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Impact of Metro Property Value

Boosting Property Values: Metro Expansion Impact In Bangalore


Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, has undergone tremendous growth in the past few decades. With the rise of technology companies and startups in the city, there has been a surge in demand for quality infrastructure and transportation facilities. One of the most significant developments in the city’s transportation infrastructure has been the introduction of metro train connectivity. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has been making steady progress in expanding the metro network in the city, and this has had a significant impact on the real estate markets property values.

Bangalore Metro Phase 1

For instance, during the construction of the Bangalore Metro Phase 1, flats for sale in Bangalore located along the metro corridors saw a price appreciation of 22-30%.

Impact Of Metro

Furthermore, post-construction of Bangalore Metro Phase 1, the price appreciation further escalated to 6-10% for residential projects (built or under construction) along the metro corridors.

Impact of Bangalore Metro Phase 2 (Anjanapura):

Impact Of Metro

Considering the launch of new projects in the metro-connected areas in Bangalore, it can be said that property prices are set to witness a significant increase. As Metro phase 2 continues to progress, the real estate projects are also continuing towards their completion. Once the metro service becomes operational after Phase 2, the real estate market will demand properties in the metro-connected areas. This will lead to a boom in the prices of both commercial and residential properties.

Residential Plot Price Trend(Avg).

Impact Of Metro
The real estate market Anjanapura exhibited a consistent upward trend from 2021 to 2024. Property prices increased steadily each year, starting at 5,200 in 2021 and reaching 9,500 in 2024. This positive trajectory indicates strong growth and potential profitability for investors and homeowners during this period.

Impact of Whitefield Metro Expansion on Real Estate:

Impact of Metro

The announcement and subsequent progress of the metro extension have catalyzed an increase in property values comparing to the other areas in Bangalore.

Impact of Metro Property Value

In 2023, with the introduction of the metro, there was a significant jump in property prices to Rs.9,300.The positive momentum continued into 2024, reaching a price of Rs10,200.The introduction of the metro appears to have had a substantial impact on the real estate market, leading to a notable increase in property prices in 2023.

Impact of Metro Property Value

Metro Phase 3 Impact on Real Estate:Impact of Metro Property Value

Inline with the Comprehensive Mobility Plan(CMP) for Bengaluru city, the DPR of Phase-3 of Bangalore Metro Rail Project for a length of 44.65km consisting of two corridors, Corridor-1 from JPNagar4th Phase to Kempapura(along ORR West) for a length of 32.15km with 22stations and Corridor-2 from Hosahalli to Kadabagere(onMagadi Road) for a length of 12.50km with 9stations.Scheduled to start in 2025 and continue into the mid-2030s,the construction timeline may see changes in scope and alignment.


Property Values

JP Nagar

  • Apartment: 70lac-1.5Cr
  • Residential Plot: 85lac-2Cr
  • Residential House: 1.2Cr-1.7Cr


  • Commercial Land:70lac-2Cr
  • Industrial Plot:1.6Cr-5Cr
  • Residential plot:80lac-1Cr


  • Apartment:60lac-1Cr
  • Residential Plot:1.2Cr-1.5Cr


  • Apartment:40lac-60lac
  • Residential Plot:20lac-40lac
  • Residential House:40lac-60lac


  • Apartment:1.2lCr-2.5Cr
  • Residential Plot:1Cr-1.2Cr

Metro Phase 4 Impact on Real Estate:

The upcoming Bangalore Metro Phase 4 is poised to have a significant impact on the city’s real estate landscape. The expansion into areas such as Bidadi, Harohalli, Attibele, and Kunigal Cross is expected to create new opportunities for real estate development. Investors and developers are showing interest in these emerging zones, anticipating a surge in demand for properties as a result of improved connectivity provided by the metro. The cautious exploration of opportunities reflects the potential for growth in these areas, driven by the expansion of the metro network.

With the upcoming Bangalore Metro Phase 4,property rates in surrounding areas will gently rise. Here is a quick look at how rates are evolving in key localities


Property Values


  • Apartment: 40lac-60lac
  • Residential Plot: 20lac-40lac
  • Residential House: 80lac-1Cr


  • Commercial Land:40lac-60lac
  • Industrial Plot:1.6Cr-1.8Cr
  • Residential plot:20lac-40lac


  • Apartment:40lac-1Cr
  • Residential Plot:40lac-90lac
  • Villa:60lac-80lac


  • Apartment:60lac-1Cr
  • Residential Plot:20lac-40lac
  • Residential House: 80lac-1.5Cr


  • Apartment:40lac-60lac
  • Residential Plot:20lac-40lac


  • Apartment:80lac-1Cr
  • Residential Plot:1Cr-1.2Cr

How Metro Connectivity will Increase the Property Values in Electronic City Bangalore?

Phase 2 of the 128 km Bangalore Metro rail network is expected to be operational by 2024. This part will cover Electronic City and make commuting much more convenient.

It indicates that property prices will rise exponentially across Electronic City once the metro line is functional. We can predict this property appreciation through previous data.

Residential Price Trend:

 Impact of Metro Property Value

In this graph the dotted line shows the future forecast price of electronic city .It shows that the price will gradually increase in the future.


The rental market will likely garner traction in the Electronic City, with an expected overall increase of 20%-25% in rentals.

Impact of North Bangalore Metro Expansion on Real Estate Property Values (Yelankha, Devanahalli…):

Impact Of Metro


These percentages indicate the rate at which property prices in Yelankha have increased over the specified time periods. The data suggests a positive trend with notable appreciation, especially over the last decade, where property values have risen by 64.6%. This information may be valuable for potential investors and individuals looking to assess the historical performance of real estate prices in Yelankha.

Impact of Residential Market:

Impact Of Metro

By this visual we can see that most of the people in Bangalore are interested to stay near the metro connected area this leads to demand in the real estate market of that areas for residential as well commercial market.

Impact Of Commercial Market:

Impact Of Metro property values

This figure shows the interest of tenants based on the areas .We can see that most of the tenants for commercial purpose are very much interested in metro connected areas.


Impact of Metro expansion Property Values

The Bengaluru Metro and its stations (functioning and upcoming) have a positive impact on the real estate value.

Residential projects within 500m proximity to the Bangalore Metro route are expected to appreciate by at least 20%. This appreciation will likely go up even further with the completion of pending phases. The proposed Metro line to Kempegowda International Airport is poised to be a game changer.

In the near future, one can anticipate people commuting daily 40-50 km up and down or across the city for work as long as they reach their destination in an hour or less. This shift in perception will bring new career opportunities and employment across different parts of the city, attracting more people and further appreciating the value of Bangalore’s real estate to new heights.

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