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How is Life At Prestige Falcon City? Report After Living There For 365 Days

Bangalore Water Crisis – The Real Picture!

Bangalore, a city known for its IT companies, research centers, and technological revolution that has made it the place for Fortune 500 companies to invest, is now facing a severe water problem. Recently, lots of messages about this have been posted on social media by the city’s residents. They bring out various scenes of how they are affected by the water shortage.

How Has The Water Crisis Affected; Life In Prestige Falcon City?

An example of how the severity of the water crisis has affected Bangalore can be seen in Prestige Falcon City. This is a sprawling apartment complex with 2520 apartments that have the latest interior design. It is located on Kanakapura Road close to the famous Forum Mall. These apartments are spread across very high towers and come with an RCC-framed architecture. The towers offer a beautiful lake view, and there is also a 100-watt power backup.

One resident in Prestige Falcon City stated on social media that it had been more than a month since they got a regular water supply, and as a result, it has become so difficult to live in the place. Whenever they get any water, it comes at night and is quite muddy! This situation is quite unbearable, especially when the house was purchased on a one-crore loan for which an EMI is being paid. This situation is certainly going to make people think a lot about buying a home, as it seems they would be better off renting a place than owning one where they are dependent on unreliable tankers.

There was quite an alarming comment about Prestige Falcon City by one of its residents on social media. In it, the reporter stated that people living in this complex were relying on the Forum Mall for bathing and using toilets. Likewise, those heading to the gym also took a change of clothes and a towel so that they could freshen up and head straight to work. However, all these claims have been refuted by the President of Falcon City Association who said that they are all unfounded and unsupported. According to him, these claims do not give the real picture and they lack credibility.

Another citizen who took to social media commented that it is wise to look into homes that are dependent on a cavernous water supply. Those home that make use of bore wells or tankers cannot be relied upon as a good place to live. This situation will certainly put a dent in home development, as people will now certainly be worried about investing in a home that they cannot live in peacefully due to the lack of a vital basic provision: a good water supply! In the case of an apartment complex with many flats, a lack of it can lead to bad living conditions and also cause the spread of diseases as water is unavailable to clean inside the homes and in the surroundings.

What is the real reason behind a city known for its startups and Fortune 500 companies having such a severe water crisis problem? The answer lies in controlled construction by real estate developers. There are not just a couple of them building in and around the city, but hundreds of them, each vying for any available space as a means to build a tall apartment structure and gain profits. This, coupled with converting water bodies into land for the sake of building construction, has led to a severe water scarcity issue, which is now quite mind-boggling as no quick solution is at hand. The city’s bore wells re-dried up in many parts and to make the situation difficult, in 2023, Bangalore received less rainfall.

In order to cope with this menace, one resident advised on social media that using disposable cutlery and wipes helps conserve water usage. Another resident has commented that, just like how Delhi implemented an odd-even solution for pollution control, the same can be done for the residents of Bangalore to take showers! What is really the solution? Take a comprehensive look at how unethically building construction is being done, implement measures that bring about control on land usage for building development, and clean up polluted water bodies so that their water can be used.

Currently, in order to manage this situation, the Karnataka Water Supply and Sewerage Board has put a ban on people using drinking water to wash their cars and clean their gardens. It cannot be used for run water fountains, road construction or to carry out maintenance work. Anyone found violating this law will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000!

Prestige Falcon City

Prestige Falcon City is a luxurious apartment building with top-notch amenities located at Kanakapura main road. The project, which spans 41 acres, offers 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK apartments and it is a mixed-development project. The towers are a special combination of comfy, well-ventilated spaces that are ideal for a good standard of living. The project is close to health facilities, shopping centers, educational establishments, and IT hubs. The project provides quick access to the city’s main roads as well. It’s been more than a year since the people started living at Prestige Falcon City. There are many things that that company boasts about Prestige Falcon City. Now, the question is, is it worth the hype?

Below are a few positives and negatives of the prestige of falcon city, according to the people who are staying there for more than a year now.

Prestige Falcon City Has a Plethora Of Amenities

Yes, you heard it right. As the Prestige group claims, it provides first-rate amenities for both residents and guests. Some of the amenities include a gym, swimming pool, squash court, sand pits for kids to play in, yoga areas, a jogging/cycling track, table tennis, snooker/pool/billiards, and a swimming pool. Power Backup, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Fire Fighting Systems, Intercom Facility, D-Dance Room, Mini Theatre, Reading Room/Library, Party Hall, Clubhouse, Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage Treatment Plant, Indoor Games, Conference Room, Large Green Area, Outstanding Architecture a Green and Open Space.

Spacious Rooms

Convenience Store for Daily Essentials

This is so much of a relief for many of them, like me. Who would like to come out of society just for bread and milk? No one likes it right? Yes, the retail store inside the prestige falcon city, makes up for all of your daily essentials like milk, bread and veggies.


Some might be thinking, what is special about the lifts? Unlike many apartments. lifts are very congested and suffocating. But in Prestige Falcon City each block is provided with lifts and generous space in each lift, provided each lift is spacious and holds adequate capacity.


Each unit has been specifically designed with customers’ security in mind. At all entrances and exits, there are security cabins with continuous peripheral CCTV coverage. At the end of the day, we all need to feel safe and secure in our homes.

Environmental Friendly

Yes, as the group claims, the project has a lot of greenery in society. Prestige Falcon City is very green thanks to the many trees that have been planted there. Spend your evenings in these lovely gardens with your family and friends. The aroma garden and herbal garden are also in the project. Prestige Falcon City is located beside Konanakunte lake, which provides a cool breeze and a beautiful view from the towers.

Connectivity is Excellent

Prestige Falcon City is surrounded By Good Infrastructure

In South Bengaluru, close to Kanakapura Main Road, is Prestige Falcon City. The construction site is in the center of the city. Anyone looking for anything can find it here. With stunning temples, restaurants, cafes, schools, colleges, parks, and medical facilities. Just beside the main gate of the apartment, there are a lot of eatery shops and a micro market for daily essentials.

There are very few cons of the Prestige Falcon city. Let us see what the issues are.

Units are not Soundproof

The residents at Prestige Falcon City are almost complaining of disturbances or sounds from the upper of the neighboring flats. Furniture scrolling sound or any repair work sound is the main concern. Most of the residents say that the units are not soundproof.

Recycled Water

Some of the residents at Prestige Falcon city complained that the whole society uses recycled water. Good for the environment. But, many of them don’t like it, I guess!!

Traffic at any time of the day

As Bangaloreans, we cannot complain about the traffic. The whole of Bengaluru has it. As the Project is located at the corner of Kanakapura Road, there is a lot of traffic and congestion, and it takes a lot of time to get onto the main road.

We human beings tend to find negatives in everything. Forget the negatives and focus on the positives of Prestige Falcon city.

Why Choose Prestige Falcon City?

  • Lake View from the towers
  • 76% of the Area Is Green
  • Located on Kanakapura Road, with excellent access to the metro
  • Commercial space
  • 2,520 apartments are included in the 48.60 acres of the mixed-use development
  • RCC Framed Architecture
  • Ceramic tiles for balconies that don’t slip
  • Ceramic or vitrified tile flooring in the kitchen
  • The Doddakallasandra Lake Herbal Garden, Water Cascades
  • 850-Meter Forum Mall
  • High-rise towers compendium of the latest technology
  • Mini theater properties are available with 100% power backup


Is Prestige Falcon City your home? Then you are living in one of the best developments in South Bangalore. Every feature, including the expansive clubhouse, entertainment area, and enormous cultural and convention center, is compared to the best in the world to provide a lifestyle that is infrequently available elsewhere. Don’t think much about making one of the best projects in South Bangalore your home.

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