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Know Differences between A Khata and B Khata

Know Differences between A Khata and B Khata

What is the difference between A Khata and B Khata? All you need to know about A

Khata and B Khata is right here.

Khata is an essential certificate or document required by property owners in Bangalore.

It is issued by BBMP, the municipal corporation of Bangalore, to properties that fall

under its jurisdiction. Khata acts as evidence that property tax has been paid on a

specific property.

A Khata Certificate contains details such as the credentials of the owner, location,

carpet area, and the built-up area of the property.


Uses of Khata

You get to know the property owner’s credibility

All the relevant records of the property

Filing and payment of property taxes

Helps to receive electricity and water connectivity to the property

Ease in obtaining the loan


Types of Khata

There are 2 types of Khata, A Khata & B Khata.


A Khata: This document certifies that the owner has paid the BBMP the right amount

of tax. A Khata indicates that property in Bengaluru complies with all government and

property-related construction regulations. Property owners who have the A-Khata

document may apply for building plan approval, trade permits, building licenses, and

bank loans for their property.


B Khata: This document explains that the owner’s property in Bengaluru is illegal or

violates government regulations. The property which is listed under B Khata will be

denied loans, denied of construction, and extension permits. furthermore, since the

property is classified as illegal or semi-legal, it cannot be sold. Moreover, obtaining

electricity and water for a B Khata property is extremely difficult. B Khata property can

be transformed to A Khata by paying betterment fees.


List of properties come under B Khata:

Constructed buildings that violate laws on a revenue ground.

Unauthorized land properties & construction.


Difference between A Khata and B Khata

  • In the eyes of the law, A Khata properties are legal, while B Khata properties are effectively illegal, even though the property’s ownership documents are in order.


  • Property owners with A Khata documents can easily resell or transfer ownership of their property in Bengaluru, whereas those with B Khata documents are unable to do so.


  • Trade licenses are permitted for A Khata properties, but trade licenses are not allowed for B Khata properties.


  • ‘A’ Khata properties have construction permits and are able to expand their properties while B Khata properties are restricted from doing this.


  • Loans can be easily availed for A Khata properties while B Khata properties cannot avail loans.


  • A Khata is a final document certifying that your property is fully legal and sellable, while B Khata is a temporary document that must be upgraded to an A Khata in order to obtain the complete range of services associated with owning a property in Bangalore.


  • B Khata properties must have to satisfy various criteria such as DC converted property, paying all property taxes up to date, and betterment charges to be paid to BBMP to convert them into A Khata properties.


How to Apply for Khata:

Step 1: Go to the BBMP website and download the application form. The application

form is also available at your local BBMP office.

Step 2: Complete the application form and attach an attested/notarized title deed,

property allotment papers, old tax receipts, Ownership certificate, Encumbrance

Certificate (EC), and a drawing of the property with location and boundaries.

Step 3. Submit the form. You will obtain the paper in nearly 5 weeks.

If you don’t get the certificate in a short time, you can file an RTI application in

case you don’t get a response even after two months.

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