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Incredible facts About Bamboo Plant- Get one now

Incredible facts About Bamboo Plant- Get one now

Bamboo Plant

Who doesn’t love plants? Everybody does right. The greenery changes the aura of the place. Nowadays, everyone prefers keeping air-purifying plants, some keep plants at home for decoration and some just to add charm to the house. There are so many indoor plants that can be kept at home. Today I am talking about one such plant that has a lot of significance in Vastu shastra.

Incredible facts About Bamboo Plant

Bamboo is a diverse group of perennial flowering plants. The origin of the word “bamboo” is uncertain, but it probably comes from the Dutch or Portuguese language. Bamboo is of the grass family, and many of them hardly know this. Unlike other grasses, bamboo has a hollow stem and it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.


In many parts of the world, bamboo has a notable, cultural and economic significance around the world. In India, we consider bamboo as a lucky plant that brings health, wealth and prosperity to the house. According to Vastu shastra and Feng Shui, the Bamboo plant has to be placed in particular directions of the house for its full benefits.

It is said that keeping bamboo plants at home and in the office, brings good luck. Over a time frame bamboo plants have been modified so that they can be conveniently kept as house plants or indoor plants. Nowadays bamboo plants are available in different sizes. Small-sized Bamboo plants are tied together and placed in a glass vase for convenience. The glass vase is to be filled with pebbles and stones to make the plant look more attractive. In the post below we will look at everything you need to know about bamboo plants and where to place them in the house.

Bamboo plants are believed to bring peaceful energy to your home. It represents flexibility and freedom and therefore, people prefer to keep it in the office environment, as well. The bamboo plant arrangement also represents the five elements of earth, the foundation of a harmonious universe.

Number of stalks and the Arrangement

The arrangement of bamboo stalks should be done properly with the utmost care if you have planned to keep the bamboo plant at the home of the office. Every different arrangement has a specific purpose in Vaastu shastra. It is believed that the maximum benefit is obtained when practiced systematically.

I will list below the number of stalks and their purpose

2 – Love and marriage- if you are wanting for love and happy married life, then try placing a 2 stalks bamboo plant
3– Happiness – 3 stalked bamboo plants are placed in the east direction of the house for happiness and harmony among the family members.
5 – Health- If you are falling sick very often and have tried all the remedies, try placing a 5 stalks bamboo plant.
8 – Wealth- If you wish prosperity in wealth, then try placing an 8 stalks bamboo plant in a specific direction.
9 Fortune – No one knows fortune, but we can make it better by adopting some practices. Place 9 stalks of bamboo plant at home or office for better luck.
10, 11, 21 stalks of bamboo for the perfect life and good luck.
Avoid 4 stalks of bamboo plant anywhere, as it signifies death.


When we talk of Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, direction plays a very important role. The direction in which the bamboo plant is placed has significance in itself. The bamboo should be placed in the east if you want to benefit from its health aspects. When placed in the southeast, bamboo will help you gain prosperity as that is the direction of money and wealth. A bamboo plant with 10 stalks will usher in good health, joy, happiness and prosperity. Keep bamboo plants at the centre of the table, to boost positive energy at home. Place the bamboo plant near the entrance of the home, to attract positive vibes. Bamboo plants also act as air purifiers and remove pollutants.

Benefits of Having a Bamboo Plant at Home

Even though bamboo plants are considered lucky, there are so many other benefits of keeping bamboo plants at home.

  • Bamboo is a natural air purifier and it helps to keep the environment clean
  • The plant, when placed in the house, brings good health, wealth and prosperity.
  • The plant changes the aura of the room, giving a new look to the house or the place. The plant acts as a home decor piece
  • While a lucky bamboo plant benefits you in many ways, it is essential to give the plant adequate care. The right placement of the lucky bamboo and regular maintenance will ensure that the plant brings good luck.

The Base of the Bamboo plant

Bamboo can be placed in a ceramic vase, glass bowl or a long vase, but it is ideal to keep the Bamboo plant in a transparent glass bowl. There are some specific rules to be followed when placing the bamboo in a bowl. The five elements of nature should be present in the bowl. earth, metal, wood, water and fire.


For the Earth element, add some pebbles to the bowl

  • Metal – add some coins
  • Wood – the stem of the bamboo represents the Wood
  • Water- add a little water
  • Fire – Tie bamboo plant with a red colour ribbon
  • Bamboo does not need much water, and neither much sunlight.

There are many stylish bamboo plants available in the market. There are a lot of different shapes of bamboo plants in different sizes. Twirl, heart, tower, braid and other designs. Bamboo is a tower shape that helps to attract happiness, a bright future and good opportunities. Braided lucky bamboo is said to attract growth in your business ventures. A woven trellis of lucky bamboo helps in removing the flow of negative energies. Bamboo not only brings good luck, but it also adds charm to the place. Well, if you want to keep your surroundings free of negativity, place a bamboo plant.


Well, this was about the bamboo plant and its significance, let me know in the comment section below, where have you placed the bamboo plant at your house.

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