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How important is location to real estate investments?

It’s no small deal to buy your dream house. When you finally decide on real estate

investment for your future home, there are a lot of things that you have to bear in


Location! Location! When searching for an apartment, one of the major things to

remember. You will have the most beautiful and the biggest home in the world, but if

the place is not right, nothing will function properly.

What is the meaning of a ‘good location’? If this is the question running in your mind,

let’s make it a little simpler.


Here are some things that will help you understand what a ‘good location’ means.


Property Value

While real estate prices don’t fluctuate as stocks do, its value still rises and drops in

time. If you wait for 5 to 10 years, well-located property prices rise sooner, at a higher

velocity, and sustain the momentum for a longer period of time. In critical times, these

same properties are also the last to take the hit. Because of their location, they tend to

sustain their price values. Alternatively, a property in a poor location will experience

just the opposite. The property value is what you need to remember in mind, more so

if you are planning to sell the house or flat in the future.


Proximity to the amenities

Always pick the location, which is close to the best commercial and residential areas.

This will give you the benefit to enjoy your favorite activities without struggling

through traffic. You will find homes, which are placed near shopping malls, hospitals,

theaters, etc. are more expensive as compared to those located in the outskirts of the



Safe neighborhood/Crime free area

Everybody wants to live in a good neighborhood where they can feel safe and secure.

But, unfortunately there are some places that are more subjected to illegal activities

than others. You can explore more information on websites or get information from

people living in that area to know about the crime statistics of the particular area.


Nearby to Schools

Good schools in a particular area is an important consideration for families having

children. Most families are looking for homes near good academic centers. The reputed

school in a locality will also increase the real estate investment value of your



Easy access to public transportation

A good location means having convenient access to public transport so that you can

reach anywhere without any hassle in a short time span. If you live close to highways

or metro stations, it will save you time and make it easier for you to commute.

Choosing the right location may not only be important now but also in the future if you

ever decide to sell your property.


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