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  • Hosachiguru develops, maintains and manages the farmland.
  • Water availability, soil quality, and the investor’s budget are taken into consideration when selecting the land.
  • Hosachiguru manages that land, which is already developed. Depending on the crops chosen for cultivation, it next designs and develops the area.
  • Hosachiguru helps urban people to buy farmland, which in turn brings many urban farmers
  • They are situated in a high-growth area and offer well-maintained farmlands with good soil fertility, water accessibility, and labor accessibility.
  • The landowner is free to cultivate any kind of crop, including a small forest of commercial trees. The property owners can benefit from the sale of the crop for short-term riches, and they can cultivate timber like teak and sandalwood for long-term income.
  • Hosachiguru’s services for farming operations including plantation management, fertilizer input, irrigation, etc.
  • Regulated farmland offers opportunities for people and families to live in communities outside of the city while being connected to it, in addition to the economic advantages. It can be a short-term weekend getaway choice.
  • Hosachiguru aims at planting seeds and saplings, which helps in the restoration of the natural environment
  • If you want to experience farming or live a farmer’s life, visit Hosachiguru and spend a day.

Overview Of The Project

Farmland is a tangible asset, market turbulence and economic downturns have less of an impact on it. If sustainable investment is your option in and around Bengaluru, then Hosachiguru is the best choice.


Hosachiguru offers farms to those looking to invest in agriculture for long-term financial advantages. They are the provider of agro-asset management services. The company’s services include regulated farmland, innovative irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting systems, resource mobilization, intelligent water management, plant nutrition, plant protection, and hospitality services, allowing customers to benefit from the crops they harvest.

For long-term wealth advancements, Hosachiguru assists buyers in owning and managing carefully maintained farms. Agricultural asset management is a traditional idea in India. Due to the large initial investment, and ongoing operating, and marketing expenses associated with owning a single farm, many people lose interest in farming. Hosachiguru provides a strategy that integrates you into a wider, like-minded metropolitan community in addition to managing your agricultural land.

Master Plan

Master Plan​

Master Plan​

Master Plan​


Animal Interaction Zone

Silent Zone for Black Bucks and Peacocks

Silent Zone for Black Bucks and Peacocks

Existing Mango Orchards

Existing Mango Orchards

Seasonal Stream Inside the Farm

Seasonal Stream Inside the Farm

Kids Activity Zone

Close to Jayamangali Forest


Brigade Komarla Heights Location

These are some of the developments of the Hosachiguru

Madhuvana Farms– Hosachiguru Madhuvana Farms

V937+J58, Kallumarri, Karnataka 515303, India

Eco Habitat Farms– Hosachiguru Eco Habitat

Hosachiguru Eco Habitat, Nandamuri Nagar, Chalivendala, Andhra Pradesh 515331, India

The above 2 mentioned farms are located in North Bengaluru.

Farms located at South Bengaluru

Sambrahma FarmsDenkanikottai Taluk

Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

Dhaanvi Farms – Hosachiguru Dhaanvi Farms, Thattaguppe village, Kodihalli, Hobli, Kanakapura, Karnataka

Project Key Details

Available Land Area – 0.25. 0.5 and 1 acres




North Bengaluru Projects – 15 Lacs* Onwards

South Bengaluru Projects – 24 Lacs* Onwards

About Hosachiguru

Hosachiguru, formed in 2014 by Srinath Setty, Ashok J, and Sriram Chitlur, has two main objectives: first, to assist people in easily owning, managing, and benefiting from farms; and second, to help the environment by planting trees rather than buildings. The goal of Hosachiguru is to develop environmentally and financially sustainable farmlands.



Being sustainable is basic human nature. Then why not sustainable investment? Buy the sustainable, well-managed farmlands at Hosachiguru, grow your food, and forest and become an urban farmer.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Yes, you can do farming, and alongside you can construct a farmhouse or cottage, if you wish.

It was started form 2014

Yes, apart from developing and selling, Hosachiguru manages farmland and provides agricultural services.

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