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Dog Breeds in India

Incredible Dog Breeds in India: Unveiling Diversity

Dog Breeds in India

A Look at Dog Breeds That You Can Consider Adopting for Companionship and Protection

Out of the many pets that you can own, dogs are the most popular choice because of their loyalty and unconditional love. People adopt it because they want to enjoy having a pet at home that they can take care of. However, there are also cases of dogs being adopted because a person is lonely, has health problems, or has a mental health problem that they want to overcome or protect.

Many people have found that their lives have transformed into a more peaceful, happy environment just because they adopted a dog. Training a dog requires time and patience, which are learned during the process of bringing it up, so they teach valuable life lessons that help us in every walk of life. Those who have dogs will find their blood pressure levels to be low and remain stable as they are constantly receiving affection from their pet or showing it to them.

Top Native Indian Dog Breeds and Their Qualities

Prior to selecting a dog to bring home, you need to check out the many dog breeds available, which is most suitable for your home environment, and the reason for adoption. There are many native dog breeds that you can consider adopting, such as:

  • Rajapalayam DogOne of the most important pure dog breeds in India is the Rajapalayam. In South India, many people want to own one because of its strength and bravery. It also originates from this region, and it has lovely pre-white skin, with its nose being red. Since it is a hound dog, it is the optimal choice for people wanting a dog for personal protection. It’s a tall breed, reserved, and does not need to be groomed often, but you have to care more for them during the winter as they can succumb to sickness during these months.
  • Mudhol HoundAnother pure breed is the Mudhol Hound, which looks a lot like the Greyhound. It’s most wonderful quality is its love or human companionship, so it’s very friendly and a good companion. If you happen to be a dog owner with two or more dog breeds, the Mudhol Hound is one that will tolerate them. This dog breed is known to show utmost loyalty to their owners and can even attack people who they feel are not right to meet them. It is one that won’t get sick under various Indian weather conditions; it is a sturdy, healthy companion that you can spend hours with and will enjoy taking care of.
  • KombalKombal is a lovely breed that is known for its intelligence and loyalty to its owner. It originates from Tamil Nadu, and it is a popular choice when it comes to selecting a dog for guarding. They study and have a strong body, making them quite suited for dog fighting. They are also used to hunt animals. However, they can become ferocious if they come across dogs that they are not familiar with or strangers who meet their owner. In bygone days, such was the value of these dogs that people were ready to exchange one for a horse.
  • Himalayan SheepdogThe Himalayan Sheepdog is quite popular because it is a lovely companion and is known to be very affectionate with its owner. It is native to the Himalayan region and is used here to protect livestock from predators. It is also used as a home protection dog and, in earlier times, was used for hunting. It is important to take them for daily walks to keep them fit and healthy. Its coat becomes very thick during the winter months, but when the climate becomes warm, it sheds it out. It is important to train it so that it behaves according to what is expected in an apartment or house environment.
  • JonangiJonangi is a dog breed that is native to Andhra Pradesh. It’s known for its spirited nature and is very good to train and keep as a watchdog. In earlier times, it was used to protect livestock from birds and other predators. It was also used for hunting, but now it serves as a lovely companion. It has a stocky face and wrinkled forehead; it cannot bark like other dogs but can make a yodelling sound to show its presence. They are most suitable for people with big houses, as they love to run about and are very energetic. They like indulging in playing with the owner, going for long walks, and running about a large home, enjoying the space.

Other Breeds and the Benefits of Training

In addition to these dog breeds, you can also look into foreign dog breeds such as the Maltese, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, Finnish Spitz, Dalmatians, etc. Each breed has its own unique qualities and characteristics, which you must look into, as only then can they be successfully grown from pups, trained, and kept in good condition to serve as your loyal companion for years.

Once the dog of your choice has been adopted, it has to be trained, as only then can it be healthy and mentally fit. You can learn the methods of dog training, or you can hire a trainer and get it trained so that it adjusts well to your home and surrounding environment. Training is just one part of how you maintain your relationship with this trusting companion. It is all about the love, affection, kindness, and care you shower on the pet that really bring out its enthusiasm and enable it to be not just a companion but also a protection guard.

Training a dog makes them more fit and adaptable to their living environment. It teaches them how to behave, not just with their owner but also with other people, strangers, and other dog breeds. It gives the pet the mental simulation needed to keep it alert and always active. It is also a means of strengthening the relationship between you and your loving companion.


Dogs are associated with qualities of bravery and righteousness, qualities that are much valued by human beings. Other than the traditional activities of hunting and livestock maintenance, they serve as personal protection guards and are also used by the police force and military.

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