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Jayanagar is one of the prime and popular localities of South Bengaluru. The history of Jayanagar goes back to 1948, Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar. It was one of Bangalore’s earliest planned localities and at the time it was Asia’s largest. Jayanagar has long been considered Bangalore’s southernmost district and it was said that Jayanagar is the end of south Bengaluru. The historic Ashoka Pillar (which was supposed to represent the southern terminus) and the “South End Circle,” where six routes intersect, was supposed to be the end of south Bengaluru. But as and when the population grew, the city started to grow along all the borders. As of today, Jayanagar has 10 blocks, in which most of which are residential. According to the reports, Jayanagar is one of the most preferred and livable places among all the other localities in Bengaluru. All the blocks of Jayanagar are popular for a reason, but the well-known block of Jayanagar is the 3rd block and the 4th T block. These 2 blocks are the commercial hubs Jayanagar. The Jayanagar 3rd block and 4th block has everything, for each class of people. The shops, malls, branded showrooms, roadside eateries, everything is available at these 2 blocks of Jayanagar. If someone asks which locality of Bengaluru has the same old charm as old Bengaluru, definitely it is Jayanagar. 

Best Of Guides

The planned locality is well-known for its renowned restaurants, markets, parks, and temples. Jayanagar is an epic place for all food lovers and shoppers. Here’s a guide to one of my favorite South Bangalore neighborhoods, Jayanagar. 


Let’s start with the restaurants and the eateries. The famous cool joint is located at Jayanagar 4th T block. Cool Joint is always bustling and jam packed. This hangout point at JayanagarJayanagar is the landmark. If you are just peckish, in between the shopping, grab some sandwiches, milkshakes or ice creams. Softee ice cream and popcorn are also quite famous. 


Maiya’s, Taaza Thindi, Ganesh dosa point at Jayanagar 4th block is a very popular eatery. If you want to indulge in some Dosa, filter coffee, and some of the popular south Indian breakfasts, this is the perfect place for you. 


If you are a hardcore non-veg lover then, these are some of the places you should visit must. The iconic Shivaji Military hotel, Nagarjuna are some of the popular wholesome non-veg food restaurants. 


Not only the desi authentic foods, but some of the multi-cuisine fancy restaurants are also in and around Jayanagar. To name a few, Toscano, Go native, Tea Villa, Coffee shops are a few. The dessert and sweet shops like KC das, Kanthi Sweets, Mishra pedha are quite popular. Two corner houses, one in the 9th block and the other in the 5th are always full. If you like to try new things, go to Milano or Naturals ice creams. 


Jayanagar 3rd and 4h Block are the most popular shopping and commercial hubs in Jayanagar. From street-side shopping to the international branded labels, Jayanagar brags about everything. The micro-market of the Jayanagar 4th block has everything that anyone can look for. If you are looking to pick anything from the streets of Jayanagar, you will never be disappointed. 

Shopping Complex Jayanagar

The Jayanagar 4th Block shopping complex is a must-see for everyone visiting Bangalore’s south side. It is a shopping destination for all classes of people. You can obtain anything from a pin to a pizza, any form of foodstuff and from terracotta jewelry to gold and diamond jewelry. It’s a daily market kind of a place, cheap and nice, it’s heaven for women shoppers. There are a lot of new shops coming and you will get to see a lot of variety. Puja items, books, clothes, vegetables, you can acquire pretty much everything here, which is a joy for both window shoppers and errand shoppers. Various stores from all brands, such as American Tourister, Titan, Bata, and others, may be found throughout the complex. If you are planning to go shop for any decorative items for festivals then this locality is a sure hit. 


The Jayanagar 3rd and 4th Block has branded label shops for both men and women. Kalamandir, Kalanikethan, Deppam silks, The Fazals, Taneria, Manyavar, PN Roa, Peter England, Louis Philip, Raymonds, Kosikk, Nalli, Kumaran’s, Roop Sangam, Vijayalakshmi Silks, Fabindia Asma, Awesome, are all in the same lane, You can also look for tailors in alleys next to all large complexes.


If you are looking for accessories, the Kushal’s fashion jewelry, Bhavani Kangan is very popular among all aged women. There’s Time Stop, Tanishq, GRT Jewelers, and several street shops for jewelry and accessories, with the usual selection of trash jewelry, but there are those that have lasted the test of time and trends. There are several street shops for jewelry and accessories, with the usual selection of trash jewelry, but there are those that have lasted the test of time and trends. The bigger jewelry brands like Tanishq, Bheema, GRT, Llaiyha, Sai gold Palace, joyAlukkas are all found in one street where the street glitters with beautiful lights. 


If you don’t want to buy your shoes on the street or at a shopping mall, there are always brands like Woodlands, Boots, Skechers, Bata, and sports stores like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

If you are looking for something or home decor then there is not much. But still, to name a few there are Pepperfry, Tassels, Home Town, Classic Decor, and Floating Walls and some. At Shashi Bagchi’s terracotta store You’ll discover everything here, from sample ornamental pieces to dozens of pots for indoor and outdoor settings to cutlery. Rage arts, Grameena Anagadi, Buffalo Back are some of the organic shops. Well, this was all about the shopping.


The 9th Block neighborhood, as its name suggests, is densely packed with street vendors, small shops, and stalls of all kinds. The market is mostly organized in a grid, and fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased on the streets. There are a variety of stores to choose from, ranging from cutlery to craft materials to high-end boutiques. You may generally find a nice deal as well.


75% of the Jayanagar is residential areas and only 25% is commercial. When I say residential, people reach out for some of the good schools, colleges and hospitals in and around Jayanagar. There are a lot of old and popular schools and colleges in and around the locality. 


NPS- The top school in the vicinity of Jayanagar Bangalore is National Public School. It is the 5th best school in India, and the amazing fact is that it is the best school in the entire state of Karnataka.


DPS- The Delhi Public School is the second-best school in the Jayanagar area of Bangalore. It is India’s 25th best school and Karnataka’s 6th finest school.


Sree Ram Vidyalaya, Carmel Convent, Clearance public school, St Pauls School, Sudarshana Vidya Mandira are some of the popular schools. Jayanagar attracts a lot of young crowds due to so many colleges in and around the vicinity. City College Jayanagar, Vijya College, NMKRV College For Women, The National College Jayanagar, Jain College, RV College, JSS college are some of the popular colleges in the locality. 


Hospitals in and around Jayanagar

Sri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Apollo Cradle, Cloud 9, Rainbow children’s Hospitals, Ramakrishna Superspeciality Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi hospital and Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and research center. 

Places of Interest in Jayanagar

VV Puram Chat Street

Chat street or the tindi Beedhi at VV Puram is every Bangalorean’s favourite. The chat street is always full on weekends and on weekdays it’s fairly crowded. From south Indian special foods to chats, North Indian foods like Rotis, paan and desserts, everything is available in a street. If you are in Bengaluru never miss to visit this chat street. 

Apart from the above-mentioned eateries and restaurants, there are a lot of so many Upahara darshini, Mahalakshmi Tiffin centre, By 2 Coffee, Kumat bugle rock, Brahmins coffee bar, Hotel Dwaraka. These are some of the very popular eateries which are hit among the people of Basavanagudi.  


Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a nationally and internationally famous site for botanical artwork, scientific research of plants, and plant conservation. It is located in Bangalore. Lal Bagh, a 240-acre park in the centre of the city with almost 1,854 plant varieties, is a refuge for all nature enthusiasts. Here is where the Lal Bagh Rock, which is over 3000 million years old and a popular tourist attraction, can be discovered.

Nandanavana Park

Even amid Jayanagar’s many parks, the Nandanavana Park stands out for its kid-friendliness, with slides, tunnels, and other activities for toddlers and children. What’s better? It’ll all cost you a fantastic sum of money.


  • Jain Temple
  • Raghavendra Swamy Mutt 
  • Ragigudda Anjaneya Swamy Temple
  • Bull Temple
  • Bugle Rock Park

Genesis art Gallery are some of the popular places of interest in and around Jayanagar.

If you are enough of the Bengaluru traffic, then visit Jayanagar and spend some quality time here. There is just the brief, discover Jayanagar by yourself and let me know in the comment section, what interests you more.

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