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Invest in Devanahalli: Your Future Starts Here!

Why to invest in Devanahalli

Why invest in devanahalliOne of the newest hotspots for real estate is the North Bengaluru neighborhood of Devanahalli. It is now better known as the site of the recently constructed Kempegowda International Airport rather than as the location of Tipu Sultan’s birthplace. An emerging industrial and technological hub is Devanahalli. Let’s examine the factors that make Devanahalli appealing for real estate investors.


Major Industries :

Multiple industrial areas are strategically positioned in Devanahalli:

Hi-Tech, Defence & Aerospace Park: Spanning 2980 acres adjacent to Kempegowda International Airport, 31 km from Bengaluru, o ering connectivity via rail and road.

Foxconn Technology Group: Foxconn, one of the largest manufacturers of iPhones.

Foxconn has already acquired 300 acres of land for investments.

Boeing India: Boeing India to open a 43 acre complex located at Aerospace Park in Devanahalli, near Kempegowda International Airport.

Apparel Park 1st & 2nd Phase: Covering 452 acres near Doddaballapur, connected to Bengaluru via NH-7 & SH-9, located approximately 22 km from Kempegowda International Airport.

Obedanahalli Industrial Area: Adjacent to Apparel Park in Doddaballapura, extending across 696 acres.

Gowribidnur Industrial Area 1st & 2nd Phase: Encompassing 692 acres, accessible from Bengaluru via Doddaballapur and Chikkaballapur, o ering proximity to rail connectivity.

 Bengaluru Signature Business Park (407 acres) :Devanahalli’s Bengaluru Signature Business Park promises to be a signature destination for businesses.

Mastenahalli Industrial Area: Positioned about 65 km from Bengaluru near Hoskote – Chintamani road, proposed to span 516 acres with close access to Narasapura Industrial Area and transportation links via road and rail.

These industrial zones attract various industries, with companies like Ajox flooring, Jockey, and Reliance establishing units. Each area boasts infrastructure and o ers connectivity to key transportation hubs, enhancing their appeal for diverse industrial activities.

Upcoming Projects:

Science Park

Considering the opportunities Devanahalli has laid out for investors, it’s no surprise that the government wants its science park to be set up here.  Financial City

The upcoming Global Financial District is the cherry on top. Planned by the Industrial Financial Corporation of India (IFCI), it’s bound to attract nancial institutions from all over the world.

Business Park

Over the next 5 years, the business park at Devanahalli is expected to attract investments of $2.2 billion. 104 acres of land have already been reserved for various government projects in aviation, meteorology, tourism and the power industry. The remaining 309 acres will be dedicated for 3 multi-specialty hospitals, 2 IT SEZs, 2 non-SEZs , and manufacturing and assembly units, among others. Space City

Entertainment too should get its fair share when it comes to development. The Karnataka government has proposed an entertainment park in Devanahalli called ‘Space City’. This will further strengthen the region’s tourism prospects.

Brigade World Trade Center

Devanahalli Brigade World Trade Center is expected to be a global business destination it’s Estimated Completion (2027). It can be one of the important project which can boost up the Devanahalli.

Other Development

Devanahalli, already home to numerous educational institutions, is set to gain further prominence with the establishment of a 350-acre Manipal Education campus. Moreover, Narayana Hrudayalaya has chosen Devanahalli as the prime location for its super-specialty hospital, reinforcing the area’s growing significance in education and healthcare infrastructure.


Satellite Town Ring Road

Why invest in devanahalli

The Bangalore SRR is a 280.8km long road that will connect the 12 major satellite towns in Bangalore. This is 4-6 lane access-controlled expressway that is all set to ease the traffic congestion in the city. This part of the road is a section of 80-km Dabaspet-Devanahalli.

 Local Train

Why to invest in Devanahalli

Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP) is an under construction 149.348 km commuter rail network with 64 stations in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Route: KSR Bengaluru – Yelahanka – Devanahalli

Length: 41.478 km

Type: Elevated (19.22 km) & At-Grade (22.278 km)

Why invest in devanahalli

 Metro Blue Line

37 km Bangalore (Namma) Metro Phase 2B project is an under construction “airport-link” section of Blue Line from Bengaluru city to Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) in Devanahalli with 17 stations.


          The Bellary Road stretch from Devanahalli to Andhra Pradesh border of National Highway-44 this is a 10-lane road. This highway  is very use full for the people from districts bordering Andhra Pradesh to access Kempegowda International Airport(KIA) because of its proximity.

Population:Why to invest in Devanahalli

visualization representing the current population of Devanahalli, which stands at 209,700, and an expected future population of 500,000. This data visualization likely showcases the population growth projection for Devanahalli over a certain period.


Employment Opportunities:Why to invest in Devanahalli

Overall, the visualization highlights the significant presence of Airbus, Foxconn, and Mahindra Aerospace as major job providers within the Devanahalli Aerospace Park. Other notable companies like Rolls Royce, Boeing India, BEML, Honeywell, and HAL also contribute to the park’s employment landscape. There are many other companies present over there

Employment opportunity:Why to invest in Devanahalli

This visualization implies a substantial expected expansion in employment opportunities in the future, showing a potential threefold to fourfold increase compared to the current job market scenario.



Real Estate Trends:

Appreciation in Last 5yrsWhy to invest in Devanahalli

This visualization highlights the consistent and impressive appreciation in property values in Devanahalli across different time spans, reflecting the area’s attractiveness for real estate investment and potential returns on property holdings over the years.

Price Trend:

Residential Plot Price TrendWhy to invest in Devanahalli

This visual shows the price trend from 2019-2023 and it shows the future forecast price after 3 years.



Inventory Details:

Total Plots Available in Devanahalli:6000+

Inventories by Top Developers:Why to invest Devanahalli

This Charts indicates only some of the developers  number of ongoing projects or developments undertaken by these prominent developers in the Devanahalli region. There are many others inventories available by other many developers.

Sale Inventories  by Top Website Data:Why to invest Devanahalli

Above graph shows the count of inventories available for sale in some of the top websites.

Price Trend (Residential):

Landed Projects(Residential 2023-24):

Why to invest Devanahalli

Current Availability and Future Demand for Housing:

Why to invest Devanahalli

This visual shows the current residential availability and 65% demand can be in the future for the residential because of more employment opportunities.

Impact Of Devanahalli:

Economic Magnet: Proximity to Kempegowda International Airport has attracted investments, fostering economic growth.

Real Estate Surge: Flourishing real estate with residential and commercial projects due to strategic location and infrastructure.

Enhanced Connectivity: Improved roads and upcoming projects like Satellite Town Ring Road

(STRR) bolster accessibility.

Education & Healthcare Hub: Hosting educational institutions and upcoming healthcare facilities, augmenting prominence.

Tourism Potential: Historical significance coupled with infrastructure growth offers tourism opportunities.

Employment Generation: Industries, IT parks, and commercial spaces creating job avenues for the workforce.

Liability & Sustainability: Development balancing congestion, pollution, and urban planning for improved living standards.


Why to invest Devanahalli

  • The need for decongestion
  • Good connectivity
  • A wealth of employment opportunities
  • Good social infrastructure at close proximity
  • Gated communities catering to a variety of needs

Overall, Devanahalli presents a win-win situation for investors, buyers, and sellers. Its strategic location, promising infrastructure, and thriving community make it a compelling choice for those seeking growth, quality living, and lucrative returns.




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