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Wood Panels for Walls

Wood Panels for Walls: Your Ticket to Stylish Interiors

Warm Up Your Home With Wood Panels for Walls

Wood panels are an effective means of decorating your interiors, but they also serve other purposes, which makes them more than just a décor item. They are basically a sheet of wood wide in length but kept together by narrow but thin wood strips. You can find them available in many varieties, such as breadboard, batten, board, and shiplap. Furthermore, they are available in many decorative options, so you have lots of design choices from which you can choose what best suits your interiors.

Why Opt For Wood Wall Panels As A Home Décor?

Wood Panels for WallsWhile painting a wall can last for a while and wall papers for a couple of years, one décor item that will last for decades is wood panels. They are most suitable for accent walls, where they can perfectly highlight the area with their design and beauty. They can also be used to cover up an entire room and give it an aesthetic look. With careful measurement, these panels will fit properly in the area where they are placed, and they look really fabulous.

They are quite durable, long-lasting, and very sturdy; there is also no need to carry out any complex maintenance process to keep them in perfect condition. All that’s needed is to wipe the glass surface with a damp cloth, and you are done. They are most useful for walls where you want an effective means of concealing irregularities. In the case of walls with stains, the hairline cracks that you need to hide in wood panels serve as the perfect means of doing this.

Traditionally, wood panels for walls were installed in the homes of well-to-do people because they were expensive. You could typically find them in traditional Georgian and Colonial-style homes, where they were installed to show the home owner’s wealth. However, now this historically decorative item is available in an array of lovely designs that are suitable for the interiors of every home. Today, you can find them in a budget-friendly form, so now this classic decor item is available for every home. What kind of effect do wood wall panels have? When you install wall panels in your home, you are getting close to nature and bringing a very aesthetic appeal. While other décor items can go out of style, wall panels are an all-time favorite. They never go out of style, and they fill the room with endless warmth.

You can find wall wood panels available today in varying sizes and finishes. They are available in varying thicknesses, from which you can choose what is optimal for your needs. The thickness ranges from 6mm to 9 mm. It is to be noted that prior to painting a new wood wall panel, it needs to be primed and then coated with an interior wall paint that also has a satin finish for a proper, elegant look.

Wood Panels For Walls Serve Other Purposes Too!

Wood Panels for WallsWhen you are living in a busy city where there are lots of sounds from outside coming inside, you need an effective means of bringing them down. This becomes more important when you have young children in the home or are running a small business elsewhere as a work-from-home job. How can you enjoy much-needed quietness inside your home? Install wood panels because they insulate the interiors from such sounds, which helps you enjoy peace and privacy inside.

There are many steps that a home owner needs to take to bring down electricity bills, and implementing wood panels is one of them. How? Wood is a natural material that works as a good insulator, so in winter, when the heater is on, it prevents the heat inside from seeping outside and also stops cold air from the outside from getting into the home. So having wood wall panels helps to bring about this effect during the winter months, which brings down the electricity bills as you don’t have the heater on for too long. During the summer, wood wall panels create the reverse effect, wherein air that is cool on the inside does not go out while hot air from the outside does not come inside. As a result, you use your air conditioner a little less, which reduces your electricity bills.

How long will wood wall panels last? This is a good question, as you will be spending money on both the material and the installation process. Do not go in for cheap wood panels, as they are low in quality. High-quality wood panels will last for decades and don’t need heavy maintenance efforts. You can also go in for treated wood, as it is a very durable, strong, and long-lasting type of wood panel. Wood wall panels that are made from reclaimed wood with certifications such as PEFC, FSC, or that come from sustainable sources are very eco-friendly options. Furthermore, wood is a material that is biodegradable, renewable, and pollution-free, so by using wood panels, your carbon footprint is reduced and you are contributing to the environment.

One of the biggest benefits you get from installing wood wall panels is that they won’t get worn out by tremors and socks. With the passage of time, you won’t see them getting an old look, as they are wear-resistant. This makes them a valuable investment, worth the money spent, as they serve well for a long period of time.


Wood wall panels are an interesting décor item that will instantly enhance the look of your interiors. Furthermore, they also serve as a means of reducing sounds coming from the outside. They are also an effective means of keeping the home insulated during the winter, which helps reduce your electricity bills.

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