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Luxury Houses – What is it and How it looks

Luxury Houses – What is it and How it looks

What are luxury houses?

Who doesn’t love luxury? Everyone does it right. The meaning of luxury is different for different people. Luxury always comes with sophistication and glam. For me luxury means comfort. Luxury means quality for some people. So, we can define luxury according to the person’s perspective. Luxury can be added to anything. Today I am penning down my thoughts on luxury housing designs in India and some of the luxury housing projects in Bengaluru.

What does luxury houses contain?

Modern luxury homes- A luxury house or a property is built with high-quality, long-lasting materials and given a finish of elegance. When talking of luxury, the interiors and the exterior of the house is what makes the difference. The aesthetics of the house is the deciding feature.

Many of them find luxury in minimalism and some find luxury in heavy interiors as I mentioned before the concept of luxury varies from person to person. Below are a few designs and the aesthetics that make the house a luxury property.

Luxury homes come in different sizes, qualities, and are located in prime areas, constructed and finished with high-end materials and designed with uncommon architectural details and exceptional amenities. When I say exceptional amenities, it may be a spa, swimming pool, home theatre, personal gym, a sky lounge, etc. The touch of luxury can be given to the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathrooms as well.

I will list below a few aesthetics and design suggestions that add charm and luxury to the house.

Luxury House Design

Living Room Luxury

The living room is the place where most of the family members spend time. So the place has to be designed keeping all the family members in mind. The walls cover the major part of the house. You can add beautiful wallpaper to any one of the accent walls, to make the room more beautiful. A single piece of furniture in a bold colour can also be added. An eye-catching modern chandelier or different lights adds charm to the room. Give your living room a metallic finish or add a statement metallic mesh with lead that acts as the focal point. The living room of the house can be created by adding a luxury false ceiling, by adding accent wooden furniture, and a beautiful monochrome sofa. The design can be selected according to your taste and make the living room look luxurious.



The bedroom is where you relax and recharge. It is the most personal space of a person. Many of them love their bedroom to be luxurious. If you are planning to upgrade your bedroom, try considering these ideas to create the bedroom you love.

Adding a textured chic rug to the bedroom is the easiest way to add warmth to the room. Beautiful throw pillows are a comfort and luxury piece. It goes a long way in transforming your bedroom. Maybe a rug on the floor, a side table, aroma candles with a candle holder and beautiful curtains are good to go in creating the luxury bedroom. The most important thing is, the headboard of the cot acts as the statement piece.



Yes, you read it right. Luxury can be found in everything. To make your bathroom look luxurious, add materials such as marble, granite and quartz. The design of the bathroom adds to the next level of luxury. Luxury bathrooms include a beautiful bathtub, a spa space, a soft towel, bathrobes, and high-end products to pamper yourself. Scented soaps and lotions complete the aura that can whisk you away to a spa-like experience. Not but not least, the very best fixtures like a high-quality sink, the glass door, the shower heads and the bathroom fittings make the place luxurious.

These are some of the add ons which make the house a luxury property. Apart from all these, there is some inbuilt luxury like as I have mentioned earlier in the post.

Why Luxury houses will always remain in demand in Bengaluru.

Demand for luxury housing-Real estate has always been considered to be a growing industry, it is also the safest and most trustworthy investment in the present market conditions. The demand in the luxury housing segments has gradually increased in recent times in Bengaluru. The younger generation of people believes in “Dream big to be big in life”. Luxury housing is inspirational for today’s youth and they desire to have a house with the best of amenities. With premium housing comes better facilities and amenities. The other important aspect of luxury and premium is the return on investment. The resale value on luxury property is always high. Since Bengaluru is the IT hub with many MNC’ s, the upper crust of people prefer luxury housing.

Luxury Housing in India- Bangalore

Phoenix Kessaku, Embassy lake terraces, Kingfisher Towers, Augusta golf village, Assetz properties, The swasa Homes, Prestige Edwardian, Total environment, Tata Promont, Prestige White Meadows, Brigade Caladium, Sobha Indraprastha, Rmz Luxury housing, These are some of the premium luxury apartments in Bengaluru. Apart from the above listed top luxury houses in Bengaluru, there are various luxury villas available.


Well, luxury can sound different to different people. There are so many options available to make your place look and feel luxurious. Make sure to choose the type of luxury according to your budget and taste. Let me know in the comment section what type of luxury you like.




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