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Jayaprakash Narayan Nagara popularly known as JP Nagar is one of the prominent residential and commercial areas in south Bengaluru. JP Nagar is spread across 2500 acres with 9 phases. As we go back to history, JP Nagar is named after Jayaprakash Narayan, who is remembered for raising his voice against Indira Gandhi in the year 1970 and who gave a call for a peaceful revolution. Ramakrishna Hegde was the chief minister at the time when J P Nagar was founded. Initially, this locality was mostly a prime residential area, with bungalows and small houses covering the landscape. However, it evolved into a semi-commercial area during the city’s IT-boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is one of the most popular business centers as well as a popular residential area. Many people want to make their home here. If you’re new to Bengaluru, don’t worry about it, just take a look at the highlights of the locality and you’ll fall in love with it right away. Jp Nagar predominantly has some of the best residential areas. The commercial development at Jp Nagar is also not less. In the post below you will get to see some of the popular happening places in and around the locality. 

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Where to Eat?

Jp Nagar has a lot of eateries and popular restaurants, with a breathtaking ambience. You can opt to eat at the streetside shop or at the high-end restaurants. Jp Nagar has some mind-blowing, exotic pubs for your weekend fun. See what is famous in and around the locality. 


Every South Indian Loves Dose. Irrespective of the place and the region. Every locality in Bengaluru has another popular breakfast point.


Davanagere Benne dose –  The location is well-known for its unique texture and flavor. A variety of dosa is available at this dosa point. The place is always jam-packed with dosa lovers. 


Mavalli Tiffin Rooms – Every Bangalorean knows MTR. If you don’t know, then definitely you are not from Bengaluru. MTR located just opposite the mini forest at JP Nagar serves a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The dosa, idly with lots of ghee on it, is very famous at MTR. If you visit JP Nagar, make sure to visit this place to curb your hunger pranks. 


Coastal Mama

If you’re craving seafood, stop by Coastal Mama in JP Nagar 5th phase for some neer dosa and ghee roast or prawn curry. It has a great ambience, with rooftop seatings as well. Seafood lovers must visit this place. 


Aata Uuta Maathu – The Aata Uuta Maathu restaurant in JP Nagar serves everything from Indian to chinese cuisines. It’s a great hangout point for your weekends. They serve a wide variety of sandwiches too. It is located at JP Nagar 1st phase. 


Empire restaurant – Empire Restaurant at JP Nagar 5th phase is the favorite spot for no vegetarians. They serve a wide variety of non-veg food with great taste, coin paratha ad ghee rice are quite popular dishes at Empire restaurant.


BBQ Nation – BarbequeBarbeque Nation at Jp Nagar is always full. As usual, Barbeque Nation starts and the service is great. The very concept of on-table barbeque and unlimited servings is an incredible attraction at BBQ nation. They keep bringing in new themes to keep the repeat customers engaged with a difference. BBQ Nation offers a wide variety of starters for both main courses and desserts for both veg and non-veg lovers. 


Levels Pub- If you are in the mood to party to erase the whole week’s blues, then no other place is your requirement. Levels pub at JP Nagar 4th phase is one of the most crowded and happening places. It is the perfect place with exotic ambiance, drink, and mouth-watering food. International comfort food & cocktails are served in a spacious, trendy brewpub with DJ sets.


Crumb Together

Are you someone who loves international and fancy food? then Crumb Together is the place! A glass of wine along with the continental food & the location ensures that you enjoy the ambiance to the fullest. 


These are some of the popular mentions, along with these there are many high-end restaurants like Chavdi the rooftop restaurant, the pump house, Hakuna Matata, which are also quite popular in the locality. 


Are you a shopping spree? If yes, then JP Nagar will never fail to impress you. With many malls, shop,s and street-side shops there is a lot for shopping lovers. 


Bangalore Central

It’s a good location to hang out and watch movies. If you live nearby, it’s a great area to go to the mall because it’s quiet and there’s less traffic. The environment is pleasant, similar to that of other malls, except this one is smaller. If you love shopping then it’s the perfect place for you to choose out of plenty of fashionable things. Bags, suits, shirts, and cosmetics come in a wide range of styles. An excellent shoe assortment with a variety of brands is also available. The majority of the brands are on sale at reduced prices.


Vega City Mall 

 Vega city mall is located in JP Nagar and has ample parking space, Multiplex – PVR with Imax, 4D screens and also the playhouse screen is here. Foodcourt – Lots of food and dessert options available. For shopping, many stores are available for all budgets. Kids are going to enjoy the Games space they have called a fun city. Variety of games to choose from but the prices are on a higher end.


Gopalan innovation Mall

Gopalan innovation mall is an amazing mall with all needs and it has many amenities., sports, kids play zone, food courts & movie theatres.It is clean and neat. Parking is accessible beneath the mall for a fee that varies depending on the time of day. 


Just opposite to it, is the shoppers’ stop. Shoppers stop has an amazing collection of western wear and some amazing cosmetics and accessories collections. 


These are some of the popular shopping places at JP Nagar. Almost every phase of JP Nagar has micro-markets, with the availability of the daily essentials. JP Nagar 5th phase some of the branded labels shops as well. Jp Nagar’s 5th phase has many commercial hubs. 

Places that Interests You

Explore Indian Music – The Center For Indian Music Experience, Bangalore’s first music museum, is a one-of-a-kind museum that will immerse you in the world of Indian music through music installations, interactive activities, and classes. Around 11 musical installations can be found in the outdoor sound garden, all of which are created exclusively of natural materials such as stone, metal, and wood.


Puttenahalli Lake 

Puttenahalli Lake is a popular lake in and around the locality. It has so many birds that visit the lake and it is a treat for the bird watchers. The best time to see birds is early in the morning. 


Mini Forest JP Nagar 

It’s located at JP Nagar 3rd phase, and it is maintained by BBMP. This green space is located just east of Gopalan mall which is divided into three different parks, one of which is dedicated to children and includes a play area. The other two portions are densely forested green spaces with plenty of benches to relax on. The parks are kept clean and well-maintained. Open from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Ranga Shankara 

If you love drama, then the Ranga Shankara at JP Nagar always offers many shows. Ranga Shankara is probably Bangalore’s largest theater complex. Expect the best performances because of its world-class facilities and dedication to the art form. 


There are so many that interest you, yes again depending on the taste of the person. There is also a place for jamming, shooting, and a lot more. If you visit JP Nagar, do not forget to visit the above-mentioned places. 

Schools and Colleges.

Check out the Best Schools in Jp Nagar Bangalore. Below are top 5 schools in Jp Nagar Bangalore. J.P. Nagar is a predominantly residential locality situated in South Bangalore and one of the most preferred places to stay in the city. There are a lot of schools, educational institutions, health care centers and many places for worship in the locality. Below is the list of schools, hospitals, and temples in the locality. 

  • Clarence Public School, JP Nagar, Bangalore 
  • Jnana Vikas Public School, Kothanur, Bangalore
  • Gurukul School, JP Nagar, Bangalore
  • The Oxford Senior Secondary School, JP Nagar, Bangalore
  • Ekya School, JP Nagar, Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Hospitals at Jp Nagar Bengaluru

  • Aster RV Hospital
  • Milann Fertility & Birthing Hospital
  • Rajshekar Multi Speciality Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Green City Hospital
  • Supra Hospital
  • Rv Hospital

Places for worship at JP Nagar

  • Sree Tirumalagiri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy Temple
  • Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple
  • Shiva Temple
  • Rajarajeshwari Temple
  • Raghavendra Swamy Mutt
  • Shri Bhagavathi Jagadamba Renuka Yellamma Temple

These are some of the popular temples in and around JP Nagar. 


JP Nagar was mostly a residential area with well-planned layouts and streets. But slowly it has turned into a commercial hub. There are a lot of small and big companies in and around JP Nagar. Many of the starts up companies have their offices set up at JP Nagar. The connectivity to other prime locations of the city is very convenient from JP Nagar, and it is one of the most sought after localities to settle down in South Bengaluru. If you are in south Bengaluru, visit JP Nagar, you will feel the vibe i am talking about. 

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