthy environment, tribal concept and living in minimalism are the basics of bohemian home decor.

These are some of the home decor items for the home which can be used on a daily basis. But if you have an event coming up at home or if the festive season is around the corner, then we all will decorate the house with flowers, lights, candles, idols. For example, if you are planning to decor a house for the wedding then lots of flowers are used in the home decor. Below are a few home decor ideas for the wedding and the festivals.

Home decor for weddings and festivals

Wedding season is just around the corner and there is no other joy than decorating the house for a wedding. Many of us think we need expensive items to decorate the house for the wedding. Below are the few wedding home decor items and the ideas.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are always on-trend. It just lights up the place instantly. Just hand the fairy lights on the wall, or on the curtains. You can also wind them up to the trees. Fairy lights of different colours look beautiful and are one of the important home decors items at weddings and for festivals.


Different Coloured Drapes

Another way of adding colours to your house is by adding coloured drapes. Add multi colored drapes on the balcony along with the fairy lights, giving the wedding and festive vibes.


Flowers are a major part of the festival and weddings in India. If you’re looking for the best wedding decoration for your special day, flowers are the best accessories. Decorate your place with flowers to add up some elegance and aroma. You can create different styles to decorate them.


Create a picture-perfect backdrop by adding different coloured tassels. Elements like vivid umbrellas and paper pinwheels can easily add colour to your decor. You can even use phulkari dupattas as a vibrant backdrop.


I love decorating with lanterns! There seems to be no end to their versatility. I never tire of dreaming up new displays for them and using them all over the house. I love them in every colour, shape and size and don’t see any sign of them falling out of favour in the world of home decor. Lanterns are the best piece of home decor during the wedding and the festive seasons.

Candles and Candle Holders

candle-holder-decorPlace candles on top of a decorative tray or in decorative candle holders on the coffee table with some other small tabletop accents. Light some aroma candles in the evening, it will create a sense of warmth and relaxation. A DIY-candle wreath will brighten up the windows of your home. For a pretty table centerpiece, place pebbles in a glass, fill with water and add in floating candles. For maximum glow, place candles next to mirrors. Candles are the home decor items that play a major role in the wedding and Festive home decors.


We should never forget our roots. The purpose of rangoli is beyond decoration. The rangoli represents the happiness, positivity and liveliness of a household, and is intended to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck. It is believed that a Hindu household without a clean entrance and rangoli is an abode of bad luck. Rangoli is one of the traditional home decor used daily, and in special events like weddings and festivals.


Well, these are some of the home decor for interiors ideas. These home decor ideas can be used everywhere. Home decor items like flowers, plants, showpieces, paintings, crafts and candles can be used in a variety of decor ideas. Home decor should be done according to your taste and house aesthetics. If you have planned to redecorate your house, always take professional advice.


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