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Jayanagar | The most happening place in Bangalore

Jayanagar | The most happening place in Bangalore

Jayanagar Location Overview

About Jayanagar

jayanagar-locationJayanagar is the heart of South Bengaluru. It is an upscale residential area in southern Bengaluru with both retail and commercial establishments along with residential development. It is one of the city’s oldest and the most expensive area & most livable neighborhoods in Bengaluru. It is one of the posh residential areas that have established commercial development, and branded label shops. One can get everything here. Jayanagar’s 3rd and 4th blocks have a shopping complex, market, street shops, high-end restaurants, roadside eateries and everything. It is a fantastic place to stay because it has good hospitals, schools, wide roads, and a well-planned layout. It is immensely popular because of the Jayanagar shopping Complex, bus stand, many branded showrooms, jewelry stores, saree shops, availability of all items & services, vegetable market, restaurants, etc.

It is one of the localities in Bengaluru that still has the charm of old Bengaluru. The locality is so well positioned that it has good connectivity to the city’s major landmarks. BTM Layout, VV Puram, Banashankari second stage, JP Nagar, Basavangudi, and Wilson Garden are all close to this place. Jayanagar 4th block bus station provides excellent connectivity to North, South, East and West of Bengaluru. The metro station near RV road is so well connected to the bus station. It is a very peaceful, calm, green, & family-oriented neighborhood. It is easily accessible via bus, auto and taxi.

It is a well planned and developed layout and is considered as the costliest area in Bangalore with the land price at the highest premium rates.

What is Jayanagar Famous for

JayanagarIt is one of the most livable localities and is famous for various things. No one can stop falling in love with this beautiful locality. Jayanagar is famous for every possible reason. The ambience, the trees, the climate, the street shopping, the eateries, the most expensive branded shops, temples, parks and the shopping Complex.

When I speak of this locality, what strikes your mind first? For me, it’s always the Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex.

Jayanagar BDA Complex – This shopping complex has every girl and woman’s heart out there. Every shopping need of a girl is fulfilled at the Jayanagar shopping complex. The clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, slippers, and every single thing is available at a one-stop destination. The fruit and the flower market inside the complex is a must-visit, one will get lost in the aroma of the fresh fruits and the flowers.

cool-joint-jayanagarThe cool Joint – And eatery located at 4th block is very popular. They serve the yummiest sandwiches, milkshakes, ice cream and the 90’s kids’ favorite, Softie ice cream. The cool joint is a very famous eatery in Jayanagar. Not only cool joint there are a lot of eateries and restaurants here that serve yummiest foods. The hari super sandwich, Nagarjuna restaurant,

Street Shopping– This place is famous for street shopping and it is a very middle-class thing. Jayanagar is a place for people who love budget shopping. There are a lot of shops for home accessories, imitation jewelry, terracotta jewelry, handbags, clothes, slippers, shoes, fruits, flowers, dupattas and everything.

The Jain Temple – The Jain temple here is a very popular landmark. The temple is so well located and it is beautifully designed. On weekends the temple is always crowded. Not only jain temple, Jaya nagar is famous for temples as well. There are a lot of temples in and around the locality.

The Climate – The climate in South Bengaluru, especially in and around Jayanagar is very cool, compared to other localities in Bengaluru. Many people prefer living in the localities like Jaya nagar and Jp Nagar because of the climate, and lots of trees in and around the locality.

It is one of the most sought residential areas in south Bengaluru. It is mainly a residential area and partly commercial development. The residential areas are so well planned, that it has wide roads, and parks in every area. The madavan park, Krishna Rao park, and children’s park are some of the famous parks.

Jayanagar Shopping Complex & Market

The shopping complex in Jayanagar has all the positive vibes. It is a good place to shop and roam about. Even on the weekdays the shopping complex and the market are very crowded. All of your everyday needs may be found here.

Shopping complex and market includes a lot of shopping options for women. It’s like a daily market, affordable and nice. Jayanagar shopping complex is like heaven for women shoppers. You can get anything these days, anywhere , but  4th block has its own originality, such as Bangkok bags, women’s tees, leggings, footwear, and dupattas, household items , vegetables, festive collections at affordable costs. Always make sure to carry a bag for hassle free shopping. While you shop, enjoy some street food as well. You should have some bargaining skills, because the initial price they provide you is not at all reasonable. The Jayanagar market has a lot of organic shops, homemade snacks shops and alot of shops that serve homely food items and snacks. The book shops, the organic butter shop and the grandhige angadi are all quite popular in the Jayanagar shopping complex.

Saturdays and Sundays are very busy and products available are low-cost but high in quality. The shopping complex is extremely large, featuring a variety of shops. It takes 2 minutes to walk from the bus station. I’ve been visiting the Jayanagar 4th block for years. But the recent development and the new building is not very appreciated by the local people. The Jayanagar shopping complex has lost its authenticity. People who loved the charm of old Bengaluru have not welcomed the change heartily.

If you are in Bengaluru or if you have not visited the shopping complex and market in recent times, do make a visit and enjoy the colorful vibes.

Explore Jayanagar and let me know in the comment section what you like in Jayanagar.


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