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How can a 1 BHK apartment be a better investment option

How can a 1 BHK apartment be a better investment option

As we know, buying property is one of the major investments, it becomes extremely

important that we invest in the right kind of property. Whether you are looking for

investment purposes or owning a home, according to the current market scenario, 1

BHK apartments are viewed as a good investment option. In metros and other prime

areas where posh & lavish residential properties were in high demand, suddenly the

focus is now shifted towards 1 BHK apartments.

To match up the rising demand, most of the reputed real estate developers, apart from

other premium residential options are also offering 1 BHK apartments. According to a

survey, it is observed that recently, single bedroom apartments are the first to get sold

in any residential project.

Many homeowners find that investing in a one-bedroom apartment is useful in a

number of ways. The following are some ways to increase the returns on a one-

bedroom investment.


If you are an outsider:

With an ever-increasing number of corporate and industrial sectors coming up on the

whole urban communities, individuals leave their old neighborhood and come to

different urban areas searching for a job. In such a case, one will require a shelter that

is reasonable and helpful. Purchasing a 1 BHK apartment will take all the necessities of

the customer as of now as he/she can undoubtedly bear the cost of it and consistently

lease it or sell it effectively when not needed.


If you are a student:

As 1 BHK apartments are easily reasonable, it will be easy for students who move from

cities to cities to acquire & rent them. This will give them a good shelter.


If you are in the initial stages of your career or just married:

As stated earlier, a 1 BHK apartment would be easy to acquire and anyone who still

does not have a big budget can afford it. This is the cheapest way to get a proper

shelter for an affordable price.


No burden of home loans:

Investing in 1 BHK apartment means low budget alternative. So either the investor can

purchase the property without a loan or can easily pay back the loan is taken. The

investor does not need to be concerned about repaying big loans or paying high-

interest rates. The interest amount is quite less as the budget is low. The loan is easy

to repay & the amount saved can be used for the future.


Lower property tax and maintenance costs:

Compared to larger homes or apartments, having single-room flats will cause you less

trouble as you will not have to shell out a huge amount for maintenance, property tax,

utility costs, upkeep, and the essentials required for the room. This saves you a lot of



The advantage of location:

Usually, 1 BHK flats are easily available in prime locations of any city, with affordable

rates, you can take the advantage of facilities like proximity to educational institutes,

entertainment zones, shopping malls, and commercial spaces, etc. Even transportation

systems are better.

With so many positive factors, 1 BHK apartments are not only a good investment

option, but also a sure bet for good returns, even in unstable market conditions.


Our top 1 BHK apartments in Bangalore: Adarsh Greens, Prestige Lake Ridge, and

Sobha Windsor

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