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Top 8 Interior Wall Materials | Best For Modern Homes

Top 8 Interior Wall Materials | Best For Modern Homes

Best Interior Wall Materials

Interior design has become an integral part of the construction industry today. Everybody loves to design their house in a particular way. The interiors and the home décor reflect the personality of the people living in the house. Nowadays, interior design is the hallmark of modern homes. No one wants their house to look like the old school types or the throwback to 90’s houses.

The idea behind designing the house in a particular way is to decide the interior wall materials and the design apt for your house, it also includes the choice of wall finishes. Knowing the different types of interior wall materials available is a good way to achieve the perfect space.

Interior wall materials are also called interior wall finishes.

What is the interior wall, material or wall finishes?

As the name says interior wall finishes are used after the complete wall work is done. It is the finish given to the wall to enhance the look of the interiors. These wall materials are quite delicate and need regular maintenance. In the wall finishes and the interior design, the concept of less is always more works better. These wall finishes change the aesthetics of the house completely and make your house look classy.

Different Types of Wall Materials

It is important to note that there are different types of interior wall finish materials that can be used in adding to the aesthetics and value of your property. However, below are some of the popularly used interior wall materials.

Wooden Paneling Wall Material


It is one of the most popularly used interior wall materials, and it is a great replacement for a normal or drywall. There is a variety of wooden panels available in different colors and textures. Wooden panels were out of trend a few years back. But, nowadays, people are liking it more than the normal wall. Homeowners prefer wooden panels in different spaces of the house. You only need the right geometry, color, and creativity.

Wood looks classy. Just make use of your creativity to add wooden paneling to the house. The material is often used on plywood and wood covered with veneer or laminate. Choose light-colored panels for a brighter look. The advantage of using wooden panels for interior walls is, that they provide thermal and acoustics insulation. The material is easy to fix, eco-friendly, and requires proper maintenance.

Plastic Panels Wall Material


Although plastic panels are not as popular as wooden panels, plastic panels are durable and cost-effective. The best thing about the plastic panel is that you get a lot of variety of designs and colors to choose from. The installation is very easy. If you want to cover up the damaged part of the drywall, you can use a plastic panel cover. All you need to do is to click the panels together one by one and the wall will be done in under an hour. They are mold-resistant.

Glass Wall Material


Glass can replace walls in your home to make it brighter and look larger. You can use a glass partition to separate your living room into different partitions. Master bedrooms can have glass walls to make them luxurious and spacious.

The material can also be used to demarcate playing areas, reading rooms, or sitting areas in your house. Glass walls speak luxury. You may also have stained glass installed on the ceiling of your room.

Veneer Plaster Wall Material


Veneer Plaster is applied to a surface called a substrate. The most common substrate it’s applied to is a specially formulated gypsum board base which is similar to drywall. Plaster veneer is ideal for renovating older homes that have existing lath-and-plaster walls. It’s a lot easier, cheaper and faster to slap on veneer plaster over existing walls that need work than ripping those walls out and putting in drywall.

Tile and marbles cladding Wall Material


Tiles and marbles are one of the most popular and most used interior wall materials. They can easily be cleaned. This will make them shine and gleam. Tiles have to be installed properly to prevent molds. They are manufactured in different colors, patterns, and textures. When installed in other rooms, it looks stunning. A good recommendation is a single wall decorated with marble tiles in a living room. Tiles are capable of making your living space glow. Mirrored and polished tiles are perfect for making rooms brighter and look more spacious. Marbles are quite costly and need maintenance often.

Plywood Wall Material


Plywood consists of a bunch of sheets of veneer wood that are glued together. Plywood is sturdy because every layer is swapped at 90 degrees. This gluing increases durability and multiple pieces will minimize warping. Plywood looks beautiful and gives a touch of elegance. The cost of the plywood is comparatively less. Plywood is the first choice for crafting shelves and built-ins.

There are various plywoods available, with different colors and different structures.

Wallpapers Material


Wallpapers are in trend nowadays. It is the trendiest interior wall material most of them prefer over dry paint. Different brands offer a wide range of wall coverings in various colors and styles and textures. Installation of the wallpapers is as important as its selection. Get the installation done by the experts. Designer wallpapers elevate the look of your house. Just choose the right pattern, color and texture.

Bricks Wall Material


Bricks can never go out of trend. But, what about the idea of using brick as the interior wall material? Yes, the exposed brick wall can never go out of trend. It gives a unique look to the space. Make any portion of the wall, with the exposed bricks for an eccentric look.


These are some of the popularly used interior wall materials. Dry paint is usually used in all houses. If you want to add uniqueness to your house, try any of these interior wall materials and give your house a royal touch. Wrong colours and patterns change the look of the house. Before selecting any interior wall material, be sure of the colour and the pattern.


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