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Landomus Realty Offers To ‘Invest’ $500 Billion In India

Landomus Realty Offers To ‘Invest’ $500 Billion In India

t Landomus Realty Ventures announced today on the front page of newspapers that it
plans to invest $500 billion in India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) as part of
its Build India initiative. In an unusual move, the company made the announcement as
a “humble request” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) was unveiled by Finance Minister Nirmala
Sitharaman in December 2019.

Landomus Realty Wanders Inc., USA, would like to invest USD 500 Billion in Value as
the Primary Stage of the USD 2 Trillion venture beneath Construct India into the
National Foundation Pipeline (NIP) and Non-NIP ventures recorded by the Government
of India beneath the India Venture Lattice for ‘Invest India’ initiative, Landomus Group
Chairman Pradeep Kumar Satyaprakash said in an advertisement in some leading

The Landomus Group aims to assist the government to rebuild India and achieve the
$5 trillion GDP goal. The Landomus Group respectfully requests that you allow us to
contribute to your vision of a New India, According to the source.

The same announcement was made on Landomus Realty Ventures’ website,

The company also claims it has a “plan to make India pandemic-free” and requests a
chance to present it.

Very few details are known about the company. Landomus Realty Ventures is a US-
based venture with the name Landomus Realty Ventures Inc., USA, according to its
one-page website.

About Landomus Realty

Many people on Twitter pointed to the company’s website,, for more information. Landomus Ventures Private Limited
is listed as a private company founded on July 17, 2015, in India. It is registered with
the Registrar of Companies in Bangalore as a non-governmental organization. The
directors of Landomus Realty Ventures are Sathyaprakash Pradeep Kumar, Yashas
Pradeep Kumar, and Rakshith Gangadhar.[optin-monster slug=”ywil3s9fh4kptdaq7jfa” followrules=”true”]

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