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How to Calculate Your Property Value | Value Of A Property

How to Calculate Your Property Value | Value Of A Property

Value Of A Property

valuation of a propertyFinding out how much a property is worth is the first step in purchasing or selling a property for your company. This seems rather straightforward; after all, you might start by looking at what has already been sold in your neighborhood. Unfortunately calculating the value of the property, either commercial or real estate, is not always as simple. If it were, this industry wouldn’t require the services of a professional appraiser.

What Is The Market Value Of The Property?

market value of a propertyDepending on the local real estate market, supply and demand, comparable nearby sales, the specific features and benefits of the property, and other factors, the market value of the property is calculated. Property value is an expert’s assessment of what a property would sell for at arm’s length, or to an independent buyer, without any concessions or kickbacks. This isn’t the same as a property’s market price, which may be higher or lower than the market value. This is so because the purchase price is determined by the seller’s agreed-upon asking price. This can be the same as the market value, or the seller might agree to a lesser price for the house if, for instance, he needs to sell it quickly.

Factors That Affect The Value Of The Property

value propertyThe market value of the property varies depending on the kind of valuation method being employed. There are various factors and various methods used to calculate the property value in 2023. Below are a few factors which affect the property value.


This is the most important aspect influencing your choice of a home. The number of resources, facilities, and amenities closely relate to the property value depending on location. For residential property assessment, important variables include the neighborhood’s level of development, safety, tranquility, any significant landmarks, its accessibility to municipal facilities, and the transit system; everything plays an important role.


A few infrastructure improvements, such as train stations, transport hubs, airports, and shopping centers, have previously been discussed. Additionally, new roads that provide an end-to-end connection for a variety of services and facilities will drive up the value of the property. This is the most significant aspect of property value that provides the location of the property name. 

Shape and Size

Although irregularly shaped homes are not preferred, they are also less likely to fetch the full asking price now that Vastu is making a strong resurgence in India. According to Vastu principles, apartments with oddly shaped rooms restrict their owners’ ability to advance both personally and professionally.

Interior components

The market worth of a property is directly influenced by internal factors including building quality, size of the property, number of rooms, whether or not they are equipped, and the state of the house equipment, among others.

External factors

These include the building’s condition, pavement, water and sewage systems, architectural style, and curb appeal (attractiveness from the exterior).

supply and demand

Due to supply and demand in a specific area, real estate values fluctuate. It is determined by comparing the number of properties for sale in your region to the number of buyers there, as well as how quickly a property sells there.

How do you calculate the property’s market value?

Comparison method

When you want to purchase a home to occupy it, you employ the comparative approach. The real estate agent utilizes this information to compare the current market values of the plots and homes in the area and to produce a valuation report. One of the most popular techniques for valuing a property is this one.

Profits strategy

The value of the property must match the gross revenues and support the business’s ability to turn a profit if you wish to buy, rent, or lease it to operate a business there. As a result, the appraiser will determine the capital value of the asset using the gross income and operating costs.

Costs approach

In the absence of comparable property prices or values, evaluators will value homes using the costs technique. To appraise the property, they will analyse the typical cost of purchasing a plot of land and constructing a home in the neighborhood. 

Residual approach

For properties that are purchased to renovate or make adjustments to raise the value of the same, the residual technique is applied. The residual technique is used to appraise the majority of properties in development and those purchased as investments. Here, the property’s worth is determined while accounting for potential future financial gains.

Who Should Get Their Property Evaluation Done?

  1. Seller: It will be a wise decision to enlist the aid of a professional who can provide a property valuation report if you want to put a specific property up for sale. You can prevent underselling the property by knowing its value thanks to this. Since you already have properly estimated prices in hand, your purchasers cannot undercut you.
  2. Investor in real estate – If you are an investor in real estate, online property valuation services can assist you to find properties that are worthwhile investments. For information on recent prices and expected changes, consult the valuation report.
  3. Tax Payers – You may get the right numbers from a valuation report, which can also lessen your tax liability.
  4. Buyer – If you are a buyer, you must understand if the property you are investing in is worthwhile. The appraisal report could also be required to obtain a bank loan.
  5. Businesses – Companies need the correct location if they intend to grow. What would happen if the amount of rent, lease, or mortgage you ultimately pay for the apartment results in a monthly financial shortage? Get a profits method valuation completed to avoid this.


Do not proceed without having a property valuation done, regardless of where you choose to invest in real estate. Most nations now consider property assessment to be a common procedure, and India is progressively becoming one of them as well.    In any event, being aware of a property’s current worth through a property or home assessment will assist you in correctly set fees and rates.

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