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How To Get More Rental Applications for Your Apartment

How To Get More Rental Applications for Your Apartment

Are you planning to rent out your apartment? Having trouble finding a tenant for your

property? These tips will assist you in increasing the number of rental prospects for

your property. As a house owner, there are various things you can do to make your

property more appealing to prospective tenants. With thousands of property listings

flooding the real estate market, it is not an easy task to attract tenants to your


There are several ways to increase the demand for your apartment, from advertising it

on online portals, displaying attractive professional photos, and furnishing it with

stylish furniture. Let’s take a close look at each of these in detail.

Advertise Online

A majority of people look for a suitable rental home on the internet. So the first step

you should do is to list your property on popular real estate agent websites. You can

advertise your house in websites like Coldwell Banker, 99acres, MagicBricks, etc. A

short and simple description of your property should be added, along with appropriate

photographs. Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend who is a photographer to

take good photos of your house. It’s also necessary to include the rental price, number

of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other relevant data, as most people like to know these

details in advance.

Decorate the Interiors

Don’t think that decorating your home is pointless because you’ll be renting it out.

Even if you do not want to live in the home, it is worthwhile to spend some money and

time on the interior design. Tenants can see hundreds of property listings each day, so

your home must be attractive and welcoming to attract their attention. Make your

home completely furnished by investing in high-quality appliances and furniture.

Furnished apartments are in high demand these days, as they provide tenants with a

higher degree of comfort. A fresh coat of paint can sometimes make a huge difference

and make your home look brand new.

Highlight the Positive Attributes

Highlighting the distinctive features of your home is the perfect way to attract tenants’

attention. It could be the benefits of the area, such as proximity to schools, airports,

metro stations, hospitals, shopping malls, and so on. Other features such as in-house

facilities, quality of materials used, interior finishing, maintenance services, nearby

attractions, and so on can be listed when marketing your property. Your rental listing

should ideally include clear details about the apartment’s features. The more

information you put in your listing, the more inquiries you’ll get.

Choose a Reasonable Price

Setting a reasonable rental price for your property can be a challenging task. Although

you want to get a decent return on your investment, you also want to make sure it

isn’t overpriced. As a result, you’ll need to look at local market patterns and determine

an appropriate rental price for your house. Check the rental rates of similar apartments

in your area by contacting real estate agents or property portals. Check the rental

rates of similar apartments in your area understanding of the current rental rates,

make a list of your monthly expenses, such as loan EMI, maintenance fees, electricity

fees, tax, and so on, and compare them to the rental income. Based on the result, you

can decide the rental price.

Maintenance Matters 

People searching for rental homes are more likely to be drawn to a clean and well-

maintained home. When people come to your home, they will examine every detail and

look for flaws. As a result, never overlook maintenance when renting out your house.

Every homeowner should be responsible for maintaining the condition of their house. It

is recommended that you address any repair work, structural deficiencies, painting,

cleaning, or other routine maintenance work before inviting rental applications.


Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty helps homeowners to find appropriate tenants for

their apartments by providing rental assistance and home maintenance services. You

can contact our team to learn more about our after-sales services.

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